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This Week's Featured Podcasts: April 15

the libsyn directory featuring podcasters

We’re always looking for ways to get your podcasts out in the world. We hope to get a little bit of promotional love to podcasters and podcasting through our Libsyn Directory.

How do get your podcast featured? Like us on Facebook and make sure that you comment when we ask if you’d like to be featured! That’s it!

We will feature up to 25 podcasts every other week :)

If you didn’t get featured this time, hold on tight, you will be. We won’t feature the same podcasts week to week, that way we’ll get the most love to everybody!

This week’s featured podcasts

Check out all of these podcasts on the Libsyn Directory!

1. 5 Gallon Podcast
2. The Mouse Castle Lounge
3. Ad Astral Podcast
4. DiHard Podcast
5. Ms. Ileane Speaks Podcast
6. Believe The Hype - NBA Podcast
7. The Pox & Puss Podcast
8. IAP Podcasts
9. The Uncomfortable Truth
10. The Other Commentary
11. The One With Podcast
12. story4all podcast
13. Bad Wilf
14. The Delicate Sauce Podcast
15. The Politics and Guns Podcast
16. Gather Around Me
17. The Dead Air Horror & Genre Podcast
18. The Double D Podcast
19. Pittsburgh Radio: Burghseyeview
20. Surrounded in Pittsburgh: Steel City Resistance
21. The Show Radio Media
22. On Air Podcast Show Experience
23. The Debatable Podcast
24. Voices of Wrestling
25. Geek Therapy Podcast

REMEMBER: If your podcast is hosted with Libsyn, all you have to do to be featured is comment on our Facebook Page when we post and update requesting if you’d like to be featured :)

At this point and time those that host their media elsewhere are not able to be featured in the Libsyn Directory at this time.

Wanna host your podcast with us? Get started here.

When Your Podcast Artwork Should Be 300 x 300

Let’s quickly talk about the different types of artwork that you have for your podcast. I’m going to get all pre-school teacher on you and color code the types of artwork to make absolutely sure that you are clear.

1. Show Level Podcast Artwork

This is the lovely artwork that most people see prominently displayed in any podcast directory, such as iTunes.

This is also the artwork that is prominently displayed within any of the podcasting smartphone apps.

Recently the size requirements for show level artwork have been changed by apple to be 1400 x 1400. You can read all about it here. At this point and time most podcast producers have upgraded their show level artwork specs to this new size.

2. Episode Level Podcast Artwork

This is the artwork that is usually embedded into the episode MP3 file itself.

This artwork is primarily added to the MP3 via an ID3 tag editor or via a program like iTunes.

This is the artwork that shows up when someone is listening to your specific episode. It can be seen easily while playing a podcast episode using a podcast smartphone app such as iCatcher on iOS. It’s the image you see on the screen.

Some podcasters choose a different image for every episode that they publish. Other producers choose to have the episode artwork simply be their show artwork.

3. Chapter Level Episode Artwork

This specific artwork only comes into play when you are creating enhanced podcasts with chapters. These files are M4As and often have more than one image embedded within them.

The image changes depending on what chapter the listener is on while listening to the podcast. These type of podcasts are not very common and are almost always created using Garageband for the Mac.

The Episode Level Podcast Artwork Should Be 300 x 300

Our awesome devs have been doing some testing do to the fact that some producers had been reporting issues with their podcast episodes being downloaded to certain iOS and Android podcast apps.

It seems that there are times that conflict is occurring between the pod catcher itself and the file that it’s reaching out - do to the fact that the artwork within the episode itself is 1400 x 1400.

Errors are occurring while downloading podcast episodes when the Episode Level Artwork is 1400 x 1400

That means that in order to make sure that no errors occur while people are attempting to download your episodes you should choose to use artwork that is 300 x 300 for your Episode Level Artwork and your Chapter Level Artwork

You do not need to do anything different with your Show Level Artwork - Show Level Artwork stays at 1400 x 1400

Does that make sense? Please refer back to the top of this article to make sure you distinguish between the different kinds of artwork!

If you are totally confused, please leave a comment below OR email support(at)libsyn(dot)com to help them clarify this for you!

Featured Podcasts on the Libsyn Directory This Week

showcasing libsyn podcasters in the podcast directory

We’re always looking for ways to get your podcasts out in the world. We hope to get a little bit of promotional love to podcasters and podcasting through our Libsyn Directory.

How do get your podcast featured? Like us on Facebook and make sure that you comment when we ask if you’d like to be featured! That’s it!

We will feature up to 25 podcasts a week :)

This week’s featured podcasts

Check out all of these podcasts on the Libsyn Directory!

1. The Artist Connection Podcast
2. Bigg Success
3. The Podcache Show
4. Bad Dice Podcast
5. The Sweetest Plum
6. Dave’s Lounge
7. Deedlecast
8. Howell Creek Radio
9. Inverse Delirium
10. A Podcast and A Movie
11. The Nick Brown Show
12. Everything Sounds
13. The TAG cast Podcast
14. Lifeway Podcast
15. The Manley Woman Skatecast
16. Music Radio Creative
17. Nothing Serious Podcast
18. Paperkeg
19. Plain Ketchup
20. Shonky Lab
21. Spanglish Noise
22. The Connie G Show
23. Reality Check with Craig Price
24. Two Guys, One Podcast

REMEMBER: If your podcast is hosted with Libsyn, all you have to do to be featured is comment on our Facebook Page when we post and update requesting if you’d like to be featured :)

Wanna host your podcast with us? Get started here.

Rockin' Libsyn Podcasts: Retsutalk

retsutalk is hosted on libsyn

This series is all about showcasing Libsyn podcasters. Its sole purpose is to introduce these awesome podcasts to the world as well as share their podcasting insight to empower the community!

Q & A with the guys from Retsutalk

When did you start podcasting?

June 2012

Why did you start podcasting?

Our fan base from YouTube sent us requests to begin doing a podcast show to supplement our videos and allow us to talk more in-depth on a variety of topics.

What’s your show about?

Our show is focused on the Internet sensation known as “Let’s Play” which fuses video game interactivity by proxy with the personalities, whether informative or humorous, of the people who do them.

In other words, we talk about people who talk over video games. Also, we talk about video games, too. The show is very loosely structured though, and conversations tend to go just about anywhere.

What’s your podcasting set-up? Hardware, software, CMS, etc.

We talk remotely via Skype and each record our audio independently using Audacity. We use Blue Yeti microphones to capture our audio. We then edit/sync the audio files in Audacity and export the final product from there.

How have you promoted your podcast?

Our YouTube channel, Twitter page, and Facebook fan page.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

We had some positive feedback from our first few episodes since we got to use what we felt were some of our best topics. But after doing over a dozen episodes over a long span of time, it’s easy to unintentionally retread that ground or go into less interesting derails.

Repeating content can be frustrating for listeners who want newer content. So what we’ve learned is that while it’s fun to just go in without a gameplan, it’s really better to stay at least a little organized, focused, and have a feel for what we want to talk about before hitting record.

If any of guys are interested in a great entry video for their channel, check out the first of this four part series where they make fun of the 1992 DOS game Darkseed.

Of course you can also subscribe to their podcast.

Do you have a YouTube Channel and want to step into the world of podcasting? We’re here for you to make the leap!

Rockin' New Podcasts: The Plasma Master

This series is all about showcasing Libsyn podcasters. Its sole purpose is to introduce these awesome podcasts to the world as well as share their podcasting insight to empower the community!

Q & A with Brian Rushton from The Plasma Master

When did you start podcasting?

I recorded and edited The Plasma Master from about July 2011 - September 2012.

Why did you start podcasting?

A friend suggested I make a recording of an e-book I had written, and it sounded like a good idea - not only for exposure, but because I have a few family members who might listen to an audiobook but would never read a book on a digitial device. Plus, reading out loud helped me find a bunch of errors in the text.

I wrote the story itself years ago, just after high school. I was frustrated with how difficult it was to find science ficiton books that were interesting and “appropriate” - most sci-fi writers seem to feel the need to throw goriness and chastity issues into their books.

I also spent a lot of time wondering why characters in Star Trek or Star Wars didn’t respond to their situations in more logical ways. So I set out to throw all these ideas bouncing around inside my head into a cohesive story. Plus I had a lot of weird-sounding character name ideas that needed a home.

What’s your show about?

The Plasma Master is a space adventure story about a guy named Nedward, who discovers a strange crystal - a lost artifact from an alien civilization, which gives him protective powers.

Eventually the aliens themselves arrive and tell him that they are waging a war against others with similar powers to his, so Ned decides to leave Earth and use his abilities to help them.

What’s your podcasting set-up? Hardware, software, CMS, etc.

Pretty low-budget: a Vista-era PC with Windows 7, Audacity, Levelator, and the microphone from my webcam. I did most of the editing on my laptop while riding the bus to work.

How have you promoted your podcast?

Actually, the only thing I’ve done was a quick post to my blog and Facebook when it was finished. I’m always a little surprised to find that people have listened to it :)

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

I wish I had known about Audacity’s noise removal functionality - I wasted a lot of time early on trying to remove noise that the software could have taken care of for me.

Looking to get into some interesting science fiction inspired by Star Trek and Star Wars? Well then, you really must subscribe

If you’ve got an ebook that you’ve been meaning to record and turn into a podcast then let us be your podcast hosting solution! Go ahead and check out our plans!

From Feedburner to Libsyn and Google Reader Woes

streaming and podcast apps Just in case you hadn’t heard, it seems that Google is doing away with Google Reader.


It’s totally true.

And it’s a bummer. I personally use Google Reader a lot and it’s got me very sad.

The word out in the interwebs is that “Google doesn’t believe in RSS.”, that RSS suffers from a lack of consumer appeal and that getting rid of Feedburner is next.

Libsyn believes in RSS!

We believe in podcasting and RSS.

Yes, it is a challenge to explain what it is - and most consumers know pretty much nothing about RSS. 

But RSS is still vitally important to Podcasters - and the services we rely on to get our shows out to listeners like - iTunes, Stitcher, Zune and many of the Smartphone Podcatching Apps like ShiftJelly’s PocketCast, Instacast, Podkicker, iCatcher, RSSRadio, PodTrapper, Downcasts… and more.

Podcast consumption has never been easier then it is today thanks to smartphones and all the Podcatching apps - and they all rely on RSS.

If someone tells you it is too difficult to listen to podcasts - tell them 2006 is calling and it wants them back.  In 2013 Podcast consumption is as easy as consuming content from Netflix or Hulu. 

Here is a great example of a podcaster taking responsibility and doing something about it.

*getting off soapbox*

Moving your Feedburner feed to the Libsyn feed

Getting back to the Feedburner issue, if you are a Libsyn podcaster and are worried about Feedburner disappearing then here’s how to take care of that situation STAT. (Well at least for those subscribed via iTunes)

redirecting your feedburner feed to the libsyn feed

  1. Go to Destinations
  2. Click on Libsyn Classic Feed
  3. Go to the bottom of the page and click on Advanced Options
  4. In the box below Extra RSS Tags type in: <itunes:new-feed-url> </itunes:new-feed-url> 
  5. Save!

NOTE: This is ONLY for those of you that have your Feedburner feed pointing at your Libsyn feed.

Very VERY important: The feed URL in the iTunes new feed tag must be your correct Libsyn feed. You do not want to the wrong feed URL in there.

If you have any questions about your feed or concerns pertaining to the above please PLEASE email

They are more than happy to help!

Afraid of not having control of your RSS feed?

Here’s the thing, we don’t hijack your feed. If you have your feed with us you can easily go elsewhere when and if that day comes.

We help you get your itunes re-direct all set up so that you can go to your new podcasting host as you will, but while you are with us we will take care of all the details for you so you can relax and just do what you do best, which is producing your content :)

If you have any questions about the above please email support(at)libsynsupport(dot)com. Support is always ready to help!

Rockin' Libsyn Podcasts: Angriest Trainer Podcast

This series is all about showcasing Libsyn podcasters. Its sole purpose is to introduce these awesome podcasts to the world as well as share their podcasting insight to empower the community!

Q & A with Vinnie Tortorich from the Angriest Trainer Podcast

Brightside Radio hosts their podcast on Libsyn

When did you start podcasting?

On May 1, 2012, we added five shows.

The reason I put up five at once was because I didn't want to have one show in case someone liked it and wanted more.

We recorded five shows that ranged from 55 minutes to an hour.

Why did you start podcasting?

Originally, I started a blog to talk about fitness and what was broken about it. That went well for at least a year.

One day I went to write my blog, and my site had been hacked.

Instead of writing anymore blogs, I sat down and wrote a book. I figured if I had a book in a book store, no one could hack it.

The problem was nobody knew who I was.

My nephew mentioned podcasting as a way to get my name out there. I had no idea what a podcast was at the time. I did have experience with talk radio, as I once had a show back in the 1980s.

The podcast has been going on now for nine months. I finally feel like it's big enough for the book to come out.

We have a launch date for the middle of March. Hopefully, you'll interview me again then.

What's your show about?

That's an interesting subject. The Angriest Trainer Podcast is primarily about health and fitness. Like everything I do, it's not your normal show.

I've been in the fitness game for well over 30 years. Obviously, I've seen everything come and go more than once.

My show is a no-holds-barred approach to why we're fat as a nation, and how each individual can fix it without becoming a boring zealot on some exercise program.

Every now and then, I read my iTunes comments, and I always find it interesting that some people call me the Howard Stern of fitness. I think being called the Howard Stern of anything is pretty cool.

What's your podcasting set-up? Hardware, software, CMS, etc.

Wow, finally a question I can't answer. I know almost zero about technology. I know that makes the popularity of my show almost an enigma.

My friends joke about how I can barely turn a computer on. They're almost right. I'm very lucky because I can do the show from an actual studio.

My co-host is a voice-over expert and comedic actress here in Hollywood. Her name is Anna Vocino. She has her own studio. I can say with certainty that without Anna's candor and wit, the show wouldn't gain anywhere near the popularity it's gained in such a short period.

How have you promoted your podcast?

The quick answer? We haven't.

We put it out there and an audience found us. It's been word of mouth. Once it started to become popular, other more popular podcast hosts started to ask me on to their shows.

I've also had celebrities on the show. We've had New York Times best-selling author Gary Taubes on the show, as well as the likes of Howie Mandel.

Just recently, I was invited on to Access Hollywood. I also recorded a piece for Oprah's OWN. That will be out in March.

What I truly think has helped the most has been the bloggers who have written about the show and sent listeners. 

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

People want to learn and be entertained at the same time. At the beginning, I gave a lot of content with a joke sprinkled in.

Now it seems to be two-thirds jokes with one-third fitness content. Let's face it, everyone likes extra icing on their muffin...but don't eat a muffin.

Is that an inspiring story or what? If you are interested in fitness why in the world wouldn't you want to get it from the "Howard Stern of fitness?" So subscribe to his podcast! Plus he's got a fabulous book coming out very soon and getting on his email list is the way to know when it's out.

Are you ready to start your own podcast? Host your media with us!

Libsyn Servers Are Byte Range Enabled And 100% Compliant With iTunes Requirements

Apple sent the above email out on February 22, 2013 and it has caused some of our podcasters to get worried about the second paragraph:

Server Configuration Requirement

Podcast streaming playback on iTunes requires all hosting servers to enable Byte Range Requests. Please confirm your hosting servers have this functionality enabled. If you work with a third-party hosting service, please contact them to confirm this functionality is enabled on their servers.

Libsyn servers absolutely support Byte Range requests and we are 100% iTunes compliant! Nothing has changed in that regards.

This is something Apple is sending out to all podcasters because there are some services out there that are not compliant.

We know that there are some podcasters that choose podcast hosting alternatives from solutions and services that are not meant to be podcast hosts. When you choose these options, the issues that arise from using these not-podcasting related hosting solutions might end up costing you more money, time and possibly subscribers.

If you know someone not using Libsyn that is having issues, please make sure to let them know we are here to help them out! It's what we do!

Now aren't you thankful that you chose to host your podcast with us! You can now go back to obsessing over your stats.

Why You Love To Podcast: A Podcaster's Valentine

share why you love podcasting

We love podcasting.

We also know that YOU love podcasting, so we reached out to the community via our our Facebook Page and Twitter to hear from you, the community, otherwise known the heart of podcasting.

This is what you had to say

I love to podcast because...

Samuel Colunga- The Married Gamers "I love to talk"

Dave Marshal - The Scurvycast "Because it fulfills community service requirements."

Two Guys, One Podcast "It's a creator driven art form. No outside influence, no outside interference. Pure creativity."

James Harold- the Paranormal Podcast and more "I can share theories, ideas and interaction with listeners from around the world."

Dust Gatch - Sick Daddy Radio "to share poop jokes."

Adam Bies "For the same reason a dog licks his own nuts — "Because he can!""

Dave Shallbetter- Chats From the Deck "Because I get to interview some of the coolest people in the aviation world!"

Stompalina Jenkins- The Rawrcast Show "I have made some amazing friends around the world over the past 4 years, most of which I never would have met if it weren't for podcasting. I love podcasting because I get to meet new people that I have stuff in common with!"

Hijacked Headspace Podcast "Comedy!"

The Groove Radio I love curating soul music that you can't hear on regular radio.

John Lee Dumas- Entrepreneur on Fire "I want to Inspire Millions"

Diane Martin- DiHard Podcast "I love to podcast because it feels good to share what I am passionate about with equally passionate people."

Cesar Abeid- The Construction Industry Podcast "It's a great way to meet and talk to exciting guests I'd never had the opportunity to unless I had a show. I also love to podcast because it fulfills my frustrated desire to be a radio star."

David J Stoler- The Relationship Marketing and Sales Podcast "To Enrich Lives!"

Samuel Lewis- "Not only does it allow me to share my thoughts but I get to have a blast with not only my friends and family but get to meet others that I would have never even known existed!"

James Caso- Crimson Cord "To talk with others around the world about faith in Jesus Christ"

Chris Bockay- SmorgShow Podcast "I love to podcast because... it has given me the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bond with my daughter who has been an amazing partner for me on the SmorgShow Podcast for the past three years.   Our show has been a great hobby for us to share together and has generated a boat load of special memories between us that will last forever.   She will have these recordings of us to cherish long after I move on."      

@bibliosk8er - Freestyle Podcast "I like attention"

@PeeDeeFoodie - Pee Dee Food Show "I meet such great people doing my shows!"

@mckeay - Network Security Podcast "I love to podcast because it gives me an excuse to talk to the movers and shakers in my industry (Security)"

@CarlosCue - Digital Branding News Podcast "I can share information"

I thought that I should join in the love :) This is why I love podcasting!

@yogeek Elsie's Yoga Class "Because it gives me freedom to do what I want, express myself, be of service and be creative. I can be myself in this medium more than in any other!"


Why do YOU love to podcast?

Join in the lovefest by commenting below!

LOVE- Elsie

Ooops. We Goofed.

libsyn stats bug

Hello citizens of the libsyn world! Seems we messed up…

In a few ways actually.

At the end of last year we came across a bug within our system that had been indadvertedly giving Advanced Stats access to everyone, yes, even you lucky people that had signed up for packages that only included a Basic Stats Package or no stats at all!

When this came to our attention we:

1.   Quickly found the fix for the bug

2.   Came up with a communication and transition plan for those folks that had been getting Advanced Stats instead of the Basic Stats.

3.   Implemented our game plan: Sent an email to those who’s packages included Basic Stats and gave them options to upgrade and plenty of time to prepare before Jan 7th.

We rolled out the bug fix yesterday giving everyone a few extra days. That means that those producers that had plans that had Basic Stats now had Basic Stats. The ability to see those Advanced Stats was gone.

We know that those with the Basic Stats level (which are our classic 50 and 250 plans) who had been getting the Advanced Stats would be pretty bummed.

There would be no getting over that.

We thought we had given enough time to address everyones concerns.

We thought we had covered all the basis.

What we didn’t prepare properly for was for producers that never got our initial email that was sent before Christmas last year alerting them of this issue. We’ve been seeing some messages on twitter about not getting the email and we want to say we are sorry.

We did our best to reach out to all those affected and are also putting up this post to address the issue.

We’ve implemented a new Dashboard Widget within your account so that next time we have to make an important announcement, you’ll get an email as well as an announcement in the dashboard.

If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to email support(at)libsyn(dot)com.

We have not changed our plans or removed any features that you paid for

Please note you are not having any features removed that you have paid for - this change is just getting your account back to the features you did pay for.  

We have not made any changes to our plans or packages for years since 2010 and nothing changed for legacy customers since 2009 and when you read the description of each of the plans and the features you’ll see that Advanced Stats (geographical and user agent data) are only offered to the $20/month and larger accounts.

If you were one of those producers that never got the email and want a copy of your stats, want to know more about the difference between Basic and Advanced stats or have any other comments or concerns our support team is ready to hear from you!

Please feel free to email support(at)libsyn(dot)com.

We are very sorry for those that were surprised by the sudden change and did not receive the initial email. We in no way are taking this lightly and are diligently working so that this doesn't happen again. 

We value each and every one of you and hope to continue to serve you, your podcast and your community in the best way possible in the future.

-Team Libsyn

Image credit via CC no name give by butupa

Congratulations to all the Podcast Award Winners

The Podcast Awards 2013 the majority of award winners host their podcast on libsyn

The Podcast Awards took place on the evening of January 8 during the New Media Expo 2013 in Las Vegas. The event was hosted by the amazing Leo Laporte and live streamed via Ustream.

It was an amazing night celebrating podcasting and bringing together so many talented and committed content creators in one room.

We are humbled that 14 out of the 22 winners chose to host their podcast with us!


There were also many high quality libsyn podcasts that were nominated.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the list, take a moment to look. You might discover a new favorite podcast!

Check out the libsyn podcasters that won a Podcast Award below.

Best Produced Podcast- Best of the Left

Best Video Podcast- Young Turks

Best Comedy Show- WTF with Marc Maron

Best Education Podcast- Grammar Girl

Best Entertainment Podcast- Rob Has a Podcast

Best Food and Drink Podcast- The Beerists

Best Gaming Podcast- The Rooster Teeth Podcast

Best General Podcast- Internet Box Podcast 

Best GLBT Podcast- Throwing Shade

The Best Health and Fitness Podcast- The Mental Illness Happy Hour 

The Best Mature Podcast- Savage Love

The Best Politics and News Podcast- The Majority Report

The Best Science Podcast- The Skeptics Guide to the Universe

The Best Technology Podcast- The Audacity to Podcast

Podcaster Voices: Podcasting Happiness in 2013 is...

statistics about women in podcasting

We started by asking podcasters what was the hardest podcasting related thing that they had to overcome in 2012. We got answers.

We continued by asking podcasters to share a few lessons learned about podcasting in 2012. We got some amazing responses.

We now finish up our first series of collaborative blog posts with the answers to the question:

What has to happen in 2013 for you to feel happy about your progress with your podcast and podcasting both professionally and personally?

As always, you podcasters are awesome.

See below.

For podcasters, podcasting happiness equals…

Ken Burgin from Profitable Hospitality

In 12 months time I will have recorded and published more than 30 podcasts and have a whole new stream of connections and comments from people in my industry.

Rob Walch from Today in iOS

I think having put in place a better social media presence for the show - where I am bringing in more new listeners not just from iTunes and Stitcher - where traditionally my new listeners have come from - but also from Facebook, twitter and blogger and other social media outlets.

Nick Seuberling from Who-Dey Weekly

In one year I’d hope that in some sort of fashion I would have made my podcasting profitable. I am not looking to make podcasting my full time job in 2013, but I do have that goal in mind. I would like for sponsors to come on board and support what we do at our network.

In 2013 I have plans for a redesigned studio with some possible equipment upgrades. I am becoming more and more intrigued with the video side of podcasting and would like to learn more about editing video as well.

Danny Pena from Gamertag Radio

There’s several things that would need to have happened. I would like to see our community continue to grow, I would like to see the amount of downloads continue to increase, I’d like to host more local events for our fans, I would like to participate in more business opportunities, and most importantly, I want to still have fun recording episodes with my staff.

Spider Mann from Overheard Podcast

Getting an episode in the iTunes charts, visibly, to which we’d have more listeners, which then leads to paid advertisers, which leads to eventually being able to chuck the day job and doing this semi-pro.

Or getting Alice Cooper and/or Kevin Smith to guest.

John Harrer from DUH Podcast About Horses and Horsemanship

I would feel good about our podcast if a) Guests in the horse industry were willing to come on the show and talk with us, b) we have a thousand downloads per episode, and c) pick up a little revenue (or at least be heading in that direction)

Scott Fremont from The Delicate Sauce Podcast

I’m working on producing and hosting a second podcast with the intention of expanding into my own podcast network so if I’m able to do that I’ll be happy. Honestly, as long as I’m able to keep producing content I’m proud of, I’ll be extremely pleased.

David Jackson from The School of Podcasting Morning Announcements

I do my podcast because I love my subject. I don’t do it for the money, or fame, etc. I would love to see more interaction with my audience, and by the end of the year next year I’m going to look for a 10% increase in downloads per episode.

Ashley Milne-Tyte from The Broad Experience

I have to get a lot more listeners! I want thousands of downloads a month. Promoting this is the toughest part of all.

Kate Macdonald from Why I Really Like This Book

Lots more listeners, more external publicity and referrals, leaps in the download ratings, invitations to participate in other podcasts, and generally greater world dominance in the field of podcasting about literature. Not much to ask, really.

Johnny Dertien from iBoardcast Video Podcast

Easy one stop publishing. Libsyn is doing a great job right now but I don’t know it’s the right way for my shows….

Cross promotion with other Dutch podcast.

Still…. the general public have to know how easy it is to watch and subscribe to a podcast. Way easier than going on facebook/youtube. It’s right there in you computer / smart TV / Phone

Someone to stand up and integrate podcasting like Apple did with iTunes 4 years ago

Matthew Cutler-Welsh from If Only They’d Told Me

Getting listeners all over the world, and being able to see this clearly in Libsyn.

Steve Michael from Mancave Movie Review

I’d like to get more exposure to the show and find some additional methods for increasing our audience.

Matthew Kane from Intrepid Audio Productions - IAP Podcast

In one year from now, I would like to improve my recording space, which will hopefully provide me with the opportunity to add and master some new equipment. Personally, I would like to grow my listener interaction. I would love to hear from them more regularly regarding show topics, quality of the show and what I can do to make my show better. My dream would be to get paid to do what I truly enjoy!

David Leedy from Notes in 9

I would be happiest if I can finally improve some of the backend pieces of the podcast publishing part. Other then that I’m in a good groove of putting out content that people seem to really like and find helpful and I want to keep it going.

Robert Bailie from Surrounded in Pittsburgh Steel City Resistance and Pittsburgh Radio: Burghseyeview

As little negative feedback on Burghseyeview. Steel City Resistance is a controversy magnet so it’s fine there. The audience must continue to grow for both shows and I have to continue to enjoy getting behind the microphone and in front of the camera. I enjoy both and as I said earlier “working” with some great folks and having the best interactive fans keeps the trains rolling down the track. I could only list one url for this blog so here is Burghseyeview

Elsie Escobar from Elsie’s Yoga Class

I need consistency and follow through. If I can consistently produce my podcast and offer my audience at least half of what I’m inspired to offer them, I’d be beyond ecstatic. Last year I barely published 5 episodes. I’m completely embarrassed about that. I started in 2006 publishing weekly!

I know if I publish consistently everything else will fall into place. If I cannot commit to my own podcast there is no way I can grow in the ways that I’d like to and no reason for my audience to commit to me.

We’ll check back sooner than later to see how all those intentions/goals/wishes are going. May we commit to podcasting and may we get the support that we desire in 2013!

How about you?

What would rock your podcasting world in 2013? Share below!

Image credit via CC Free Four Teens Jumping in Parking Lot Creative Commons by Pink Sherbet Photography

Libsyn Will Be At The New Media Expo 2013!

libsyn will be attendin the New Media Expo in Las Vegas in January 2012

Guess what?

We’re going to be going to the New Media Expo!!!!

We can’t wait to meet those of you that are going :)

Here are the details:

We will be at Booth 517.

Make sure you connect with us via twitter- @libsyn

Here’s a little bit about the New Media Expo from their website:

The World’s Largest Conference and Trade Show for Bloggers, Podcasters, Web TV & Video Creators, and Social Business Pros…a who’s-who line up of content creators, global influencers, niche experts and business icons dedicated to educating you with the latest knowledge, technology and techniques for online success. You’ll learn from latest case studies and the most effective methods these innovators have used in their own businesses and online properties to rise above the rest.

Rob Walch gives his amazing session all about podcasting with your iPad

One niche expert and global influencer that will be speaking at NMX is our very own Rob Walch.

His session is all about Podcasting 100% from the iPad!

Given the fact that Apple has now sold more than 100 million iPads, content producers or potential content producers are likely to have an iPad. This device could be another opportunity to grow podcasting even more, making the barrier of entry into the world of podcast production less daunting for some.

Attend his session. It’s gonna be a good one!

The Best Podcasting Posts on The Libsyn Blog for 2012

the top information and podcasting tips of 2012

Looking back at the year we’ve gathered up all the best posts all about podcasting that have been the most popular, contain tons of podcasting tips or were simply moments in the podcasting space that started to shift something within the industry in 2012

It’s great reading to start your podcasting year off right!

Welcome 2013 with podcasting on the brain

podcasters advice on podcasting for 2012

Podcaster Voices: 19 Podcasters Share Podcasting Lessons Learned in 2012

This was the second of our first collaborative series of blog posts featuring podcasters. It was such a wonderful mix of voices of old and new podcasters, each with unique lessons that can apply to all podcasters out there.

statistics about women in podcasting

Where are all the women at? Part 2

An insightful commentary which includes some pretty powerful statistics regarding women, blogging, podcasting and possible reasons about why there aren’t more women podcasting.

avoid issues with feedburner and use libsyn RSS feed

Podcaster Panic Fueled by Feedburner Broken Counting Code

Feedburner had a bad year this past year, or perhaps to clarify, podcasters and feedburner had a bad year in 2012. The old trusted reliable use of Feedburner came into question in 2012 and some podcasters began to let go of the use of feedburner or consider other options. The article above came after Feedburner stopped updating some of its data in September which seemed to fuel some already existing fear.

podcasting how to and advice

Rockin’ New libsyn Podcasts: Mission Log Podcast with Ken Ray

One of most prolific and very talented podcasters Ken Ray was part of our series Rockin’ New Libsyn Podcasts. Ken has been podcasting almost daily since 2005 and now he’s part of another incredible podcast called Mission Log. The wisdom he imparts in this article is short, sweet and powerful.

itunes podcast artwork is 1400 x 1400

Updated Podcast Artwork 1400 x 1400

Podcast artwork specs had not been updated for years. This year Apple updated their specs to 1200 x 1200 and soon after to 1400 x 1400. This was another step Apple took to prepping podcasting toward a bit more of a spotlight.

Simple tips to find Out Where Your Audience Is So You Stop Wasting Your Time

An article that provides the first steps to take to refine your podcast promotion. This is not about promoting your podcast, but making sure that you first and foremost find out about your audience and find out if what you are already doing is working. These steps are necessary toward growing your audience size in the most effective way.


Break Through Roadblocks To Increase Your Listeners

A conversation starter about the all coveted dream of a increasing your audience. This article starts to address the obstacles that we as podcasters face that are not related to tips, tricks or how-tos about podcasting, but the medium itself and what we have to do to overcome those obstacles.

Do Not Use Apple Product Imagery In Your Podcast Artwork…Or Else

As podcasting is being thrust more prominently in iTunes, Apple is getting more pro-active in making sure that their brand stays pure. They are going after those that are in any way using product imagery in their podcast artwork.

top podcasters share insight into podcasting

Podcasting Wisdom From The Very Best

This short article gives you quick access to the depth and insight from our Podcast Luminaries, those that have been podcasting for over 6 years or more all about podcasting, production and longevity.

Female podcasters that are also podcasting mothers offer advice on podcasting

Podcasting Advice From Mom

We asked just a few female podcasters, that happen to be mothers to share some of their voices with us and offer some motherly advice and insight into the podcasting world. Powerful stuff, and no it’s not just for mothers.

Ready, Set, Boom! There it is Apple’s Standalone App

The great podcast spotlight has been released, at least in the Apple Universe. In 2012, Apple finally released a stand alone podcast app, that has quietly and consistently been getting better and better. An influential force in the world of podcasting indeed.

new mommy media hosts their great online radio programs on libsyn

Rockin’ New libsyn Podcasts: The Shows of New Mommy Media

If you’ve considered launching a podcast or even more than one and you’re doing it with a clear target audience, precise branding and a full commitment, this is a key article to read. Sunny Gault has some creative and actionable podcasting tips that are worth a note.

What do you think? Did you have a favorite podcasting article in 2012? Did you find any of these useful? Let us know in the comments!

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Podcaster Voices: 19 Podcasters Share Podcasting Lessons Learned in 2012

podcasters advice on podcasting for 2012

This is the second installment of an ongoing collaborative blog series featuring podcasters and their insights. We’ve found that the more we can connect and share our knowledge about podcasting, the more the medium shines and the more we can catapult podcasting into the spotlight.

Our first post all about the hardest podcasting related thing to overcome in 2012 was a big hit. You should definitely check it out.

The voices shared are not only from seasoned podcasters but also from those that just stepped into the medium.

Adapt, learn, and be willing to embrace change, that seems to be the way that podcasters will continue to succeed and inspire in the world of podcasting.

If you think once you know how to podcast you won’t ever need to change the way that you do what you do then you’re in for a world of frustration, and perhaps defeat.

Another fantastic perception about these lessons is that there is no one way to podcast and there is no one workflow. The more podcasters produce and the more open they stay to new technologies the clearer and more individual their workflow becomes. That’s gold.

Ken Burgin from Profitable Hospitality

  1. Using a proper digital recorder essential to get high quality sound - computer and garageband are not sufficient.
  2. Worth doing a course to get guidance on technical details.
  3. Lots to learn from the numerous podcasts on podcasting (!)
  4. Outsourcing the final production of the podcast (combining files, setting volume level etc) is fast and very inexpensive with and saves me learning one more bit of complex software (eg Audition)

Rob Walch from Today in iOS

  1. First lesson is promoting out to social media - specifically setting up a facebook fan page - is one of the biggest lessons learned.  I kind of had my head in the sand when it comes to social media.  I am still learning this lesson.
  2. Second lesson is better management of listener feedback - I think going with evernote for my show notes has made it easier for me to better organize where I place listener feedback into the show and more importantly reorganize where the feedback goes in the show so that it makes more sense.
  3. Third lesson - Has to do with “mailing it in” I finished one episode back in the spring where I felt at the end of the episode that it was just not a good episode and that I had not put my heart into - that I kind of just “mailed it in” well the episode was done so I just posted it anyway.  And well the listeners let me know what I had felt - to the tune of a couple of dozen listeners emailing me asking what was up with that episode.  So next time I feel that way - I am just going to delay the episode and start over.  
  4. Fourth - With libsyn’s on-publish tools - there is no excuse for me not to get a better presence in Social media and at a min at least get word out to Facebook and Twitter as soon as a new episode goes out.  

Nick Seuberling from Who-Dey Weekly

  1. One lesson I have learned over the past year is that video does NOT necessarily make your show better (its still the same content). However if you’re recording the video LIVE it allows you a chance to connect with your community more easily.
  2. It pays to listen. Listen to other podcasts in your field/niche. I used to get upset or angry when people would start “rival” shows, but in reality I think its great to hear other peoples perspectives. You can become a better podcaster just by listening.
  3. Be yourself. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Don’t try to be Johnny Radio Voice. People will see through this. Be genuine and you’ll find your community will grow.

Danny Pena from Gamertag Radio

  1. Always try your best to engage your audience.  It’s important to make them feel that they’re part of your journey.
  2. Take the time to learn about the latest technology that will help your podcast.  I feel it’s important to stay up to date and not get left behind.  For example, Smartphones weren’t  big when I started podcasting.  Now almost everyone has one and can download a show from anywhere.  This has helped increase our downloads.
  3. Think outside of the box.  To get your name out there always start from your local area.  Then think about promoting worldwide.
  4. Think about longevity, instead of short term.  New listeners will search for your old content via Google and other search engines.  Always try your best to keep the content fresh and entertaining.  One episode can make it or break it for you.  Imagine people listening to your podcast 5-10 years from now.
  5. Take your time editing.  No one likes listening to episodes that sounds bad.

Spider Mann from Overheard Podcast

  1. Audio quality counts. We went through three to four mic setups before we landed on Blue Yetis.
  2. Cool people help. Sometimes you want to pod and not do any work; having cool guests you can pull in to heft the load makes great episodes.
  3. Never be afraid to ask famous or semi-famous people on Twitter to guest. You’d be surprised who you can get.

John Harrer from DUH Podcast About Horses and Horsemanship

  1.  Audiences don’t necessarily come flocking to our podcast.  5 billion people on the planet, 4.6 million people in the United States alone involved in the horse industry.  Is it too much to ask that 1,000 of them download my podcast each week?
  2. To do it right, this shit costs money!  I initially thought it would be a fun way to connect with people about horses and horsemanship.  Because it was a hobby, I wanted to do it on the cheap.  Now, I am looking at totally revamping our podcast, getting an official website, and even changing the name of the podcast, all because I did not take a realistic, careful view, of where I wanted to go.  Now, I want to earn a little cash to buy more and better equipment and I am going to have to find ways to get my “hobby” to fund itself.
  3. Producing is hard work.  The longer the podcast the longer it takes to produce.  We are not good enough to just “roll tape” and send it out there.  Each podcast needs to be edited, then have some production elements added, and be preped for distribution.  That takes the most precious commodity – time.

Scott Fremont from The Delicate Sauce Podcast

I learned to never doubt yourself.  You can never predict what your audience will latch on to and what they won’t so it’s best to never pander or do what you think someone wants to hear.  As a podcaster it’s your duty to be honest.  The thing people love (and I love) about the podcast medium is there isn’t the normal bullsh*t associated with terrestrial radio.  The host doesn’t have a program director to think about or what this sponsor or that sponsor thinks about what they’re saying.  It’s pure, unfiltered honesty and it’s becoming a rare thing to find in our culture but it’s the best thing about podcasts.

David Jackson from The School of Podcasting Morning Announcements

  1. As fun as podcasting is, there are only 24 hours in a day. With this in mind, its probably best to stick with one podcast and fill it with great content instead of doing three podcasts that are mediocre.
  2. As much as we all want a flame thrower that we can switch on and increase our downloads by 100%, in the end building your audience is done one person at a time. It takes time, but every person is a seed that can grow and then tell others about your podcast.
  3. Quit obsessing over your audio quality. While bad quality is a sin, if you’ve spent at least $50 on a microphone you are probably in the “listenable” category. Complaining about your sound is not good content for the audience.

Ashley Milne-Tyte from The Broad Experience

  1. It’s not as hard as I thought it would be to produce a show.
  2. Keep them short (my original idea was a 20 to 30 minute show, but listeners really seem to like a shorter length, around 12 minutes).
  3. Building an audience for the podcast is tough. It’s happening very slowly, and I’m impatient.
  4. It’s incredibly rewarding when you get positive feedback from listeners. It makes all the (free) hard work seem worthwhile.

Kate Macdonald from Why I Really Like This Book

  1. Prepare the script, and be comfortable with what you’re going to say.
  2. Eat before recording; tummy rumbles are LOUD.
  3. Write up the podcast and post it immediately after editing, because your enthusiasm for what you’ve just created produces a great write-up.
  4. Podcasts should be digestible, snappy, and have a tangible takeaway.
  5. When you have a cold or a sore throat but have no other time to record, your voice might sound rough to you, but digitised, and on a mic, it sounds pretty good.

Johnny Dertien from iBoardcast Video Podcast

  1. Smart TV users are the new podcast users.
  2. People watch the latest video on mobile devices and don’t use podcast clients to download a series of video’s anymore.
  3. Podcasting isn’t production, shooting video, editing, publishing, updating website and promoting. You also have to take care of all the social media and make sure you label your YouTube video’s right. Podcasting is way more time consuming now.
  4. Step back and think “Why did I start podcasting?” Than take a look at your shows and you will see that you have to go back to the roots.

Matthew Cutler-Welsh from If Only They’d Told Me

  1. Back up. If you copy and paste a track from Garage Band, then delete the original, the copy also disappears. I stayed up a whole night trying to recover a day’s recording early on in my editing. Now I make multiple copies of a recording before starting editing.
  2. Tweet and retweet. We do a weekly show. I find it’s not enough to just promote the show at the beginning of the week. Re-tweeting the same message during the week helps.
  3. Lots of people still don’t know about podcasts. Here in New Zealand, many our podcast ‘If Only They’d Told Me’, is often a Mum’s very first podcast.

Steve Michael from Mancave Movie Review

  1. Consistency in getting shows uploaded on a regular basis. We do a weekly podcast and have been online since last February and have only missed two shows due to scheduling conflicts.
  2. We keep the show moving by creating an agenda and sticking with it and keep getting sidetracked at a minimum.
  3. Setting up each episode several weeks in advance and also recording a ‘backup’ show in the event we are unable to record a show.

Matthew Kane from Intrepid Audio Productions - IAP Podcast

What lessons have I learned?

  1. Use social media.
  2. There will be road bumps – co-hosts / friends come and go, technical problems can ruin a recording session, life happens, you name it, it can and will happen.
  3. Take chances. Expand your horizons and listen to shows that wouldn’t normally be on your radar.

David Leedy from Notes in 9

  1. The first is to just relax and be yourself.  You want to have good production values but you want to stay approachable.  Don’t be afraid to say something unexpected or “less then polished” if that’s who you are.  Don’t let your show become so clean it’s sterile.
  2. Another lesson I learned is to engage your audience and even your peers.  Bring unexpected people on the show.  Go outside your community and try and pull others into it.  For example, I ran a 90 day “event” on my show called “DriveTo99”.  It was a big push to go from 72 episodes to 99 in 90 days. I invited contributors to come on and share content.  It was a huge success.  I met my goal and got a lot of content and new contributors that I would not have if I didn’t create the event.  It was a win/win/win.  I got more shows.  The contributors got exposure and the community got much more content.
  3. 3rd lesson is always check your sound ahead of time. On My Mac the audio input levels seems to randomly change when I first plug in my microphone.  Make a little checklist of the settings you like to have and verify it before you start recording.

Robert Bailie from Surrounded in Pittsburgh Steel City Resistance and Pittsburgh Radio: Burghseyeview

  1. Our listeners/viewers wait for us to publish material and when we get held up for whatever reason they get pissed, and that is very humbling. This causes us to put in the extra time needed to produce a decent product.
  2. Pre checking your equipment is imperative, especially if you produce a show while imbibing (Burghseyeview). It’s a bear trying to troubleshoot electronics after a few meisters.
  3. Audio quality or the lack thereof will drive people from your audience. Nobody wants crackling choppy, overdriven audio in their earbuds.

William J. Meyer from Fire on the Mound

  1. The biggest podcasting lesson that I learned would be that promoting and finding an audience for FIRE ON THE MOUND is more work than producing the podcast itself. As a serial narrative, our show is heavy on post-production, so I don’t have as much time as I would like to spread the word. But, once the series is complete, I’ll spend my weekly allotted time for editing on reaching out to an audience.
  2. Another lesson I learned is that the social media worlds do not necessarily cohabitate. Our followers on Twitter generally do not engage us on Facebook, and likewise those that have liked our Facebook page tend not to tweet about us. That was an eye-opener; engaging each of these audiences on their own terms is essential.
  3. And a third lesson learned is that our audience has wildly different preferences for episode length. Some think the weekly half-hour episodes are just right in duration, either for a commute in the morning, or a walk during their lunch hour. But we also receive a number of requests to compile several hours of the story into a single audio file, which we might do once the series is complete.

Elsie Escobar from Elsie’s Yoga Class

  1. Plan ahead. My production this year was in no way close to what my intentions of production were. I know in hindsght, if I would have crafted a production calendar and even batch produced episodes, I would have done much better.
  2. Let go of expectations. When I began podcasting I had a very open schedule and a lot of time to produce. I enjoyed improvising when I recorded and wanted to do it only when I was inspired. My life is completely different than it was 6 years ago. I don’t have that kind of time nor the luxury to record when I’m inspired to do so. I had to let go of expectations of the right time and just do it! Seems simple to do, but not very easy. I’m still fightng this mindset.
  3. Podcast listeners are loyal. Since I have been incredibly inconsistent in producing I thought that I lost a lot of my subscribers. Lo and behold, every time I finally posted an episode, they were right there with me. I’m in awe and very humbled by it. Now if I could get myself together and publish a little more consistently, that would be a great thank you to them.

What do you guys think?

Good stuff no?

We are really loving this amazing collaborative mind think.

How about you? What were some lessons you learned this year as a podcaster?


A New Way To Get Important Info: Announcements Widget

new announcement widget in the libsyn dashboard

We’ve been doing some upgrades under the hood, and will soon implement more refinements and upgrades and want to make sure that you get the information.

Currently we send emails, and post on our social media properties, such as our Facebook Page, Twitter and Google Plus, but we know that there are a lot of you that don’t use these services and are not connected to us.

Introducing Dashboard Alerts

Now whenever we have important information we have to get out to you, you’ll see an announcements widget right within your dashboard.

Once you have seen the message you will immediately be able to close out the message and it will disappear.

If you want to check out a prior announcement you can click onto past announcements right from within the same widget.

We hope this helps all of you stay up to date on our latest changes, support information and relevant account updates.

Let us know how it’s working for you!

Image credit via CC Megaphone man at the Metro 4 by Hazzat

Holiday Support 2012

podcasting how to and advice

That lovely race to the end of the year is upon us!

We are sure you’ve got your share of last minute shopping, planning and of course podcast recording to do!

As do we!

We are looking forward to spending time with our families and delighting that we are so very lucky to hug and love them. This will be a much needed pause to reconnect with that which means the most to us.

Expectations of Libsyn Support in the last two weeks of December

We wanted to make sure that you are taken care of, as well as be informed of what you can expect from Libsyn Support in these last couple of weeks of the year!

Please take a moment to check out this Support Blog post about the Libsyn Holiday Hours for 2012.

Due to the Holidays both this weekend and next, our support staffing will be scaled back so that everyone may spend time with family and friends. So please be understanding if ticket response times are higher than normal. Members of our admin team will be on-call to handle any urgent system-wide issues.

We look forward to provide a stable and reliable platform for your work to abundantly grow in 2013!

Many blessings to you and yours, stay safe!

Podcaster Voices: What's the Hardest Podcasting Related Thing You've Overcome in 2012

what were the hardest podcasting related challenges in 2012

This is the first installment of an ongoing collaborative blog series featuring podcasters and their insights.

We’ve found that the more we can connect and share our knowledge about podcasting, the more the medium shines and the more we can catapult podcasting into the spotlight.

The voices shared are not only from seasoned podcasters but also from those that just stepped into the medium.

No matter what, as a podcaster, part of what helps us stay on our game and refine our offerings is to be willing to problem solve and adapt to both the industry and our every day podcasting workflow.

What worked then will not necessarily work now.

What wasn’t an issue might develop into a problem.

What you thought was a problem, might not be a problem at all.

We must be willing to step in, define and take action.

Although podcasting might seem intimidating and overwhelming, its in the doing that you reap the most rewards.

Check out what your fellow podcasters did in light of overcoming challenges and dealing with the hardest podcasting related things that popped up in 2012.

Ken Burgin from Profitable Hospitality

Understanding the intricacies of hosting and links.

Rob Walch from Today in iOS

Trying to keep my show notes pithy.  I went from using delicious which limited me to 1,000 characters to Evernote that lets you put in as many characters as you want.  In hindsite - as much as I wanted - was sometimes too much.  

Nick Seuberling from Who-Dey Weekly

The hardest part I’ve had to overcome over the last year in my podcasting is accepting the fact that just because people aren’t emailing you or leaving you feedback, doesn’t mean they don’t like your show or what you’re doing. Keep producing great content, and the feedback will eventually come.

Danny Pena from Gamertag Radio

The hardest thing I’ve had to overcome happened during 2012.  I was fortunate enough to work on two shows at the same time.   One was for my personal podcast, Gamertag Radio, and the other was a new webisode series for Discovery Channel Latin America, Yo Soy Danny Pena. A lot of work went into setting up interviews, traveling and editing content for two shows.  It has been a really busy year but, definitely one of the most rewarding.

Spider Mann from Overheard Podcast

Finding new software to record shows with. The awesome software package we had been using was not updated in time for our new OS and we had to find something new that we’d be comfortable with. We’re just now getting into the new groove.

John Harrer from DUH Podcast About Horses and Horsemanship

Sound quality.  It’s difficult trying to get good sound in a variety of situations and environments.  Our podcast has to do with horses and horsemanship and we like to “be out in the field”.  Sometimes our recordings were so bad we could not air them.  Thanks to online resources (and Libsyn) we found some answers on how to improve or recordings and equipment.

Scott Fremont from The Delicate Sauce Podcast

Doing my second episode.  I was really just jumping into the whole podcasting world without a life preserver but I felt like if I didn’t do it this way, I never would.  So after my first episode, I was left feeling really insecure about my abilities as a podcaster and if perhaps I had made a huge mistake but I told myself it would be silly to quit after just one episode so I plowed ahead and had a fantastic second episode experience and I’ve never looked back since.

Ashley Milne-Tyte from The Broad Experience

Just putting the podcast together was intimidating for me. I’m a radio reporter but I’d never mixed before. There was always a staff of engineers to do that. So for me simply putting a coherent show together and producing it myself was a huge challenge.

Kate Macdonald from Why I Really Like This Book

The technical language! I’ve just spent three days fretting over what a nameserver and  DNS have to do with each other, and why a host is not actually a host. Should I get ‘Podcasting for Dummies’? The Helpdesk replies I received on my journey around the podcasting community’s providers and servers and whatnot were less than helpful, because all assumed I was a techie nerd like they were. But (I think) I made it to an answer, and a solution, in the end, by doggedly refusing to accept ignorance and to learn.

Johnny Dertien from iBoardcast Video Podcast

People still don’t understand podcasting and moving away from it. Finding more and more time to make sure your well presented on social media. Losing the fun of podcasting. Running around to make shows.

Matthew Cutler-Welsh from If Only They’d Told Me

Getting started. The initial set up makes sense now after doing it a couple of times, but I was surprised at the number of steps involved before seeing my name in iTunes.

I did a bunch of research. Pat Flynn and Podcaster Answer Man were valuable resources to help me get started.

Steve Michael from Mancave Movie Review

Reducing the amount of time doing post-show editing. Obviously as we have become more comfortable doing the show, editing has been easier.

Matthew Kane from Intrepid Audio Productions - IAP Podcast

The hardest aspect of podcasting I had to overcome was becoming comfortable with my own voice. It’s very easy to get discouraged and think “does my voice matter or why should I keep doing this?”, but being happy with the work I do at the end of the day is what’s important. Did I have fun recording, editing and building post-production materials and when I answer yes, than I’m happy.

David Leedy from Notes in 9

The most difficult part of podcasting to me is just the backend publishing and site management.  Uploading to Libsyn, then getting the show out to my Wordpress blog and feed.  The next big challenge is in indexing the shows. My Podcast is more educational rather then topical.  So the shows have a much longer “shelf life” and shows from 2 years ago are as relevant today as they were back then. Actually I’ve not really “Overcome” these issues but I have high hopes of doing so in 2013.

Robert Bailie from Surrounded in Pittsburgh Steel City Resistance and Pittsburgh Radio: Burghseyeview

Along with a few of the best co hosts in the business, I produce two audio/video podcasts. One is Steel City Resistance which is a conservative political podcast. During such an intense political year it was tough to do all of the behind the scenes topic gathering and refining for Burghseyeview my Pittsburgh centric nonsense podcast developed for Pittsburghers in exile. We manage to produce around monthly though and SCR is weekly.

Jason Conley from not given

I was doing a show for a nonprofit org (I volunteered for about 2.5 years by this point) and was about 26 monthly shows in when things had to change because I was moving house and the org, a tiny org with just a few souls working at it, incorporated a guy who had more ambition than ability. We probably gave him too many keys to the kingdom, too quickly.

Anyhow, he was remote in another state and not able to take part in local work. All the kinds of things he had to learn about our various digital publishing outlets (blog, social, podcast, YouTube) amounted to a growing mountain of email, Skype, and other tutorial effort on my part to basically explain what had usually been my work to do. And yet, either he wasn’t able to get it or was a bit strong willed in his own way, I had to do extensive work to fix his stuff in our established presentation. Ugh.

As far as the podcast goes, the matter of getting him a mic yielded no more than a Samson Go Mic and Hindenburg software to record what originally would have been thought of as his side of a double end recording done with me and the other host in my place on good gear. But after just one episode of moving into this house in a far noisier (and hotter) environment, trying to get this guy’s rig and abilities up to speed, it all started to unravel. I had to start making an escape plan not just from the show but from the entire org!

That completely ruined my summer. I mean, I’d done a lot to build this whole thing up for the benefit of the org, but it got harder to spend so much time and feel it was backtracking with his inattention to details or seeming stubbornness. So I had to throw in the towel and get out.

The task of properly handing off responsibility would have been even larger than maintaining the role I was in, so I’m sure there are some big gaps left behind. Since no one but me understood the entire nexus of how the various components fit together, with me gone, no one is likely to ever figure it out. But I got so sick of butting heads with this newcomer, and had to admit it might be time to quit volunteering and get on with a paying job if I could find one, or return to making music like I brushed aside for much of the time I was doing all this.

He and I had done a demo of a show that I spent time editing (Hindenburg and the double ended conversation model were both new to me so I used it as practice) but then when I pulled out from the project, he became the de facto replacement. He has some funny ways of using material. After I transferred things back to the org and announced I did not want that material going out with my name or voice on it, what did he do? He took his track in isolation and made other connecting talk and presented it as if he were talking to someone else at some conference or something. It was the oddest thing. Why he did not just simply make his list of points and speak it all in one live pass, I have no idea. His ideas for how to do the interview or co-hosting that would constitute normal work in that show has been odd too, but not quite so odd as this.

Because he does not have gear I told him to get and is a newb at Hindenburg and the Skype/audio clip playback, he has a hard time getting a guest in and making it sound like there is any single conversation going while talking with his co-host, the man who used to sit in the same room as I did, often with a local guest.

Hearing how it’s all changed is bewildering and annoying.

And you? What were your podcasting challenges?

If you didn’t have a chance to share your hardest challenges, share below in the comments!

Also, come on back next Friday for when podcasters share their 3-5 lessons they learned over the last year about podcasting!

Genealogy Gems Celebrates A Million Dowloads in Style!

Congratulations to Podcast Luminary Lisa Louise Cooke and Genealogy Gems Podcast for crossing the amazing mark of 1 million downloads!

In early 2007 when the first episode was published by Lisa Louise Cooke, podcasting was in its infancy, having just come into being in mid-2005. “It was like being part of a new Wild West of technology,” says Cooke, a genealogist since the age of about 10. “For the first time anyone with an interesting idea, a computer, and a willingness to work long hours could produce a worldwide ‘radio’ show. The day I listened to a podcast for the first time, I knew this medium was what I had been waiting for to reach genealogists.

lisa louise cooke amazing podcaster

Apparently a lot of other folks were also anxiously waiting for Cooke’s discovery. From long time genealogists to dabbling family history newbies, they flocked to the free podcast available through Apple’s iTunes Store and the Genealogy Gems website. Over the next five years they listened in to soak up genealogy research strategies, expert interviews, tips on harnessing the power of technology in their research, and creative ideas for sharing their findings.

“There’s a lot of noise out there online that can be overwhelming,” says Cooke. “My goal has always been to spend my time sifting through all of that information, and chiseling out the gems – the items that are really worthwhile – so that my listeners can have faster and greater success . Ultimately the genealogy gems I provide on the show lead to my listener’s genealogy gems: their precious ancestors!”

From Press Release

We are proud to have Lisa as part of the Libsyn podcasting family, and look forward from so much more from her to come!

If you’re interested in why you should listen to Geneology Gems, Lisa has put together a fantastic image to help get the word out about podcasting!

Pretty creative :)

why listen to podcasts


Libsyn Podcasts iTunes Best of 2012 And Stitcher Award Winners

Huge congratulations to all the amazingly talented Libsyn podcasters getting some well deserved praise!

Take a look below!

libsyn podcasters are the best in itunes for 2012

Libsyn iTunes Best of 2012

adam carolla hosts his podcast on libsyn

Best Audio Podcast: Adam Carolla

minute physics podcast is hosted with libsyn

Best New Video Podcast: Minute Physics

joe rogan is hosted with libsynthe nerdist is hosted with libsyn

Best Comedy: Joe Rogan, Nerdist

Penn hosts his podcast with libsyn

Best New Comedy: Penn’s Sunday School

the podcast history of our world is hosted on libsyn

Best New Society & Culture: The Podcast history of our world

draft tracker podcast is hosted on libsyndavey mac sports is hosted on iTunes

Best New Sports & Recreation: Draft Tracker Podcast, Davey Mac Sports

DiveFilm HD Video is hosted on libsyn

Best Sports & Recreation: DiveFilm HD

The Truth is hosted on libsyn

Best New Arts: The Truth

the stitcher awards with a ton of libsyn podcasters

Libsyn Podcasters Winners of the Stitcher Awards 2012

WTF is hosted on Libsyn

Best Episode of the Year: WTF with Marc Maron Podcast 8/23/12

The Nerdist is hosted on libsyn

Best Comedy: The Nerdist

good job brain is hosted on libsyn

Best Album Art: Good Job, Brain!

go fork yourself is hosted on libsyn

Best Food & Cooking: Go Fork Yourself

Skeptoid is hosted on libsyn

Best Science: Skeptoid: Critical Analysis of Pop Phenomena

The dave dameshek show is hosted with libsyn

Best Sports Commentary: The Dave Dameshek Football Program

savage love is hosted on libsyn

Best Health & Lifestyle: Savage Love

mohr stories is hosted on libsyn

Best New Show: Mohr Stories

the smodcast is hosted on libsyn

Best Film and TV: Smodcast: Hollywood Bable-On

Smodcast is hosted on libsyn

Best Entertainment and Pop Culture: Smodcast: Tell ‘em Steve-Dave

How to do everything is hosted on libsyn

Most Original Show: How To Do Everything

Penn's Sunday School is hosted on libsyn

Best Social Commentary: Penn’s Sunday School


What Podcasters Want For Christmas 2012: More Listeners and More

This past month, we asked podcasters what they wanted to Christmas. What you see below is what we got.

There were equal amount of requests for tangible and non-tangible goods.

Hope you enjoy!

Thanks to all of you that participated!!!

By the way, if you want to drop some hints to your audience about how to give you exactly what you want aka more listeners and feedback, share this post with them. We did it for you!

what podcasters want most for Christmas 2012


If You Have A Favorite Podcast, Give Them This

what to give your favorite podcaster?

Free Gifts For Your Favorite Podcaster!

You know that favorite podcast that always gives you exactly what you need, information about something, how-tos of your latest passion, a ton of laughter, great conversation, or simply time to virtually be part of an online virtual community…why not give them a little something for the holidays.

Having been an avid podcast listener and podcast producer since 2006 and then having worked in podcasting for the past 5 years, I can say that all podcasters love two things the most: feedback and more listeners.

Here are the tried and true ways to rock your favorite podcaster’s world. (Click To Tweet)

The best thing about these gifts, they won’t cost you a thing!

Leave a positive review in iTunes

This is perhaps one of the most surefire ways to offer something of value to your favorite podcast. Of course to get a positive review always gives the ego a boost, but it’s not only the ego that it affects.

The more positive reviews a podcast has, the more visibility it get in iTunes, and if the podcast gets more visibility, it gets more listeners.


Another wonderful bonus about leaving a review is that it also provides your podcaster with a nice testimonial for their work, which can lead not only grow their audience, but even landing sponsors and advertisers.

Leave an iTunes rating

Writing and iTunes review does take a bit of time, especially if you want to offer something of value to the podcast. If you don’t have the time nor the energy to do something like that a simple iTunes rating will do.

That only takes a few seconds.


The longer a podcast goes on, they more effective the producer gets at requesting and getting feedback.

  • Leave a voice feedback

Not only does the power of your voice have a profound effect on the podcaster, but it also affects the other listeners to the podcast.

It’s a direct connection uniting a virtual community.

What? You haven’t ever done it? Get a little wild, call the feedback line or send an MP3 attached to an email.

  • Leave a comment on their website

We are aware that most podcast listenters don’t go to the podcasts’ website very much, as most podcasts are consumed on the go, but, if there’s an episode that completely rocks your world, leave a comment.

  • Send them a thank you email

A simple thank-you email into the podcast is perhaps one of the best and often overlooked, easiest way to give back to the producer.

It fuels the fire.

Buy what they are selling

Some ways that podcasters generate revenue are to 1) have a sponsor 2) have an advertiser 3) sell affiliate products or 4) sell their own products or services.

How does a podcaster know that what they are doing is working? Through sales!

An easy way to support your favorite podcaster is to buy what they are selling.

It could be purchasing from the sponsor, advertiser or podcaster or even an easier thing, thanking the sponsor for supporting the show.

The more we can collectively show the power of podcasting to relevant sponsors, the more that the entire medium will benefit, including podcast audiences, as they’ll receive more relevant and more quality products forging relationships with their favorite show.

Share their podcast on social media

Here’s another really easy way to give back: share your podcast on twitter, facebook, G+ or any other relevant social network.

One of the key ways that we human beings choose is based on advice, or insight from our peers. You never know who you might be helping out by sharing a podcast.

So how about it?

Give to Podcasting this holiday season. (Click To Tweet)

Podcasting will be deeply thankful, as without you, we wouldn’t be here.

Elsie Escobar


We Will Miss You Zig Ziglar

zig ziglar's words of encouragement podcast

Zig Ziglar prolific speaker and motivator extraordinnaire, passed away almost a week ago. The world has lost a great man.

In case you didn’t know him, listen to him.

Find Libsyn At Booth 517 At The New Media Expo 2013

Libsyn will be at the New Media Expo on January 2012

We are getting ready for the New Media Expo!!!

Are you?

If you’re a Libsyn Podcaster please make sure you come on by and see us at Booth 517! We'd love to take your picture and promote your podcast :) 

We look forward to seeing you!

Here’s more info about NMX in case you want to come join us!

Libsyn Podcast hosting Deals on Cyber Monday!

We know you’ve been wanting to move your podcast over to libsyn! Here is your chance!

Get your first month FREE and start your podcast TODAY! Use coupon code cyberpod until November 28 when you sign up! 

NOTE: New users only

Rockin' New libsyn Podcasts: Tiny Odd Conversations

This series is all about libsyn’s newest podcasters. Its sole purpose is to introduce these awesome podcasts to the world as well as share their podcasting insight to empower the community!

Q & A with Travis from Tiny Odd Conversations

When did you start podcasting?

We released our first episode of Tiny Odd Conversations on June 12, 2011. We’d talked about doing a podcast for several months before that and recorded some test shows in May of that year – most of which got thrown out.

My opinion / advice: DO NOT JUST AUTOMATICALLY RELEASE THE FIRST THING YOU RECORD. The odds of you hitting it out of the park on your first try are stacked against you.

You could make an awesome show right out of the gate, but that’s pretty rare. It takes a while to figure out the flow and format. Heck, I’m married to and live with my co-host and we were still awkward together the first few times we recorded.

It’s best to work out as many kinks as you can ahead of time before you unleash your inaugural episode into the world.

Fun fact about my show: Episode 004 is really the first test show of ours that I didn’t hate. No one had really heard it so eventually I put it out. So technically that’s our “pilot episode.”

Why did you start podcasting?

I was recovering from a gnarly back surgery when I decided to do a podcast. I was literally in a brace, popping pain pills and unable to do much. Basically I couldn’t go out and perform any more as a comic or an actor but I still wanted an outlet. So I decided to build a show based on the assets I had around me.

I had a bunch of sound equipment left over from several failed bands. Gear: check.

Thanks to a life long curmudgeonly attitude I had strong opinions on pretty much everything I encountered. POV: check.

My wife is one of the most entertaining and naturally / unintentionally funny people I’ve ever met. Co-host: check.

The basics were covered so we put it all together and eventually Tiny Odd Conversations was born.

Another fun show fact: I was still on heavy pain medication for the first 4 months of the show so I will often listen back to the early episodes to try and remember what was happening back then.

What’s your show about?

This is always a tough question for me. I usually give a smart-ass answer like, “Our show is about an hour… give or take a few minutes.” Some people laugh, others will ask, “No seriously, what’s it about?” I’ve tried to come up a quick summation. Sometimes I say, “Imagine if Ricky Gervais and Karl Pilkington were a married couple.” I’ve heard others say we’re like a filthy George Burns and Gracie Allen for the 21st century.

That’s very high praise in my book.

Basically the show is a snap shot of those weird, funny, personal and of course odd conversations that you’ve had with friends or your significant other.

We try and tackle three different topics or conversations per episode. They can range from the seemingly mundane like bug problems at our new home to the surprisingly candid where I come to the realization that I might actually want to be a father.

In fact, those two subjects were part of one segment on a recent show. The topics we start off with are never where we end up and that’s part of the fun. That’s why our main tagline for the show is “Bridging The Gap From Inane To Insane.”

Although a new one I came up with recently is pretty accurate too… “It’s like eavesdropping on your crazy neighbors without having to get dangerously close to them.”

What’s your podcasting set-up? Hardware, software, CMS, etc.

We use Heil PR-40 mics into a Mackie 1402 VLZ-Pro board into an Apogee Duet into an iMac. We record into GarageBand but we do each segment individually.

Then I mix each segment down into MP3’s and put them on an episode timeline that I created a template for. It took me a few episodes before I realize I could save a lot of time by creating the template.

That way all our tracks are always laid out the same for each episode. I try to do weekly recording sessions with our announcer (AKA Eric The Announcer) to record taglines that correspond with each segment. That doesn’t always happen so sometimes I reuse old ones that are just funny but not topic specific.

As far as other equipment goes we also use a Samson C Que 8 for a headphone amp. That way we (and our occasional guests) can all hear each other. I try to make our podcast sound as professional as possible, but if you saw the actual set up it’s just a bunch of stuff piled up on a kitchen table.

We look like audio equipment hoarders.

How have you promoted your podcast?

I have emailed, tweeted and Facebooked just about anyone I have ever met to repeatedly tell them about my show.

Granted this has resulted in at least 90% of my friends and family blocking me on social media, but such is life.

I’ve also found ways to seamlessly mention the fact that I have a podcast into any conversation. “Oh I’m sorry your uncle has kidney stones. You know what’s a great way to relax while he’s passing them? Listening to my podcast!”

See? Seamless.

One of the best ways I’ve found to increase your “circle of influence” and get your show heard by different people is getting involved with other podcasters.

Towards the end of last year I joined an awesome Facebook group called the IPA (Independent Podcast Alliance) and it really has been a great resource.

It’s a very supportive group where other members will answer podcast related questions and we all do our best to help promote one another. And people who help me promote myself are my favorite kind of people.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

I wish I knew not to get so stat obsessed. For over a year I would literally check the stats at least every half hour.

No joke. I’d take it personally if the show wasn’t being downloaded. I’d pout and drive myself crazy trying to figure out why some shows got a lot of listens and some didn’t.

But I’m much better now. Now I only check the stats every hour.

That’s progress, right?

With a killer interview like that why are you NOT wanting to go SUBSCRIBE to their show? You really should. If you want to engage in conversation with Travis…at your own risk, please reach out to tocpod(at)gmail(dot)com.

Any of you confined to your home in some way and are wanting to step into the podcasting world? You really should get your podcast going with us!


An Alternative to Premiumcast? Check out MyLibsyn

easy ways to monetize your podcast

It has come to our attention that is closing down.

Although we at this time do not have the full details of what is going on, it seems that PremiumCast might be going away, due to Nanacast “pulling the plug” as the amazing Dan Klass puts it.

If you were using PremiumCast you wanted to generate income from your content.

If you were using PremiumCast you had an audience that had chosen to pay you for your podcast.

And now you might just be stuck.

Or not…

Please consider an alternative MyLibsyn.

Mylibsyn is the power to offer your audience access to your Premium Content across all platforms in a totally simple way.

We know that you’ve had ideas to monetize your podcast. We know that you’ve been wanting to offer more value, deepen the relationships with your audience as well as make some money while you are at it.

Mylibsyn makes it easy for you and totally convenient for your audience.

Here’s the deal,

You control the premium content offering

  • You create whatever premium audio or video content you desire (no pre-approval required.)
  • You set the content subscription pricing
  • You get a premium webpage created just for you.

Your premium content can be offered across all platforms

Think of it this way, your content will be available across platforms the way that Netflix is available in multiple platforms, anytime, anywhere.

  • Premium web page
  • iOS devices via your own branded app
  • Android devices via your own branded app

Who’s Using Mylibsyn?

Here are just a few producers that are using Mylibsyn:

If you want to more crazy cool details about Mylibsyn and how you can take your podcast into the Premium realm come on by HERE and start the conversation!

Check Out Our Sessions at Podcamp Pittsburgh 7

The Podcamp Pittsburgh kick-off party starts in just a few hours - we are super excited to get to spend the weekend talking shop with some of our favorite customers and folks who are new to podcasting. Rob and Elsie from our team have put together some great presentations for this weekend.  If you are going to be attending this weekend (you can get all of the details on Podcamp Pittsburgh 7 here) - make sure to check out these 3 great sessions!

Saturday 10 am - Podcasting – The Behind the Scenes Look

Saturday 11am - How to Audio Podcast 100% from an iPad

Sunday 10am - The ROI Of Podcasting: 9 Examples of Businesses Podcasting Successfully

Make sure to follow @Libsyn on Twitter and use the official Podcamp Pittsburgh 7 hashtag #pcpgh7 - we'll be tweeting out tips and treats all weekend long!

Some Halloween Podcast Episodes

Looking for some spooktacular things to listen to? Check out some of these goulish episodes that the Libsyn producers have put together for Halloween!

Join Us for Podcamp Pittsburgh This Weekend

This Saturday and Sunday is the 7th Annual Podcamp Pittsburgh!  Libsyn is pleased to be a sponsor and have both Rob Walch and Elsie Escobar from our team present.

What is Podcamp?

Podcamp is a low-cost (usually free) conference type event, where folks who love podcasting and social media gather to talk shop, share ideas and learn from each other. Podcamps are held in cities around the world, usually on an annual basis. Visit this website to see if there is a podcamp coming to your city.

Podcamp Pittbsurgh is This Weekend!

Podcamp Pittsburgh will be held at Point Park University on October 27 & 28, 2012. There is a Keynote speaker at 9 am each day followed by presentations and panels from 10am to 4pm. Registration is free, VIP registration is $25 which gets you a snazzy Podcamp Pittsburgh t-shirt and a swag bag.  Click here to register.

If you are planning to attend - be sure to say hello to the members of the Libsyn team who will be there - make sure to follow @Libsyn on Twitter and use the official hashtag #pcpgh7 - we'll be doing some giveaways and sharing tips all weekend long.

You can follow Podcamp Pittsburgh on Twitter @pcpgh and Facebook

Let Us Know If You Are Going To Attend!

If you are planning to attend - please eave a comment below with a link to your podcast - so we can make sure to say hello to you this weekend.

Podcasting Support on Windows 8?

request podcast support for windows 8

Is it happening?

Well, it can.

It’s up to you.

Speak up and let them now ASAP that you want to have built in podcast support on Windows 8.

Do it for podcasting. Go here and leave a comment…NOW.

C’mon podcasters, this is when it counts! 

Share the link on Twitter, post on Facebook, use the image and Pin it, mention it on your podcast. Use all your resources.

Let Microsoft know we want podcasting on Windows 8!

Comment HERE and let them know you want it.

Calling All Kansas Podcasters - Our Rob Walch Is the Keynote Speaker for Podcamp Topeka

Podcamp Topeka is next week - October 13, 2012! What is Podcamp? If you haven't had the opportunity to attend a podcamp yet you are probably asking that very question.  From the podcamp Topeka website:

PodCamp Topeka is a low cost unconference dedicated to emerging web media - social networks, podcasting & videoblogging, blogging, Twitter, Facebook, photography, and web design, for starters. Our goal? To learn about social media from social media experts, to network with fellow bloggers, podcasters & social media creators ... and to have a blast!

What is an unconference?

An "unconference" is a gathering where you call the shots. You won't find a traditional speaker and an audience at Podcamp Topeka! Instead, you'll find a facilitator that starts off the discussion ... and everyone else can chime in! It's a great way to learn from each other.

Our very own Rob Walch - who is our head of all things podcaster relations here at Libsyn - is the keynote speaker for Podcamp Topeka.  Read more about Rob and his pre  When Rob isn't talking about all things Libsyn, he is the host of the podcast Today in iOs (iPhone).  Read more about Rob and his podcast here.

If you are in the Kansasa City/Topeka area - sign up to attend Podcamp Topeka on October 13.

Podcamp Topeka
October 13, 2012 8:30am-4:30pm
Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library @podcamptopeka

Podcaster Panic Fueled By Feedburner Broken Counting Code

avoid issues with feedburner and use libsyn RSS feed

It seems that the podcasting community has been all aflutter due to some weirdness going on with Feedburner that started this Friday September 21.

The problem as stated on their blog:

We have been encountering difficulties with our stats production pipeline for data representing Sept 19th and 20th, 2012. We are currently working to solve the issue.”

There are quite a substantial amount of podcasters that use Feedburner as the feed that they submit into iTunes, and given what seems to be an attention getting blog post by Feedburner’s competitor earlier this month, this technical issue caused quite a few podcasters to get panic attacks.

And what do podcasters (and bloggers for that matter) do when panic ensues? They take it to social media* and reach out to the podcasting experts for what should I do???

Here is a calm and well thought out response from one of the most well-known podcasting experts about the whole matter.

Very much worth a read if you are using Feedburner.

Now, you know, you could simply have avoided the anxiety and simply use the libsyn feed.

Just sayin’ ;)

Changing your iTunes Feedburner feed to your libsyn feed

Now if you do want to change your iTunes Feedburner feed to your libsyn feed follow these quick instructions.

  1. Go into your libsyn UI - and click on “Destinations”

  2. Click on “Libsyn Classic Feed” (or whatever you renamed it to) on the left.

  3. Click on “Advanced Options”

  4. Scroll down to “Extra RSS Tags” and add the following in the text box: <itunes:new-feed-url></itunes:new-feed-url>

Where ACCOUNTNAME = your shows unique account name (slug) with libsyn.  

This should be the same URL as what you currently have feedburner pointing to.

By adding the above, anyone that is subscribed with iTunes or Apple Podcasts App - will automatically be switched over to your source feed.

It will also change the feed listed in iTunes to your libsyn source feed. 

This way you can at least rest assured if Feedburner does go down in the future you have at least saved all your iTunes subscribers.  

*NOTE: link above was to the twitter search #feedburner on Sept. 22, so if you are clicking through later, search results may not be relevant


Variety covering podcasts!

marc maron is leading the way for podcasters into mainstream media

It’s always nice when an industry publication recognizes that podcasts are moving into mainstream. Whether or not that’s a good thing or not can be debated, but regardless it’s happening.

What’s so great about this transition is that the voice of Marc Maron has maintained a great sense of groundedness and passion for the medium. This is good because whether he likes it or not he is representing podcasters.

The quote that you see above is just a little bit of the wisdom that Maron imparts in the interview.

You really should go ahead and read it. Great food for podcasting thought.

Elsie Escobar


Should You Upgrade To The iPhone 5? Let The Specs Lead The Way

comparison specs between iPhone 4 iPhone 4S and iPhone 5

There is PLENTY of talk all over the blogosphere and the podosphere about the iPhone 5, and particularly whether or not you should:

  1. Get the iPhone 5
  2. Upgrade to the iPhone 5

A lot of what’s out there is good information but nothing breaks it down quite like our very own Rob Walch. He wrote a stellar post breaking down all the specs from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5.

You can see for yourself if that iPhone 5 is worth it or not.

He’s got some great charts. One of them is above.

Check out the full post. It’s so good.

Elsie Escobar


Rockin' New libsyn Podcasts: Weird Medicine

This series is all about libsyn's newest podcasters. Its sole purpose is to introduce these awesome podcasts to the world as well as share their podcasting insight to empower the community!

Q & A with Dr. Steve from Weird Medicine

When did you start podcasting?

the best podcast hosting

PA John and I did our first "Weird Medicine" in the summer of 2007. We got picked up by SiriusXM soon thereafter and started doing exclusive content for the Opie and Anthony show and the internet-only content came out only sporadically, if at all.

SiriusXM is "serious" (yeccch) about their content, so we can't post the shows we do for them on the internet. Recently, asked us to join their internet radio network; this gave us an outlet for a weekly show and we've never turned back.

Our podcasts are internet-only and exclusive to

Why did you start podcasting?

Originally the show was a service for the fans, friends, and staff of what was then XM202, "The Virus" (now XM105 and Sirius206, "The Opie and Anthony Channel"). I do a lot of work in hospice and my job can be very demanding and stressful.

The O&A channel brought me a lot of joy at a time when I really needed it. Doing "Weird Medicine" was a way to "give back" to my new friends, the listeners of the channel, many of whom had medical issues and weren't seeking (or couldn't seek) medical attention.

One day, Gregg "Opie" Hughes put the word out that he would consider putting a fan-produced show on his channel if anyone had any ideas. I pitched the idea of running our show and we got the greenlight soon thereafter. We started doing one show every 3 months, then a monthly show, then every 2 weeks, and we've been weekly for 2-3 years.

We've been looking for a way to reach even more listeners, beyond the satellite audience. We just couldn't seem to find the energy to do a regular podcast, though. The shows we did were well received, especially on Stitcher, but we just didn't have a reason to do them regularly and eventually we just stopped.

Then Rob Sprance and Robert Kelly from RiotCast called and we joined their network of comedy podcasts. The structure of the network agreement gave us the impetus we needed to do a weekly show. We're having more fun now than we've ever had doing radio.

What's your show about?

We're a serious medicine and science show that masquerades as light comedy. XM105 is an "uncensored" channel, so we took the opportunity to become the "first and still-only uncensored medical show in the history of radio."

Because we're on an "extreme language" channel, we realized we could allow the listeners to speak freely about questions they might be embarrassed to take to their regular medical providers. It soon became a show for people who would NEVER listen to a medical show on the radio.

We enjoyed the freedom, as well, as we became more comfortable in our roles. We will discuss ANY medical topic, and try to present critical reasoning in a sound but entertaining fashion. The language used on the show is "explicit", so our show is for mature audiences only.

As a matter of fact, some "mature" audiences may be offended as well, so we recommend everyone choose their podcasts wisely.

What's your podcasting set-up? Hardware, software, CMS, etc.

Alesis Multimix 8 USB Mixer, CAD e100 microphones and a small room treated with panels.

We use to take live questions from our listeners. For people who are not familiar with callinstudio, it's professional-grade call screening software.

I've used the software in the SiriusXM studios, and callinstudio as nearly as functional (and a LOT less expensive). Brian from RadioFreaks.TV is our "celebrity" call screener. simulcasts our Ustream channel, too, for that "live" experience. The vast majority of our listeners hear us by streaming from RiotCast or iTunes.

How have you promoted your podcast?

Thankfully, RiotCast does that for us, but we also take the time to mention our podcast on our SiriusXM show (and vice versa!) I plug the heck out of our show any time I'm on any other show, too, including Opie and Anthony, Ron and Fez, and the Bob Rivers Show.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

Ha, when we started, PA John and I figured within a year we'd be buying a condo in Midtown Manhattan.

If I'd known that 5 years later I still wouldn't have recouped my original investment, I would have still done it, but I wouldn't have been so optimistic about quitting my day job. :-)

I do believe that internet radio is "the future" soon as autos roll out of the factory with the ability to play internet 3G and 4G radio, it'll be a whole new ballgame (it has already started in the high-end car market).

The winners will be the groups with the best content, and SiriusXM is poised to be a major player in that Brave New Future. I'm hoping smaller concerns like RiotCast will have a real impact as well. RiotCast has an amazing lineup and the RiotCast iPod and Android app will be a game-changer.

I'm pretty sure we'll all be using libsyn to present our content to the world, as well.

Now you know if you've been too embarrassed to address some funky weird health issue with your Doctor, you can do it via Weird Science, so subscribe in iTunes, or listen straight from Facebook!

Wanna get going with your own podcast? Start HERE


Publish Your Episodes Directly To Wordpress!

Wordpress OnPublish Is Out!

We know a ton of you use Wordpress for your podcast website. We wanted to make your publishing process a little bit easier by allowing you to cross-post directly to your self hosted Wordpress site from within your libsyn dashboard!

This is the first step in providing better support for you guys that use Wordpress.

The process works exactly like the cross-posting to Twitter and Facebook provided by OnPublish.

Everything is done directly from within your libsyn Dashboard. When you choose to publish your latest episode to Wordpress an audio or video player will appear as your latest post within your Wordpress site!

Here is the full TUTORIAL.

From within the libsyn dashboard you can also mark the post to be in draft mode, so that you can add all of your show notes information when you log into your Wordpress site.

*NOTE: To be absolutely clear, this feature works only for those of you that are using a self hosted Wordpress website. 

One stop for publishing

From within your libsyn account you can now publish directly to:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook (Page or Profile)
  • Wordpress
  • Smartphone app (if you happen to have one)

What’s great about this as well is that you can schedule each individual location to post at a different time if you so choose!

This can help you keep the momentum going in terms of promoting your work across the different social media sites.

Feedback Please!

The devs are working so very hard to offer up better functionality for you guys, and we need you to let us know what you think.

Does this Wordpress functionality work for you? Does it make your workflow easier? Does this not help you out at all?

Let us know in the comments! Help us help you keep podcasting!


Ready, Set, Boom! There it is Apple's Standalone Podcast App

Did you see it yet?

Holy bjeezus Apple just released it’s own new standalone app for Podcasts.

Key Features:

  • It’s FREE
  • Subscribe, stream or download
  • Browse and discover
  • tweet, message and email podcasts with direct link
  • The usual: Catalogue, Categories, Featured and Search
  • Manages your subscriptions
  • Streaming Radio

What do you think?


Rockin' New libsyn Podcast: DUH Podcast for Horse Owners

This series is all about libsyn's newest podcasters. Its sole purpose is to introduce these awesome podcasts to the world as well as share their podcasting insight to empower the community!

Q & A with John from The DUH Podcast For Horse Owners

When did you start podcasting?

Jan 3rd, 2012 was our first podcast.

Why did you start podcasting?

We have horses and have learned a lot through videos and dvd’s, but doing a search for horse podcasts one day, I did not see anything in the way of an audio podcast.

I had been a part-timer at a radio station in the 1980’s and love radio and broadcasting. I listen to a lot of Adam Carolla and he urges people to follow their instincts and just do it. I followed the tutorials on podcasting 411 and we were up and running in about a month.

What's your show about?

There are a lot of professional horse trainers out there. We learn from as many as we can, but our foundation is the Downunder Horsemanship Method of Clinton Anderson. (While not affiliated with Downunder Horsemanship, they know about our podcast.)

The use of Natural Horsemanship has helped millions of people have a safer, stronger relationship with their horses. But, it’s not a perfect education. As a student we would hit hurdles we didn’t understand. And, there were a lot of questions on horse health and nutrition and we couldn’t get hard answers.

We wanted to host a podcast that appealed to people in our situation: horse folks who have full-time jobs, family commitments, and limited budgets and have to negotiate them all in order to spend time with their horses.

What's your podcasting set-up? Podcasting hardware, software, CMS, etc

We’re still fiddling with our equipment. Currently we are using Behringer Dynamic Cardiod XM1800S microphones through an Alesis 4 Channel USB Mixer. We record to an Olympus LS-10 Linear PCM recorder and edit through Audacity.

We are experimenting with recording directly to Audacity, but we like the portability of recording directly to the digital recorder. We have recorded podcasts on the trail (a little too noisy, but it was our first try), outside with the farrier (horseshoer), and in the tack room of our horse trailer after a horse show.

How have you promoted your podcast?

We have a blogger site, Facebook, and Twitter page. We also have a YouTube channel and belong to the Downunder Horsemanship No Worries Club, which is a paid club of horse owners who practice the Method. We use the club members for interviews, ideas, and even cowboy poetry. We have also signed up on most of the podcast directories.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

How easy it was to set up, but how long it takes to produce one podcast. We definitely could have used a little more long-range planning and layout. Our podcast logo needs work, but with trying to line up guests and editing podcasts, time is at a premium.

If you are horse lover looking for a community subscribe to the DUH Podcast for Horse Owners! You can also reach out to them over at DUHPodcast (at) pacbell (dot) net or leave a voice feedback at 206 426 6484

Found a niche that is sorely lacking in representation? Start a podcast with us!


Libsyn OnPublish Now For Facebook Pages!

Remember the cool functionality to easily cross-post your favorite episodes over to twitter and Facebook via our sweet OnPublish feature?

(If you have no idea what I’m talking about check it out here)

New Facebook OnPublish Features

One of the BIGGEST features that you requested was being able to cross-post to your Facebook Page!

And now you can!

We know some of you have been working hard to build your Facebook Pages and didn’t want to have your post show up on your personal profile page ONLY. Now you have the option to automatically send an update to your Page and/or your Profile whenever you publish a new episode!


Another BIG request that we got from you guys regarding this cross-posting feature was that you wanted to be able to be able to customize the message that came along with the cross-post.

Now you can customize away!

How Do I Do This?

Everything that you need to do to implement the seamless cross posting is done via your libsyn dashboard!

You can check out our nifty HelpDesk Tutorial on how to authorize your Facebook Page as well as where you add the customized copy.

Why Should I Do This?

Using as many social media channels to provide your audience with the best way that THEY want to listen to your content is really the key to growing your listener base.

Although we find that the majority of people still subscribe and listen to podcasts using iTunes, the potential to reach a whole other audience through other channels is still up for grabs.

One of these other channels is Facebook. As of this posting Facebook has 500 million active users.


Yes. That’s 500 MILLION active users.

The potential for someone to stumble onto your episode in Facebook is pretty darn good.

A Little Secret Sauce….

When you choose to share your content via the OnPublish feature, you get a choice of Publishing Options.

onpublish to facebook via

Looking at the picture above you see that you get an option of choosing “Link your episodes using the libsyn Directory.” YOU REALLY GOTTA DO THIS!

When you choose to use the libsyn directory, when anyone clicks onto that link, they automatically are taken to the libsyn Podcast Player within Facebook.

the libsyn podcast player in Facebook is for listening to podcasts from Facebook

Within the Podcast Player, they can listen to your latest episode, recommend it and send the episode to a friend.

Listeners can also very easily click through and listen to your entire catalogue of episodes! Right on Facebook!

great discovery features via the libsyn podcast player within facebook

The cool thing about this is that as your audience listens to your podcast via the libsyn Podcast Player, it will show up on their Timeline (just like Pandora and Spotify).

As that activity is published, their friends will be exposed to your content.

Huge potential for discovery no?

Feedback Please?

We really need you guys.

We added these last two features because of your suggestions. We want more of them! We are looking forward to developing more killer functionality for OnPublish, but need you guys to let us know what you need or want.

Let us have it in the comments!

Image credit via CC “Sharing” by Toban Black


Celebrating Podcaster Pets

ashli a podcasting pet

Perhaps one of the most important and meaningful members of your family is your pet.

I remember when I went to grad school and moved to a different state, one of the key reasons why I didn’t completely loose myself was that I got my first pair of kittens.

A boy and girl.

Their names were Ashli and Floyd.

Sadly both of them passed away last month at the grand old age of 17.5 years old.

They lived a GREAT life and were taken care of with tons of love.

I kinda wish I had video of them.

I realized that in all those years I never once video taped them. I have plenty of pictures, but no video.

Now I regret it.

Preserve and Share Your Pets!

Why in the world am I sharing this in our podcasting blog?

Because we at libsyn have our own Pet podcast called Danger Dog.

In this podcast we feature our pets and animals PLUS are including pet videos from our very own podcasters!

We are doing this so we can get to know each other better as well as in a very simple manner honor those very important members of our family :)

Do you have a video of your beloved pet to share with us? Go ahead and submit it for the Danger Dog podcast We’d love to get it!

How To Submit:

  1. You can email me at elsie(at)libsyn(dot)com
  2. You can message the video as an attachment to our Facebook Player Page.
  3. You can upload your video to YouTube and send us a link.

Podcaster’s Pets

We’ve already started getting some of your videos! Check them out below, to get some inspiration :)

Ninety Seconds With Sparky from the DUH Podcast For Horse Owners

Rise of the Paleo Puppy from Fat Burning Man

I’m happy to say that I have more cats now, three of them to be exact! Two brothers and one sister.

You can get a chance to meet them tomorrow, in the next episode of Danger Dog! Keep an eye out!

Elsie Escobar

Join Us Podcasting With Your Pet Videos!

join us by submitting your pet videos and help us create a community podcast!

We had this crazy idea to engage with podcasters and podcast listeners. We wanted to create a very simple way to gather you/us in some way and share it.

Since we dig animals, we thought, what a great way to play with some cute content + plus play a bit with the community!

We’ve been gathering our own animal/pet videos and we’d love for you to submit yours as well! We’ll be publishing these videos throughout the week via our fancy new Facebook Podcast Player.

Here is a little introductory episode of within our infamous Danger Dog podcast:

And our random Pet of the Day video some seals for you…just ‘cause:

How about sending us your pet video?

It would ROCK!

Libsyn Has Gone To The Dogs...

danger dog podcast libsyn pets

Yep, we’ve gone to the dogs….literally, and we are looking for other animals too.

And why are we looking for animals?

Animal Appreciation Week of course!

  • Animals bring people together.
  • Pets brings us joy and laughter.
  • Pets entertain us and love us.
  • Animals teach us a thing or two…

Kinda like podcasts!

We thought that animal appreciation week would be the perfect way to honor our beloved animals as well as offer another way of bringing the libsyn community together, podcasters and their audience!

In addition to giving us an opportunity to develop, expand and create some content ourselves using all the killer platforms that libsyn has to offer.

Everyone can podcast and libsyn makes it easy!

We’ll be sharing videos of our own pets. gulp.

We would love for you to submit your own pet videos as well.

We’ll be creating a podcast and sharing it with you guys through all our different existing channels!

Are you guys ready? We totally want to be the Boo of podcasting via Facebook ;)

How to submit your pet video

  1. Record your 15 to 60 second video or audio! Use your smartphone!

  2. Edit or not. It’s up to you. There are some pretty easy to use mobile apps for editing your video or audio out there :)

  3. Like us and message the video to our Libsyn Player Facebook Page OR email your short media file to elsie(at)libsyn(dot)com. Make sure you give it a TITLE and a DESCRIPTION. We’ll be using the information for the podcast! Check out this video on how to message us your video via Facebook.

  4. Make sure you add our Facebook Podcast Player!

We look forward to sharing our animals with you, as well as getting to know yours better!

**By the way, Your pet may be messy but keep your submissions clean. We reserve the right to bury any submission that doesn’t meed our G (Good for all pets) rating!

Stay tuned to seeing your content and ours via the libsyn Facebook Player, The Danger Dog Podcast, and the Danger Dog App.

Please submit your videos starting today all the way until June 10th, and get ready for our big Danger Dog launch!


TGIF - Thank Goodness Its Facebook Friday

Celebrate By Making Your Podcast Playable From Facebook!
Everyone's talking about the Facebook IPO and we're talking about our new Facebook app that lets you link directly to a player for your show right within Facebook.  That is right, your audience doesn't have to leave Facebook to listen or watch your show.
Get Your Custom Facebook tab!
Check out how to add the customizable tab to your FB page that links directly to your show HERE.
Why add a Custom Facebook tab?
Its another great way to grow your audience through Facebook's more than 900 million users.
Plus it is super easy, there is no searching or syncing iTunes, media downloading or device synching required! Your audience just clicks on the tab from your page and is instantly taken to your show. 

Get started on your custom Facebook tab this weekend and be sure to check out the Libsyn Facebook App

Updated iTunes Podcast Artwork Specs Are Now 1400 x 1400

itunes podcast artwork is 1400 x 1400

Here we go again!

So we had just posted about the recent change of iTunes artwork to 1200 x 1200.

We have another change.

Suggested iTunes Podcast Artwork is now 1400 x 1400

It seems that the artwork will only keep getting larger! It has recently come to our attention that:

“iTunes prefers square .jpg images that are at least 1400 x 1400 pixels, which is different than what is specified for the standard RSS image tag. In order for a podcast to be eligible for an iTunes Store feature, the accompanying image must be at least 1400 x 1400 pixels.”


Get yourself back to updating!


The Libsyn Kids Podcast Is In The House!

libsyn kids video podcast hosted at the best podcast host libsyn

So there’s this Take Your Daughter and Take Your Son To Work Day…. It happens every 3rd Thursday in April.

Which was yesterday.

So yesterday the Libsyn kids came to work.

And of course they created a video podcast all on their own, with 10 EPISODES!!!

Now that’s some efficient production!

Seriously. It’s such fun stuff. They did it all on iOS devices and fun apps!!!!

The Libsyn Kids Video Podcast

We thought we’d share it with you guys!

Here are the ways to check it out:

Please leave us a comment, the kids would LOVE it :)

Over 500 episodes of Adam Carolla's Fabulous Show is on Mylibsyn!

adam carolla exclusively on mylibsyn

The 2 million downloads per week man and guinness book of world records holder is using Mylibsyn exclusively for his back catalogue!

Yeah baby!

happy dance

Adam has a TON of amazing content in his back catalogue. The kind of stuff that would keep you happily entertained for quite a long time.

From the beginning, Adam has offered all his podcasts for free, and will continue to offer his latest 50 episodes for free, but once those episodes are archived, they will be offered through paid subscription via mylibsyn.

Have you had a chance to check out Adam Carolla's podcast? You should.

By the way, if you want to do something like Adam is doing, why don't you check out mylibsyn.


Podcasting Luminaries: Bigg Success

bigg success hosts their amazing podcat on libsyn

Starting a podcast is a pretty simple. Staying committed, inspired and consistent in publishing your podcast is a whole other matter.

In our Podcasting Luminary Series, we share the voices of podcasters that have been podcasting for 5 or more years and have them impart some of their best podcasting wisdom grounded in experience.

This week’s Podcasting Luminaries are the lovely folks from Bigg Success. They are kind, honest and ready to inspire you to live your life on your own terms!

How long have you been podcasting?

Our first podcast aired November 12, 2007. In the last five-and-a-half years, we’ve done nearly 900 shows.

Fun, Fame or Profit? Why are you doing the show?

All of the above. We see them as a circle.

If it’s not fun, why do it? Life’s too short.

If you don’t achieve a certain level of fame, you won’t go anywhere no matter how good your show is. You have to become known by an audience who can become your customers.

That’s how the fame leads to profit. Profit is not a dirty word. It makes the fun work you do sustainable.

But podcasting wasn’t an option for us, it was a given. Mary-Lynn’s talk radio background and George’s experience teaching entrepreneurship at the University of Illinois made it a natural fit.

How has podcasting helped create opportunities for you?

george and mary-lynn from bigg success

We’ll focus on the one that’s most significant to us. Podcasting helped us get a syndicated radio show.

On BIGG Success in a Minute, we give tips & techniques to live life on your own terms. It airs daily on stations across the U.S.

Mary-Lynn reached out to a radio-executive-turned-consultant who referred us to our syndicator. It emphasizes the point to start with your network to build something significant.

One final note on this topic – When we cut our deal with our syndicator, the first question we asked was about content ownership. We made sure we maintained ownership of it.

Our content is mostly evergreen. We wanted the ability to repurpose and repackage it without any strings attached. The point is to always be thinking of new ways to utilize your existing content.

What advise would you give a new podcaster so that they keep going?

When we first started the show, we couldn’t find ourselves in iTunes. Now we’re featured in “What’s Hot” in the Business and Career categories.

So don’t get discouraged. Give it some time. You build your audience one member at a time, one show at a time. The key is to consistently put out that next show – whether it be daily, weekly or monthly.

If you charge for access to your podcasts or premium, how did your audience react when you started doing this? How did you handle this?

First, a little background – we recently launched the BIGG Success Entreprenurturing Center where we offer free and premium memberships. Among other things, Free Members can listen to our new podcast called Entreprenurturing™ Sessions biggsuccess.

These shows generally last around fifteen to twenty minutes. We interview podcasters, bloggers, entrepreneurs, authors and other experts or share more in-depth advice ourselves.

As we said earlier, we’re always thinking about repurposing and repackaging. So we air portions of these interviews on The BIGG Success Show. This allows us to give our guest publicity and direct our listeners to sign up free to hear the full interview.

So it’s a premium podcast only in the sense that you have to give us your e-mail address to hear it. Even so, we’ve had a little negative feedback. How did we handle it?

We remind ourselves that you can’t please everybody. If you try, it’s likely that you won’t please anybody.

You have to let your listeners know what you want them to do next. Figure out how your podcast fits into the flow of your overall plan.

We’ve learned this one the hard way. We think we’re getting closer to getting it right. But of course, there’s still more to learn!

If you have dreams of starting a podcast and following George and Mary-Lynn’s footsteps then you wanna make sure you have the best host for your podcast! Start here

Libsyn Love! Sign Up And Get a Free Month!

Happy Valentine's Day!

♥ We simply want to share the love ♥

  • Have you wanted to start a podcast?
  • Have you wondered what libsyn is all about?
  • Have you wanted to switch service providers?

NOW is the time!

Try us for 1 month FREE if you sign up on or before February 14th 2012 for a new account!

Please use coupon code vday12 on the sign up page and start podcasting!

We've Got the Clutter Cleaner! Any Mess, Any Move, Any Size

Matt Paxton 5 decisions away

Hoarders. Have you seen this show?

Cause if you haven't you will be sucked in. Guaranteed.

What is it like for those that help hoarders clean up their houses and in turn their lives? Well...there's a app for that (and a podcast!)

5 decisions Away from Matt Paxton

He is an A&E show regular and extreme cleaning specialist. He'll give you the inside scoop of all that it takes to clean up the messiest homes in the country, plus tons more. Yes, TONS more.

This is the perfect companion for Hoarders, but even if you're not into the show, Matt Paxton's content on it's own is awesome.

Check out what some folks in iTunes are saying:

"Funny. Gross. Endearing. Genuinely good guys!"

"It's good to hear Matt talk about things that happen in the show & in his job, but it's better to hear him talk about the things in his life that shaped him and brought him to where he is today. Everyone can learn from what he has to say and what he shares about the people he has met along the way."

"I love Matt Paxton and I was immediately engaged by his down-home, hard-won wisdom and hilarious conversational tone. It's the same feeling I get watching him on Hoarders but I got a full dose of him uninterrupted by commercials and serious mental conditions. And of course, gross-out stories are always appreciated."

"If you enjoy A&E's Hoarders, then you'll LOVE this podcast! If you don't then you'll still LOVE this podcast! Stories like these you just won't hear anywhere else- in depth, descriptive (maybe too much so!) and belly-laugh entertaining. Keep up the great work guys, this is my new favorite thing. Any chance of it going daily? :)

Take the time to check out 5 Decisions Away. Truly riveting content, exactly what podcasts are meant to be. PLUS if you want more please get the iOS or Android app with the same great content at your fingertips no matter where you are, plus some sweet extra content!

Stay clean!

libsyn Apps Rockin' the Verizon App Store

Did you guys know that since December, the Wizzard apps are now available via The V CAST App store (Verizon's own app storefront on handsets?)

We've been diligently submitting our apps and now we have 130 apps in V CAST and counting!

Just thought we'd share that little milestone with you :)


You don't have an app?

What are you waiting for? Get yourself one!

If you already have a libsyn account check out if your account qualifies to get an app, and if it does qualify here's what you need to do to submit it.

If you don't have a libsyn account, check out how cool our apps are, and join us!

As always, if you have ANY questions at all whether you host with us or not, please email AppOps(at)wizzard(dot)tv, especially if you wanna get your app right now, they'll get you going ASAP.

The Ultimate Beginners Guide For libsyn

You did it!!!

You got yourself a libsyn account!!!

Now what?

You thought you had it all under control, but all of a sudden you have no idea what the little icons mean, how in the world do you use FTP...wait, you don't want to use FTP, you want to just upload your media straight in..

Oh, and what is a Destination?

What the heck is a show slug

There's a choice of Templates? How do you configure them?

What's with the storage and libsyn?

Total Confusion

Never Fear! Here Is All You'll Need To Navigate and Learn All About libsyn!

We've got some superstars working in our support team, and one of those lovely folks created this magnificent tutorial for all you libsyn newbies!

This is SERIOUSLY worth a bookmark.

Go HERE to check out the optimal libsyn tutorial :D

Oh, and if you wanna just have to have it right now! CLICK HERE and download the PDF.

Hope that helps!

IMAGE CREDIT via CC "beginner" by Isaac Leedom

Libsyn 2011 Round-Up!

It's that time of the year...reflection time! We've been looking back at all that we've done over these past twelve months and are getting ready for a fabulous 2012.

It looks like we're getting ready to have a pretty unforgettable 2012!

Here is a little look at just the top goings on at libsyn during this past case you missed them :)

App Growth

libsyn and Wizzard goodness

New on Wizzard

The Fancy New Libsyn Features

Hope you enjoyed this little year end wrap up. We only hope to offer more goodness in 2012.

All of us here at libsyn are crazy grateful that you've chosen to be part of our community. We hope to get to know all of you better and keep growing our vibrant and eclectic libsyn family!

Happy New Year!!!!

Image Credit via CC "Warm Fuzzies" by jurvetson

Podcasters Rewind 2011: Libsyn Producers Share Their Favorite Episodes of the Year

You know how almost every magazine TV show has some sort of year end wrap up? They look back at the year and remember the gossip, news stories, movies, etc?

We thought we should have a teeny bit of something like that for podcasters :)

In our latest newsletter, we asked producers to submit their favorite episode of 2011 so we could do a little bit of that wrap up ourselves, through you guys!

The following are the submitted favorite episodes from YOU our awesome producers. Hope you enjoy listening :)

Deedlecast "Mixtape from Mars" & Radio Personality

The David Feldman Show "Waiting For Gigio"

19 Nocturne Boulevard "The Leech"

Online Marketing and Communications "6 Ways to Write a Better Business Blog"

Professor Dave's Ark in Space "PDAIS 037"

Mental Illness Happy Hour "Teresa Strasser"

Friggin Fabulous Radio "Mike Doughty Interview"

Rouge Radio CFL, CIS & CJFL wrap up

iMake "Universal Craft"

Undead Air "Undead Air #11: The ZomBcon Files"

The Coin Show "The Coin Show Episode 27"

The Reading Womb "Episode 7: The Pregnant Pause"

The Anti-Semantic Show "Episode 83 - On Fact Checker Tom's Puzzling Genitals"

What Could Go Wrong? "028 The Squashed Orange In My Pocket"

IMAGE CREDIT via CC "ipod headphones (hangin' out)" by el patojo

Libsyn Holiday Support Info For 2011

Happy happy holidays :)

You know that during this time of the year things get a little wacky. It seems like all of us are trying to catch up with a gazillion things and the space and time continuum begins to get a little fuzzy....

Although we wish we were unaffected by this sparkling avalanche which is these last couple of weeks of the year, we as well will be caught up with making jolly and cuddly time....

That's a round-about way of saying that the libsyn support team will do it's best to serve you fully in these next couple of weeks but there might be delays here and there, due to the holidays.

But don't fret! Your podcasting support will be met!

Here is what you can expect from the libsyn support team for the holidays via the libsyn support blog:

Due to the holidays please be aware that normal support requests will take a little longer to be responded to. Any system-wide issues or outages will be addressed immediately like we always do.

And of course you can always check out our mighty HelpDesk, where we have a ton of support articles to help you 24/7.

Here's wishing you Happy Holidays, and thank you so very much for choosing libsyn to support you and your fabulous content!

Merry Merry Merry!

-The libsyn Family

Image Credit via CC snowman jack by panic switch 13

The 2011 Gift Guide For Podcasters

So what do you get your favorite podcaster?


...what do you want your significant others to consider getting you, oh mighty podcaster as holiday gifts?

Check out our short eclectic little gift guide for those podcasting inclined ;)

The Blue Yeti or The Blue Yeti Pro

Time to upgrade your mics! These are some pretty nice mics, and great looking at that.

Want more choices? Check HERE for more ideas.

Soundsoap 2

Clean up your audio anyone? Think of all the times you've had audio that you just couldn't use because of THAT noise. A little soap never hurt anyone.

Duo USB Travel Charging Kit

I'm sure at some point you ran out of juice on one or more of your gadgets when you really needed to use them. This little puppy charges almost anything iPads, iPhones, and Smartphones, iPods and MP3 players, eBooks, GPS units and more plus it's crazy portable! Seriously a must have.


Haven't there been times when you are away from your computer and you are missing that one file. This gadget is essentially network attached storage. It consists of an external hard drive you attach to your Mac or PC via ethernet.

Get it running and you can access your files from any remote computer via a secure USB key. Put that USB into any computer anywhere, put in your password, and the files you have sitting at home are available.

They have an app!!! So to top it all off, you can see your files from any iOS device. Awesome.

Sennheiser MM100 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Neckband Headset

Move with ease while recording, no more getting tangled up, or having your cable spill stuff. Give yourself the option of freedom.

Skype Online Number

Tons of podcasters use skype to do their podcast. Getting a skype number to pass out to your prospective interviewees could make things ever so much easier, especially if they are not computer savvy.

The Greatest Gift

We totally get it, money is tight and gadgets are a bit pricey sometimes so check out the greatest gift you can give a podcaster :)

Do YOU have somet podcasting something or other that's on your wishlist? Share below in the comments!!!

Hope you get what you want this holiday season! And many blessings to all of you and your loved ones!

Sell Your Premium Podcast Content As An In-App Purchase [For iOS Apps]

What if you produced the most amazing episode of your podcast that you felt was some serious premium content, but didn't know quite how to make it available?

Make Bonus Content Available For Purchase From Within Your iOS App!

We're making it easier for you!

You can now offer special episodes as an individual purchase within the iOS app. It is both a great way to increase sales of your app as a whole and offer something fresh to your audience!

Think of the slew of new iOS users after Christmas! Why not offer special episodes for an additional charge of 1.99 and up!

Offer high quality Premium content

This episode should be something special and not released into your regular feed. It could be anything from 2011 bloopers, an extended interview, to a special holiday episode! Let your creativity thrive as you offer more value to your loyal fans :)

Keep it fun and something your audience can’t live without.

How to provide your holiday in-app purchase episode:

  1. Create and load the episode you would like into your account and save it in a draft state.
  2. Email and provide your show title, the episode title, and price of the episode.
  3. We will submit your product to Apple and will notify you once it is approved so you can let your audience know!

REMEMBER: Typical approval time is about a week so don’t wait to load your episode!

Please let us know in the comments if you have any questions about the above.

Take the time to offer your audience something special in the app!

How To Greatly Increase Your App Sales!

Money, Money, Money

How To Greatly Increase Your App Sales!

We've just wrapped up our Fall App Campaign and we were BLOWN AWAY by the results of simply having a little ad inserted in podcast episodes advertising their apps!

Talk about awesome sales!

So how about it? Advertise for your app in your podcast and increase your sales

A new iOS or Android device is on everyone's wish lists and so is your app!

So, why run an app ad you ask?

It works!! Our top apps see significant increase in sales when they promote the app in their podcast with an App Ad. 'Tis the season to make some extra cash!

How is the app add inserted?

We have managed advertising campaigns for companies like Ford & Puma through our podcast ad insertion technology. This technology allows us to seamlessly stitch an ad into a show for a desired period of time without any additional production effort from producers or disruption to downloads.

Since we have this nifty little tool, we are now offering you the opportunity to provide your own custom ad, just like Ford or Puma, for the Happy Holidays App Ad Run. Woo hoo! Its time to promote your app!

It's a no-brainer :)

When and how do you submit your custom ad?

To have a custom ad included in the the Happy Holidays App Ad-Run you must submit it by Monday December 5th. Yes, that's less than a week away!

The add will then appear in your show as a pre or post roll from December 12th - January 9th.

Please submit your 20 to 30 second MP3 ad to PAUL no later than December 5th at

Still have questions?

Here are some FAQs we often get about running these campaigns:

I have no idea how to make an ad! Help, I need some examples!

Never fear this article has lots of great stuff including some audio ads from other producers. You can even easily customize the simple short copy below. It's that easy!

"DangerDog Fans. Check out the DangerDog App in the iTunes App Store. Exclusive content, Extras and its a great way to support our show. Search Danger Dog in the iTunes app store."

Don't know what to say? There are lots of great new features!

If you have an Android App your app is now Kindle Fire compatible! Read our blog post to learn more!

If you have an iOS app it is now iPad and Retina compatible plus the additional great new features found in this post.

Will the ad appear in the app?

No, our ad serving technology is so tricky that the ad will only appear in episodes not listened to or consumed through the app!

What if my podcast is video?

No worries there either! If you provide us with the MP3 file we will create a customized plate that will appear while the audio plays! When you mail in your audio though be sure to mention that your show is video.

Remember for more great promotion ideas check this out :)

We look forward to getting your custom ad and making you some money!

Money Image used under Creative Commons license and attributed to Daniel Borman

Glad tidings! New features for the iOS app are in!

In the last few months we have been working like CRAZY over here to get your app updated for the holiday season!

New Features For The iOS App

Tadaaa! check out these killer new features and let your audience know about the coolness ;)

Now iPad & Retina Compatible!

With your app now available for the iPad it actually shows up in the market twice, doubling your exposure in iTunes to new audiences :)

The Retina compatibility guarantees that your images look great both on the iPad and the iPhone.

Customize the Main Menu

Users can now customize the buttons in the main navigation of the app just like they do their phones. It is as easy as drag and drop :)

Share Text Posts

The app also now supports text only posts! If you have some special announcement or blog post you would like to share with your audience you can now publish it through the app.

To see if your app is at the correct version and how to do a post as a text post to your app, visit this knowledgebase article.

Swipe-through the episodes

Before this update users had to go back to the main menu to select a new episode. Now users can simply swipe from one episode to the next!

Know which episodes have been played

The app now also shows you which episodes you have played by graying them in the app.

Wait there’s more!

Some of the other features included in the app are share with a friend, the More button, and the ability to toggle between show and episode level extras.

  • Share with a friend allows your audience to share the app via their own twitter or facebook pages, not just the shows, a great audience growth tool.
  • The More button allowed us to add more buttons like settings and the ability to edit the app’s main menu. We hope to add more features here soon!
  • Your episode and show level extras are now stored under one Extras button and your audience can toggle between the two as well as view all extras within the app.

Don't have an App for your Show???

If your interested in an app for your show and don’t have one be sure to be at the $20+/mo account level, go into libsyn and click on the APPS button at the top and then the Podcast Box form.

Fill out the form that you find there and we will get your app submitted, so you are ready to rock for the holidays :)

Kindle Fire and Wizzard Apps #FTW

Kindle Fire and Wizzard Apps #FTW

We just got our Kindle Fire in the office.

Our Apps look awesome!

Check out some of these screenshots with Cali Lewis Geekbeat.TV App:

Sweet no?

Don't know about the Kindle Fire or want to know a little more? How about having Cali herself tell you about it?

Below is the latest

Want more? Watch Cali unbox the Kindle Fire and check out a review :)

Are you thinking of getting one of these puppies?

PS: Our Android Apps in Amazon are compatible with the Kindle Fire, so if you want your Android app available for all those Kindle Fire presents, submit your app today!

Check out these Libsyn Podcasters at Blog World

We used Storify to pull together a list of Libsyn producers that are speaking at Blog World Expo.

Vote For Libsyn Nominated Podcasts in the Podcast Awards!

We've been busy voting for these fabulous podcasts! Have you had an opportunity to vote?

Voting for the Podcast Awards closes tomorrow evening October 27, so you only have 2 more opportunities to let your voice be heard! Winners will be announced at BlogWorld LA

Through our libsyn twitter account we asked for those libsyn podcasts that were nominated to let us know so that we could vote for them. The following are the incredible group of podcasters that responded to our call to action. 

Let's support the group and cast your vote HERE!

  1. The Fringe Podcast-  Entertainment
  2. UC Radio- Podsafe Music
  3. The Audacity to Podcast- Technology
  4. Christian Meets World- Religion Inspiration
  5. Gamertag Radio- Gaming
  6. Bend over and Take it- GLBT
  7. Joe Rogan Experience-  Best Video
  8. Kid Friday- People's Choice, Education
  9. Inside the magic- Best Produced, Travel
  10. Amateur Travel- Travel
  11. File Under Horrible (FUHcast)- Comedy
  12. The Advanced Selling Podcast- Business

60+ libsyn podcasts nominated for the podcast awards :)

Those 10 podcasts above are not the only libsyn podcasts that are nominated. There are also 49 other nominated libsyn podcasts! Wow! Take a look at them below :)

  1. Smart Passive Income- people's choice, business
  2. Cocktails and Cream Puffs- people's choice
  3. Manager Tools- people's choice, business
  4. The Majority Report- people's choice
  5. The Mike Tech Show- best produced, technology
  6. Underwood and Flinch- best produced
  7. The Adam Carolla- show best video
  8. The Young Turks- best video
  9. Planet Money- business
  10. Comedy Bang Bang- comedy
  11. WTF with Marc Maron- comedy
  12. Slate's Culture Gabfest - culture/arts
  13. Yarn Craft culture/arts
  14. Brain Burps About Books- education
  15. Hardcore History- education
  16. Hunger Games Podcast- entertainment
  17. Nutrition Diva- food
  18. The Sporkfu-l food
  19. A Casual Stroll To Mordor- gaming
  20. Family From The Heart- general
  21. Greetings From Nowhere- general 
  22. Gay Sunday Brunch- GLBT 
  23. Homoground- GLBT
  24. Pod is my Copilot- GLBT
  25. Balanced Living Weekly- health 
  26. Ben Greenfield- health
  27. Get Fit Guy- health
  28. Quackcast- health
  29. Erotic Awakening- mature
  30. Friday Night Fun- mature
  31. Keith and the Girl- mature
  32. Sex is Fun- mature
  33. Smodcast- mature
  34. Doug Loves Movies- movies
  35. Film Spotting- movies
  36. Spill Movies- movies
  37. Best of the Left- politics
  38. Free Talk Live- politics
  39. The Majority Report- politics
  40. Almost Daily Devotional- religion
  41. Astronomy cast- science
  42. Big Picture Science- science
  43. Mysterious Universe- science
  44. Americarnage_ sports
  45. Podnutz- technology
  46. The Bowery Boys- travel
  47. The Season Pass- travel
  48. WDW News Today- travel
  49. WEDWAY Radio- travel

If you host your podcast with libsyn and are nominated for the podcast awards and are NOT on the list, let us know in the comments. We may have missed some!

Congratulations to all!

Killer BMX Video Podcast: Kink BMX

Have you all had the opportunity to check out BMX Video Podcast? It's seriously cool.

The podcast takes you along with the Kink Bike family and highlights world class riders and riding that will knock your socks off. The quality of the video is superb. It makes exotic locations look even more beautiful and the every day street/park look like the place to be.

One of the world champion riders highlighted and part of the Kink BMX team is Pittsburgh's own Chris Doyle. Chris is perhaps one of the nicest and all around great guys in the BMX circuit.

"His killer combination of style and tendency to go big have kept us all captivated for over ten years. He rewrote the book on consistency at dirt contests during his rise to BMX fame. He dominated the DK Dirt Circuit series in the late nineties with way overclicked 360 turndowns and suicide double trucks."

He was a BMX NORA cup winner for dirt riding in 2010 and most recently qualified 2nd at at the last stop of Dew Tour this year. Needless to say, we think he's awesome!

Their latest episode has them riding in the South of France. It's so cool to see that country through the eyes of BMXers :) Check it out below.

Kink trails trip in Southern France from Kink Bike Co. on Vimeo.

Kink Bike Company is the coolest!

Zack Phillips founder of Kink Bike Company was just 16 when he realized that stronger parts were needed. He had the desire to fill that need and his awesome company was born. Kink is the first rider-owned and operated BMX bike company to concentrate on parts and accessories.

Now it's so much more than that! It's really pulses with all things BMX and continues to be a leading action sports bicycle company. Knowing his fans and customers are tech savy and have mobile devices, he wanted to provide the podcast as another way to stay connected to the community.

That's some serious coolness.

If you are a fan of BMX or just wondered what BMX is, you MUST subscribe to Kink BMX!

Follow Kink on Twitter

Like Kink on Facebook

Chris Doyle Photo Credit: Pete Demos/Shazamm/ESPN

Welcome To The Conversation!

A few weeks ago, our blog post read “So much good stuff to share, so little time”.

It is true!

We have been highlighting Podcasting Luminaries, Reviews, Favorites, App announcements and other news from our customers and the industry. We are thrilled by the response and continued excitement around podcasting.

Exciting Recent Announcements

In the last several weeks we have announced several big name podcasts to highlight just a few of the brands that have come on-board: EA Sports Madden NFL and the USDA on libsynPro.

Today, two new comedy apps from Aisha Tyler and Greg Proops are available, marking the 2,000 App milestone.

Congratulations to our producers and the team for hitting the 2,000 App milestone!

With all of the on-going effort related to the pending deal with FAB in China and the fast changing online media market, our team (Wizzard Media and libsyn), along with our producers are continuing to expand the network and grow audience.

Thank you to our valued customers and our hard-working team!

Looking For Your Input

Our goal of serving our producers and their audience is our priority.

Over 13,000 shows rely on libsyn and we are committed to providing podcast publishers with the best distribution and monetization services. We continue to work hard to improve our service, reliability, performance and customer support.

We have been busy with improvements, but we’re not done.

Since libsyn was launched in 2004 our focus has been on our producers and remains so today. We want to make libsyn better. We’re more excited than ever and are adding more ways to interact with our producers and trying a few new things too.

Over the next several weeks, we'll be beginning a new program for producers and rolling out new features. While some projects will be starting off with a limited number of producers, we will also be previewing upcoming features and want your feedback. Let us know what you think.

Look for On-Publish support for Facebook and Twitter – more to come!

In the meantime, you can find the latest here:

And of course

Don’t forgot to join us at BlogWorld LA. We hope you’ll join the conversation.

Post by Laurie Ann Sims, President, Wizzard Media

What's Your Favorite Podcast? A Twitter Conversation

Yesterday morning on twitter we asked "What's your favorite podcast?"

It was so great to see so many of you sharing your favorites, we thought why not share some of them with those that might have missed the conversation?

If your favorite was not mentioned, add them to the comments with a link to their site!

Twitter Podcast Faves

And by an overwhelming mention:

Thank you @applefreak, @thesepretzels and @uffel for participating as well!

Make sure you follow us on Twitter to participate next time!

Wanna podcast? Join the libsyn team, here's your first step. Want your own App for your show? Get started here

Podcasting Thanks You, Steve Jobs

Ten years ago Steve Jobs pioneered the podcasting industry by putting them into our pockets on an amazing little device. His genius has dramatically changed the world we live in. We are thankful for his innovation which has shaped our industry and we are inspired by what he did with his life.

Thank you Steve.

“Insanely Great!” - Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Follow Libsyn on Tumblr too!

So much good stuff to share, so little time.  Just wanted to make sure you know about our Tumblr blog -  We post links we like about podcasting and social media over there.  If you are a Tumblr user or just want to see what else we have to share please check us out over on Tumblr. (And in case you didn't know we are on Facebook and Twitter too! and @libsyn 

Creating A Landing Page For Your Podcast's Facebook Page (Facebook For Podcaster Part 3)

In last week's post we addressed creating a landing page on your podcast's Facebook Page and as promised here is a little tutorial to help you create said Facebook Landing Page if you so choose.

Landing Page Content and Size Guidelines

Before we address anything within Facebook itself you have to get your ingredients ready for the recipe :) Getting your content ready before doing anything else in Facebook is very helpful and effective. If you prepare, you won't have to be running around looking for stuff and get stuck in the middle of your project. You are going to need to have access to an HTML editor, an image editor, and somewhere to post your media online (including images), whether it be YouTube for videos, Flickr for photos or libsyn. When I mention an HTML editor it could be as easily as editing/writing everything in your blog and then copying the HTML. I personally use a free Mac App called Notational Velocity Alt. I write in Markdown within the app and when I preview my text, it gives me the HTML. Sizes:
  • The entire landing page layout is limited to 520px wide and 800px high.
  • The most effective landing page layout would be 520px wide and 560px/600px high, that way when folks land on the page they don't scroll down anywhere (everything is above the fold) and all the content is right there, although Facebook does have the capability of scrolling down the page.
  • Having the text/image right at the top of the page in a banner style with arrows pointing up for a call to action makes it clear you want folks to "Like" the page.
  • Having your media (audio or video) or any other fun branding image would be best right below the text.
Of course these are simple guidelines, you can end up doing what you want :) The banner used in the example is 520px by 240px The image is 520px by 320px Content for your landing page.Get your Landing Page text content all figured out. Here are some ideas:
  • About your podcast (one or two sentences). You can refer to this blog post for the best About Page.
  • Expectations for your page (direct access to your podcast, community events, special info regarding your niche, a place to build community via feedback, pictures, videos)
This can be done in a very simple way. Less is more! The most important thing is to get folks to LIKE your page ;) Go ahead and create your page layout, include whatever you have come up with, get all the HTML and simply paste the code onto the simple text editor of your choice. Following you will se an example of what I chose to do with my first attempt at a landing page.
Landing Page Example

This is an example of what I came up with the first time around for my own podcast page. The quick and dirty landing page is simply two images one on top of each other. 1. Is a simple text image that I edited in Pixelmator and then uploaded to my WP website. I got the HTML code for the image. 2. Was an existing image that I had. I found a Facebook Like graphic and laid it on top via Pixelmator. I uploaded the image to my WP website. I got the HTML code for the image. Once I got the HTML code for both of those images, I simply pasted it to my text editor and kept it handy for when I needed it.

Content Landing Page Ideas For Existing Fans

This is absolutely optional, BUT great tool for podcasters. Next week I'll be giving you a detailed tutorial incorporating the Wizzard Player to play your latest episodefor your existing fans. Below are some ideas to mull over. You can use this Fan Landing Page as a call to action to:
  • Have your listeners leave an iTunes review
  • Subscribe to your newsletter
  • Announce special news or meetups for your community
  • Offer inside information that only your fans can get
  • Run a special FB promotion or work with advertisers/sponsors
As you can see so much is possible and you can change this as often as you like! As in the landing page for your non-fans, get your text or whatever other media you want to showcase all set up before you get into Facebook.

Landing Page For Existing Fans Example (totally optional and not necessary at all!)

As you can see from the image above, I used the Fans Landing page as an opportunity to share news about my pregnancy as well as begin the process of marketing an online teacher training that I'm going to be a part of. 1. The top part is all text. I edited the whole thing in an HTML editor, nothing fancy. Facebook automatically fits your text to fit within their boundaries. 2. I used the Wizzard Player to share a personal video that has not been released anywhere else and is accesible only for those that "Like" my page. Get all this material together, all your HTML code and paste it in a text file so you have it handy! Are you ready to put all your work onto your Facebook Page????

Get the Static HTML App for your Page

You can do a search for Static HTML: iframe tabs. The app has a little star as it's icon. Go to the App When you do that you will get to the screen above. If you happen to be an admin for various Facebook pages you can see them all via the little drop down menu. If you only have one page you will only see that one. Choose you page
Once you choose the Page you want to add the Static HTML app to, you will get a confirmation screen. Click Add Static HTML: iframe tabs

On your Page...

Once you have added the app, when you go to Edit your page you will see on the sidebar another little tab. It has a little star icon and it says welcome. Click on that

Editing the Content

You will now go to a screen that looks just like the one above. Right at the top you see an empty rectangle. Go to your text file that has all the HTML for your original Landing Page. Copy the text and paste it into the rectangle. Click: Save and view tab ***If you do want to add a landing page for your fans, right below the rectange you see another rectangle whose title says: [Optional] Fans-only content. You can copy the HTML from the text file that you have with your non-fan info onto that rectangle. REMEMBER ANOTHER TUTORIAL COMING NEXT WEEK SHOWING YOU HOW TO PLAY YOUR LATEST PODCAST EPISODE FOR YOUR CURRENT FANS!

Viewing your stuff

You will go to this screen after you Save and view tab. Here you can do exactly what the screen says.
  • Back to editor (if you want to continue working, maybe on your fan landing page)
  • View your tab as a non-fan (THIS IS WHAT YOU JUST WORKED ON!)
  • View your tab as a fan.
When you do click to view your tab, you'll be able to see all that you have already done! Of course you can always go back and edit, simply by going back to that Welcome tab. REPEAT THE SAME STEPS FOR YOUR FAN LANDING PAGE

Have Your Landing Page Show Up As Your Landing Page!!!!

This is a very important step. You have to do this, if not no-one will actually 'land' on your landing page! Right underneath your Page's name from the editing tab you will see an Edit Info Click on it.
Once you click on it go to the sidebar and click on Manage Permissions
Once you are in Manage Permissions go to Default Landing Tab. Click to open the drop down menu and choose Welcome. That's it! Now your non-fans will get your fancy new landing page whenever they happen upon your Facebook Page. I hope you found this helpful! If you do happen to get all creative with this, and get your landing page all done, why don't you come on back here and share a link to your Facebook Page? We'd love to check it out, and I'm sure a ton of other podcasters would as well!

Elsie Escobar

Want more info about Facebook for Podcasters? Check out these posts      

Grammar Girl on the Go!

Check out Libsyn Podcaster Mignon Fogarty, aka Grammar Girl who has had a very busy summer.  Early this month she was interviewed by NPR's Talk of the Nation.  You can listen to the entire interview here

This week she tweeted that she was on her way to Mountain View, CA to speak at Authors@Google. 

She also has a new book that debuted this summer "Grammar Girl's 101 Misused Words You'll Never Confuse Again" - check it out here.

You can check out the Grammar Girl podcast here

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Get Ready, Gamertag Radio Will Be At E3 2011!

2010-08-28 GTR 2K Games Mafia II Event NY (131)


You don't know Gamertag Radio?

Some of their episodes have made a major impact in the gaming industry and community from 2005 to 2011.

  1. From their first episode in 2005 they instantly were noticed, first by Microsoft featuring them on and it just grew from there :)
  2. They interviewed the Capcom Team about "Lost Planet" at the Microsoft campus when it was first played, plus checked out Small Arms and sat down with the developers from Gastronaut Studios for an exclusive roundtable audio. (Episode 78)
  3. Know Danny Trejo? Heat, Spykids, Dusk Till Dawn? Well GTR has had him on for two interviews! (Episodes 80 and 242)
  4. Crazy awesome coverage of the launch of the XBox 360, including a roundtable with Xbox execs Peter Moore and J Allard. (Episode 31)
  5. Kinect vs Playstation Move- Check out this debate in Episode 249
  6. Why are gaming companies not working with indy sites anymore? Are there too many gaming podcasts and blogs? Has this "community" gone too commercial? Are they community or press? Healthy discussion on Episode 157!
  7. So you want controversy. How about: What's wrong with the Xbox community on Episode 28.
  8. Did you know that ESA gave out less media passes to bloggers this year? GTR took on this subject with a massive roundtable discussion on Episode 279.
  9. Community Launch Party for Mafia II! Can we say H-O-T! That was Episode 257.
  10. Check out this MASSIVE LIVE EVENT! Community Vibes 5 Live. Yeah baby, rated the number 1 Super Bowl party in South Florida

How's that for a quick summary of their their awesomeness? If you are totally intrigued or are a mega fan check out this totally EPIC post: The Top 25 Most Important Gamertag Radio Shows of All Time Also if you want to subscribe or download individual episodes HERE is a direct link to the podcast via iTunes

So What Is Gamertag Radio Up to At E3?

According to this, the GTR staff, those attending E3 and the others providing support away from the show floor, will be offering a variety of content during the expo. Gamertag Radio at E3 2011 will be delivering:

  • Random live streams
  • Live Blogs
  • Developer interviews
  • Show floor pictures and video
  • Staff write-ups about press conferences and events
  • Round table discussions featuring staff, community members and event attendees
  • Posted announcements and new game trailers

During the show, the team will be working constantly to compile information and provide their experiences about any game that may be shown at E3 2011. For the Gamertag Radio app owners on iPad, iPhone, iTouch, and Android, there will be exclusive bonus content including:

  • Behind the scenes content from the show floor
  • Special round table discussion shows
  • Video logs
  • Exclusive editorials and more

Also this year, community members who do not have access to a Android or Apple device can now get their hands on the bonus content by joining the Gamertag Radio Premium page at for the low price of $0.99.

All this awesome coverage starts June 6 and goes until June 9th!

The Fancy Pants Gamertag Radio Smartphone App

All the content that you see above above, you'll find in their Smartphone Apps for Android or iOS devices. Insider 2011 E3 Content at your fingertips! Starting a day early. Wooohooo!

Get the iOS App

Get the Android App

So psyched libsyn is sponsoring GTR at E3!!!

Twitter Followers vs Podcast Listeners-A Podcaster Perspective

This post was originally published by Rob Walch on the Podcast411 blog and is being republished here with his permission. It's a great look at Twitter from the podcaster perspective.

I am heading back from BlogWorld NY 2011 - It was a great show (sans the last keynote).

One of the things that stuck with me from the show was a side conversation I was in about the importance of growing your twitter followers as a podcaster and needing to put more efforts into that goal. I thought that stance was wrong. But I did hear it repeated over and over about the importance in social media that Twitter had and I as a podcaster needed to put more efforts into growing my twitter followers.

Luckily I am in a position where I can actually look at the numbers of lots of shows and see what the correlation is between Followers vs Listeners. I looked specifically at a dozen key shows and compared the number of downloads they get per episode (average of last 3 episodes at least 30 days old) vs the number of Twitter followers they had.

Here is my conclusion after looking at the data - The number of Twitter Followers has almost no relevance on the number of downloads per episode you will get.

That's right, Twitter Followers do not carry over into Listeners. And one might even be able to argue that if you spend too much time growing your twitter base your show will suffer and you will hurt your download numbers.

Some will say that is BS and Twitter is vital to your shows growth. However the numbers do not bear that out.

Let me break down exactly what I found.

  • For 3 shows with over 150,000 downloads per episode - One had over 400,000 followers, One had 200,000 followers, and one had 2,971 followers.
  • For 3 shows between 100,000 and 150,000 downloads per episode - One had over 1.75 Million followers, One had over 1.4 Million followers, and one had 48,000 followers.
  • For 3 shows between 20,000 and 80,000 downloads per episode - One had 146,000 followers, One had 3,853 followers and one did not even have a twitter account.
  • For the 3 remaining shows: one had 7,996 downloads per episode with 3,681 followers. One had 3,421 downloads per episode vs 35,467 followers and the last one had just 585 downloads per episode vs 33,000 followers.

No matter how you slice the numbers one thing is clear - Twitter Followers do NOT equal Podcast Listeners. The two most popular producers on Twitter had a greater than 10 to 1 ratio of Followers vs Listeners, yet one of the top 3 most downloaded in this group had a 100 to 1 ratio of Listeners to Followers. The worst of the group had over 50 Followers for each listener.

I am not saying to quit twitter or stop tweeting - just that as a podcaster it is all about the download and it is safe to say you can stop sweating about the number of followers you have and go back to worrying about putting out good content.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or shoot an email to rob AT

Rob Walch is the Vice President of Podcaster Relations for Wizzard Media / Libsyn. Rob is Co-Author of the book Tricks of the Podcasting Masters - Que 2006, which was an editors pick as a Top 10 Reference book for 2006 by Rob was listed as the 5th most influential person in podcasting according to the book “Podcasting for Dummies” – Wiley Press 2005. Rob's podcasts are Today in iOS and Podcast411. You can find him on Twitter @podcast411.

attribution for podcast pic: By Yagraph (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Connect. Support. Japan.

Our hearts go out to Japan and all those affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

Podcasters in Japan! Reach Out!

Here at libsyn we host a substantial amount of podcasts that are both in and from Japan. We would love to hear from you. If you happen to produce and episode or a series of episodes that highlights information, experience and even entertainment from and for the people of Japan, please leave links below in the comments!

The Earthquake in Japan from the perspective of Japan Talk-The Official Podcast for Japundit.

Take a few minutes (less than 15) to listen to Japan Talk's Episode #196, all about the earthquake. It's a great episode giving an unique perspective. Edward gives a play by play of his experience plus talks about the background of some of some videos that he shot during and right after the earthquake.

These videos are the ones that he referred to in the podcast. If you want more videos from Japundit, please subscribe to his YouTube Channel HERE.

We at libsyn want the people of Japan to know that our heart's are with them during this catastrophic time. Our prayers and love are with you.

If you haven't had an opportunity to donate to the relief effort here are three easy ways you can do so:

Save The Children Federation- Text JAPAN or TSUNAMI to 20222. *Save the Children warns that as many as 100,000 children may have been displaced because of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.•

iTunes Donation- Follow the link and donate at various amounts

Zynga- If you happen to be a fan of Zynga, you can donate from within a few of their games. Charity-minded players can donate by buying specific virtual goods, like a sweet potato crop in CityVille, a Kobe cow in FrontierVille, radishes in FarmVille and a royal flush for Zynga Poker, reports TUAW.

If you want podcasting entertainment as well as helping out Japan, check out the Anime podcasting marathon live on UStream from 6pm EST today March 19 to 6pm EST March 20. You can find more information regarding this event HERE.

Why Host Your Audio And Video Files On libsyn?

Although there are a few hosting providers that advertise unlimited hosting space and unlimited file transfer, that isn't really the case. Most general level hosting companies out there do not want you to upload mp3s on their servers. Please take a look at this conversation regarding this very issue between Cliff Ravenscraft, Podcast Consultant and a shared hosting provider. It makes it pretty clear. NOTE: Scroll down about 3/4 of the way down the page to find the conversation.

Cliff is having a conversation specifically addressing issues that podcasters will come up against if uploading their files to their own host, but what if you don't want a podcast. What if you simply want to upload your audio or video to your host?

In all honesty, if you are doing this to simply to put it up on your site for your own sake and have no aspirations of growing your site in any way, then go for it.

If you do have dream of more people being exposed to what you produce, whether it be through the written word, audio or video, I would suggest choosing somewhere else to host your media, especially if you are passionate about what you do. If you are committed to your site be it as a hobby or as your business, if you are consistent, and are putting out great material at some point you will start to get more traction. People will share your work and your audience will grow.

If you have been offering occasional audio or video files that you happen to host on your own hosting company this extra traction may prove to be problematic.

At libsyn this is what we do. We are prepared for you to get famous ;) You upload your files to our system and you get unlimited bandwidth, which is to say that no matter whether one day you get 1 person downloading your media or 100,000 what you pay stays the same.

We are set up in such a way that we grow with you. You can start simply hosting your individual audio or video files, but if you decide to offer your audience more as time goes on, you have the option to publish a podcast, get your own mobile app, have your own Wizzard Player and have amazing stats. We even have plans that are designed for businesses and professional producers.

Our Plans

Here are some key things you need to know about how we work:

  1. Our plans are based on Monthly Storage: Monthly Storage is the amount you can upload in any 30 day window. For example A 250 MB account means you get a quota of 250 MB per 30 day period. So in any 30 day period you can upload up to 250 MB of files. Once a file is over 30 days old - it automatically moves into "Archive" - which just means it no longer counts against your upload quota.

The "Archived" file continues to download as before and the URL remains the same - nothing changes other than you have back that amount of space to upload new files into. There is NO change in download speed for the "Archived" files.

With libsyn there is never a need to pull down old files because of storage issues.

  1. There are no contracts
  2. You can easily change plans at any time

With so many internet businesses popping up everywhere, and so many people choosing to become solopreneurs, libsyn is a must to have as part of your professional tool-belt in order to grow, scale and reach the largest audience possible.

If you haven't had a chance yet, check out our cost effective plans and pricing!

Dave Chekan - Birthday Boy!

We don't even what to think about what age he's hitting today, but... Older and bolder, onward and upward today marks the birth of libsyn founder Dave Chekan.  Please feel free to extend your birthday wishes to him in the comments.  

Marc Maron, NYTimes, Rolling Stone, Road Trip

WTF is Marc Maron on a streak.  The show is currently the number two ranked podcast in iTunes, nipping at the heels of This American Life.  Ira Glass was a recently a guest on WTF so that seems fitting.  Ten minutes into the show and Ira is swearing.  if you haven't yet heard the show its a rare window into the life behind comedians.  Maron interviews the best talent in the industry, and draws amazing moments out of his guests.  It's the first show that comes to mind now for friends seeking podcasts.  But ignore our clunky bloggin's and head right over to his big New York Times story for the the full scoop.  

Or check out the Rolling Stone roundup of The Ten Funniest People, Video and Things of the Coming Year.

And if you are lucky, you can do what we did, take a road trip to catch his stand up in person.   We are currently enjoying Mama's Falafel in Philadelphia while we wait to catch his show.


You should check out his App for iOS too!


The Season of Giving: Give Back To The Podcasts Your Love!

Podcasting really changed my life.

Encountering the voices of incredible people sharing passionately about themselves and what they love, gave me the strength to do it myself :) Thus, I've made it a priority every year to give a little something back to my favorite podcasters.

Last year a had a teeny bit more time on my hands and I was able to send my favorite podcasters a special recording of an immune system meditation that I felt would be helpful, if anything to help folks fall asleep ;) This year since I'm kinda pressed for time, I've chosen my 10 favorite podcasts and am in the process of gifting them with what they love the most!

The Best Way To Support Your Favorite Podcasters

I've decided to do two a day: one in the morning, and one in the evening. My total investment of time, 10 min! If you would like to gift your favorite podcast/podcaster try offering these absolutely free gifts!

  • Leave an iTunes review for their podcast or their podcast app– There is some sort of magical algorithm in iTunes that gives podcasts better accessibility when there is action on their podcast page. If you don’t have time to review, simply rate it.
  • Say Thank-You– It’s amazing how far a little gratitude goes. Tweet it, FB it, comment on their blog or send an private email. The power of thank you does wonders for the soul :D
  • Share the love– Even though those of you reading this may already be in the know of how AWESOME podcasts are, there are still an incredible amount of people that don’t. Let them know about it. I send people to specific podcasts almost daily if you can believe that! You can do it any way that floats your boat: tell someone individually, write a blog post about it, or simply do a little share on a social network. Here’s post I wrote for one of my most favorite podcasters in the world :)

So that’s it.

It’s the season of giving. As a listener give back!

Do you have any other sweet ways you've shown the love for your favorite podcaster? Share it!

BONUS Gift: If they do happen to have a podcast app. Buy it! I bought my first podcast app when I didn’t even have an iPhone ;)

Holiday Hours Heads Up


Happy Holidays from libsyn and Wizzard Media!

Thank you all so much for your support and for making 2010 a great year for our team.  We look forward to the new year, and all the exciting possibilities it will bring our industry.  Around this time we see a major surge in traffic due to people looking for content on their new devices.  We think this year will be as strong a year as any for growth and adoption of podcasting.  

Support for our services will continue to be available throughout the Holidays, however from December 23 to January 2 our support team will be working on a reduced schedule.   All priority issues will be addressed first but please allow for longer response times on requests.  This allows our team to spend some much needed quality time with our respective fams.  Rest assured none of us ever stray too far away from the job, someone is always watching the gauges.  As usual any system issues will be posted on the Support Blog.

We hope you all have a safe and happy holiday.  Ring in the new year right.  Onward and upward in 2011!

- Dave C, Dave M and Everyone from the libsyn and Wizzard Team



Last Minute Holiday Gifts For Your Favorite Podcaster

Gifts xmas

I decided to put this little post together not entirely from a selfless point of view. Full disclosure: I am a podcaster and I would LOVE to get any of these for Christmas :)

Which is why I'm sharing them with you, not only for my own selfish little reasons (perhaps some of my family members might stumble upon this post), but I assume that these little gifts might make another podcaster out there kinda jolly :D

  • Audio-Technica ATR 288W Remote Mic: I've been wanting a wireless mic for quite a long time. I heard about this one from a review on The Nosillacast. It seems like a pretty good wireless mic, plus it’s not exorbitantly expensive.
  • Content Rules by CC Chapman and Ann Handley: Authentic. Compelling. Remarkable. Interesting. (Gripping, even.) Valuable. That’s the kind of content this book inspires you to create. Now, who wouldn’t want that?
  • Dropbox Pro 50 Account: I'd be so stoked to get this! With Dropbox’s functionality and the incredible amount of services currently supporting Dropbox integration, this service would make any content producer jingle their bells! If you don’t know about Dropbox already, you should check it out. They have a pretty awesome free plan.
  • Gorillamobile: This little tripod can come in handy when you are suddenly inspired to create a video podcast! Your mobile phone will be well supported and you can attach this puppy to almost anything :)
  • Fitness Ball: Leo Laporte uses one of these, so why wouldn’t you ;) All kidding aside, this is one of the best ways to keep your back and abs relatively strong throughout your day seated in front of your computer. This ball is not the cure for a flabby belly, but it can provide basic support and engagement for your core muscles so that you can continue to produce to your heart’s desire

I hope that you enjoyed browsing through these!

Here’s to hoping Santa brings you all that you desire and much more! May your families and loved ones be healthy and happy, and may you continue to enjoy producing work that keeps you happy and inspires those around you!

Happy Holidays!


Tech Pulse Action Alert - Best Buy

I think the layout of a store speaks a great deal about a company's strategy.  It's definitely a barometer.  

Haven't been to Best Buy's stores in a good while.  I was there the other day to pick up the Michael Jackson Experience and wow have they changed the floor plan.  It's obvious, like Apple, they hire the best of the best to analyze and improve upon the layout and people flow of their monster stores.  Here are my take aways.    

- Gone are the cattle herding checkout lanes, once lined with shiny impulse buy items like batteries, candy, water, red bull and discounted video games.  Well they are not completely gone, but toned down to a civilized level.  I feel less like a cud chewer.

-  The new floor plan has that free-flowing rapture of the deep thing popularized in department stores, where you keep losing track of which way is up.  This intentional disorientation leads to those As the world falls Down feelings... You know what I mean Labyrinth fans.  

- Motion Control systems like the Xbox Kinect and Playstation Move both have big faux living room demo setups, but they are relegated to one of the far back walls.  This seems less than ideal for customer impact.  Perhaps Best Buy believes these will sell themselves based on consumer anticipation,  but it still seems odd when the Kinect is topping so many of the analyst's Christmas top seller lists.  Video Games aren't quite getting the VIP treatment this year it seems.  Although Wii pack-in systems were placed in a strange island near the entrance of the store almost acting as a visual barrier to make the reveal of the new store layout more grandiose.  

- Three new islands dramatically angled against the store walls yet parallel to each other are prominently featured in the center of the store.  These are the main attractions.  

- The first island is iPhone 4 dominated along with other Android devices 

- The second island is mostly Samsung Galaxy Tabs (all running Angry Birds) and a couple Google TV powered Sony Flatscreens 

- The Third island is not quite as focused, with some other Android tablets, and e readers.   

No iPads were found on these islands, however in very close proximity to the Tablet/Google TV island was an iPad kiosk. 

So what's this have to do with you guys, the Podcasters, the New Media Movers and Shakers?  Best Buy is betting that a big ol' consumer shift thing is reaching its tipping point this season and they are all in to make the most of it.  Best Buy is in the business of entertainment goods and services.  To them the new era of entertainment is all about the phones that barely get used as a phones, the tablet as the next big computer form factor,  and TVs that stream content from the internet.  Best Buy's CEO is conservative in his statements publicly, but I think the actions are speaking loudly here.  This is a mean product threesome that all get their power of attraction thanks to the wealth of content on the internet.  This puts podcasters dead center in the eye of the storm.  

...Also, they seem to be leaning on Angry Birds to move units and QR Codes on the walls for geek cred...

But it seems like we've got ourselves a sea change a happenin', at least at Best Buy in Pittsburgh.  So Surf's Up Podcasters!.

- Dave M



What's The Story Behind Your Podcast?

I was flipping through the blogs I like to follow about social media and noticed a bunch of posts about the idea of story - your story, the story behind your business or your blog.  A few careers ago I worked on political campaigns.  I was new to campaigns and was sent off to a campaign training in atlanta.  I arrived at a conference center and we spent the entire first day telling and refining our stories of how we got involved in the campaign.  A big part of campaigning is connecting with people around a cause or an issue.  The best way to connect - storytelling.

Telling your story can be a powerful way to engage your audience - wether it be a campaign, business or podcast.  In fact, this blog is way for us to share the Libsyn story - our story, podcasting news and news about our customers too.  Last month, Dave Chekan wrote a great post about how Libsyn was founded which you can read here.  

What is the story behind your podcast?  Do you have an about page for your show?  Share your story below or a link to your about page.

Looking for some help in writing your story - check out some of these blogs post:


Billing System Updates

We just wanted to give everyone a general heads up that we have implemented some automations in our billing system.  These are going live today and tomorrow, but we sent out an email informing customers earlier today.  More information is available on our support blog.   

Have Our Blog Delivered to Your Email

For those of your who prefer email to an RSS reader or if you just want to make sure that you don't miss one of our great, helpful, witty blog posts - you can sign up to have new blog posts delieved right to your inbox.  Just leave your email below.

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Thanks for checking out the blog - please let us know what you would like to see more of here on the blog. Just leave a comment below.


Fast Company on Kevin Smith and SModcast Podcasts

In the December issue of Fast Company famed director and libsyn customer Kevin Smith was featured in the article Inside Kevin Smith's Booming Podcast Business.  The article covers the interesting show dynamics that Smith has created around The SModcast Podcast Network.  Kevin Smith produces his shows in an old converted theatre called the SModcastle putting his own spin on live podcasting events.  The excitement of producing content on your own terms continues to drive serious artists to the Podcast medium.  Smith is doing innovative stuff with ideas worth pillaging so check out the article.  


Just for the record Cop Out was one of my favorite Smith movies this decade.  

Also Joe Mansueto, we have to be related.  I was pleased to learn that our last name means "Tame" rather than "Lame".  

Dave M

Happy Birthday, Libsyn!

Happy Birthday, Libsyn!

Liberated Syndication turned 6 today.  It's sometimes immature for it's age- throwing tantrums from time to time, getting in fights, and driving its parents crazy.  We've given up a lot of our lives to nurture our baby and watch it grow. Today we tip our glasses and celebrate the company that we have built and thank all those who let us wake up every day and make a living at keeping it going.

We haven't taken a minute to reflect on the events leading up to libsyn in a while.  2005 was the last post about it  The story of how it all started has been told time and time again (at least in my head to the faux reporters that have asked me) but since it has been years and many of you who are reading this may not have heard them, I'll spin the yarn one more time.

It was a warm Columbus Day (Thanksgiving to our friends up north) in 2004 when i was driving back to Baltimore, MD that I got a call from an old friend near and dear to me.  Dave Mansueto and I met in college at the University of Pittsburgh.  We helped each other out on our mutual vision quests over the years we spent together in Pittsburgh, but I had moved to MD in 2001 and we hadn't spoken for a while.  In typical fashion Dave was anxious and excited to tell me about a new thing going on involving radio and the internet and a whole movement we were missing out on.  He wanted to do it and needed help figuring out all the technical pieces to get it done.

We had started Emayhem together around 1998 or so.  It was an art collective / publishing platform created for Pittsburgh artists and musicians to share their work online.  It was myspace w/o the friends -about 5 years before myspace.  Emayhem was the thing that got me bad grades and introduced me to some of my lifelong friends and future business partners.  At the time it seemed like the thing you just did in college- which now sounds like a cliche. Anyways, experimenting with in 1998 eventually led myself along with my roomate and co-computer engineers Matt Hoopes and Paul Vitiello, to team up with a guy a met through emayhem Marty Mulligan to start a web design firm in 2000.  We called it webmayhem.  

Over summer break that year we leased our first web server, incorporated the company, and purchased a laptop with the proceeds from my collection of Transformers which I sold on Ebay.  We were on our way.  We failed to notice the bumble or the burst as we were chugging along doing small websites for small businesses while we finished up college.   By 2003 the burden of operating as a C-Corporation in the state of PA while Matt, Paul, and I lived in Maryland and Marty in NY became too much.  We had all kind of went our own ways with full-time jobs and doing the occasional web design job here and there to keep paying for the web server we were leasing wasn't making enough to keep the webmayhem dream alive.  In the late summer of 2004 the 4 friends and founder of webmayhem met in my apartment one last time to dissolve the corporation.  I would remain the sole share holder through the rest of the fiscal year and then in 2005 make the decision of what to do next with our remaining customers (who I failed to bill regularly) and our leased web server.  I remember using a little bit of the petty cash we had to go the grocery store and buy wine and some steaks.  Marty cooked up a dinner which to this day I still recall as one of the top 5 meals I've ever eaten.   We all shook hands after dinner and everyone went home. was still up and running through all of this and going strong. My old friend Dave was living in Pittsburgh doing all forms of theatre and performance.  He had a talk show which we filmed every week live from a bar and aired on public access.  He is the kind of guy you can't walk down the street with if you are in a hurry because everyone stops him to say what's up, or ask him to guest MC their event, or hook something up.  He is also a self-taught engineer who read everything he could get his hands on regarding computers, audio recording, video editing and encoding.  Dave became obsessed with getting his talk show online- in some form or another- and was constantly building onto his collection of antiquated Apple computers to get the job done.  I didn't know it at the time, but he was at the time /the/ archetypical podcaster.

Right around the time we were closing the books on webmayhem inc, we started to notice that our server bill was including this line item called bandwidth.  For the 4 years leading up to this we had never seen any charges for this and upon further inspection of our contract and digging around the account portal we discovered there was a cap on the amount of information that could be transferred between our web server and the people accessing it on the internet.  It was an outrageously high level (we thought at the time) and the fact that we were starting to go over it, now, as we were winding things down seemed outrageous.  With some help from our ISP we discovered these things called web logs and started to look at what files were being accessed.  Low and behold, the media files which users of had uploaded where kinda large and when they got downloaded it started to cost us money.  This sucks. Just as our site and our friends are starting to get popular, we're going to go broke and will have to shut down.

So back to the columbus day drive.  Dave was poised to start the Emayhem Radio Podcast and was asking me to help get him up and running. When I got home, I installed the blog engine bloxum and helped create my first ever RSS feed. I told him we could use the webmayhem webserver for a little while, but it was going to be shut down soon and was costing me too much money.  Come 2 weeks later we would be on the phone every night talking about what else we could add to the feed, a new website just for the podcast, and that we should renegotiate the server lease for another year and get a better rate on bandwidth.  I didn't see it at the time, but I was finally becoming business partners with Dave.  Emayhem was never incorporated and we never wrote for those grants we had talked about or became a non-profit.  The business model there was never clear, but as the month of October, 2004 came to a close we were rapidly seeing a need for a hosting service catering specifically to this podcasting thing.

I started to think up names for this venture.  To me, nothing can start if it doesn't have a name- and a name needs to have a meaning.  "Desktop publishing" had been around for a decade and I had been using the Internet since around 1992.  Blogging was pretty mainstream by now and Winer had penned Really Simple Syndication years ago.  The new twist, though, was this concept that the feed was now "carrying" media and anyone could syndicate a show- not just a written story.  A major hurdle, though, was that unless you were part of a university or had access to large servers that you could host relatively large files for free- it was still cost prohibitive to really do it.  This is when we first learned about these things call Content Delivery Networks.  CDNs, as they were, were networks of servers which distributed the demand for files by keeping multiple copies of the same file across all the servers.  This was like putting a bunch of batteries together to make a big spark.  Even if you had cheap no name batteries, wire enough together and you can jump start a career.   It was Dave's idea (the theatre student who rewired guitar amps for fun and would school my EE and CS friends on how micro-processors worked) to try and lease some cheaper servers and lace them together- instead of 1 larger, more expensive one.  Pulling this off would allow us to make the service be really cheap and liberate everyone from the cost prohibitive nature of self publishing.  Liberated Syndication was a really cool sounding name to me, and late one night I found and .com hadn't been taken yet, so I registered them.

The spark was there, but the fire didn't' start for a few more weeks.  I had been doing the leg work of keeping the Emayhem Radio Podcast's RSS feed up to date while working with Dave on ideas for libsyn here and there, but I had a demanding full-time job and a few other projects spinning around my head.  I had just celebrated my 1 year wedding anniversary and was finishing up a guerilla filmmaking feature.  Starting a hosting company just didn't seem that important at the time.

I definitely wouldn't say I was really following politics at the time.  Living so close to DC it's hard to avoid, but I hadn't seen the 2004 DNC speech Senator Obama had given (a video which later would end up being hosted by libsyn).  I vaguely remember John Kerry's campaign and everything leading up to November 2004.  But I do remember a lot of my friends being very worked up about everything.  Like many of my generation, come election day I didn't vote.  That evening, after all the smoke had cleared a sinking feeling set in, and a shameful embarrassment which felt like I had let everyone down over took me.  I remember an email thread between Dave and some mutual friends who were involved with the podcast.  Everyone was depressed.

The next day didn't feel the same.  It felt like a sobering moment of clarity (which was a strange feeling for a straightedge kid) and a sense of regret and resentment started to grow.  Over lunch I checked my email and Dave sent me a link to a post on the Guerilla News Network.  The Day After … Tomorrow so eloquently summed up everything I was feeling.  And most of all it ended with a call to action:

Never before has the security of our world been so reliant on the freedom of independent, investigative voices to unite the people against those who have nakedly seized the mechanism of American democracy. As the world’s dominant superpower, we have the enhanced responsibility of ®evolutionizing our media system because it is not only framing the debate at home, it is also doing it globally, and for good reason. The economic and political elites in America know that their survival depends on the rapid absorption of the propagandist media by the nations they seek to dominate and exploit. Fortunately, we have a new generation of independent journalists and citizen muckrakers who will use the unharnessed power of communications technology to fight and win this information war.

What are you waiting for?  

There isn't really anything more that I need to say after that.  That night it was clear that liberated syndication needed to be born and for the last 6 years we have put the majority of our efforts and focus into answering the call and doing what we can to level the playing field for a democratized media.

How we got from there to here is another long story, and maybe I'll document all the ups and downs for the future web startups someday.  For now, I'm going to drink a beer and smile about the good times (retaining a straightedge lifestyle through a web startup, reverse-triangulated merger, and becoming a public company is futile).

Here's to you, libsyn.


Dave c. 


The iPad as a Communication Device

Here is an interesting video from the New York Times about how a nearly paralyzed boy has been able to use the ipad to communicate.  In the video his mother talks about the potential of the ipad as a more affordable device - where they can try lots of different programs.  

spooky podcasts

We thought we'd round up a few of our favorite scary podcasts covering the weird, wild, alien, dead, undead, ghosts, goblins and ghouls.  Its friday, you may need something to put you in the mood while preparing for festivities.  We like the Great Pumpkin as much as anyone, but here's some scary something elses:

Jim - Jim has 3 different podcasts for all things paranormal - The Paranormal Podcast and Jim Harold's Campfire are audio podcasts.  The PAranormal Report is a video podcast that can be watched on or through iTunes.

Anything Ghost Show - bringing you ghost stories from around the world

Undead Air - this is the official podcast of the Omaha Chapter of the Zombie Research Society

Happy Halloween!

libsyn Podcast App - A Quick Visual Tour

Your Podcast Now an App

Apps are the new mainstream method of media consumption on the go.  We wanted to quickly highlight all the benefits of turning your podcast into an app.   

Your audience is Always One Tap Away from your Latest and Greatest Content

With instantaneous app updates you publish an episode to your podcast and it is available to your fans immediately.  No need for your audience to sync to their computer, they just open the app to get the latest episode.

Instantaneous App Updates



















Our App is Super Friendly

For on the go convenience the app launches to the latest episode with a big enticing play button.  This avoids confusing the user with overly complicated buttons and menus.

Our App is Super Friendly



















And if playback is interrupted by a call or shutting off the device, the app is smart enough to always pick up where the episode left off.  

Resume Playback




















It's Your Experience

Apps are the perfect showcase for your brand.  You control the design elements, the background, the thumbnails, the features, and the extras that reward your customers.

Starring You!

Favorite episodes can get "starred" for later reference.  And for those times where a connection is unavailable or flakey episodes can be downloaded for offline playback. 

Always iOS REady, Background Playback a Go!

Let us worry about keeping you up to date and compatible with all the latest iOS developments.  We work tirelessly to take advantage of all the app platform has to offer.  As an example, with iOS 4 devices you can now listen to our app in the background while doing things like checking your email, or surfing the web.  Thanks to the newly added multitasking features added by Apple, this greatly increases the usefulness of your podcast app to your fans. 

Keep in Contact

New media is all about interaction and feedback.  The app amplifies your connections to your audience.  It provides one click access to connect with the show, and has viral connections to all the important channels like email, Facebook and Twitter. 

Getting Started

Our libsyn App accounts start at $20 a month with no setup fees and come with everything you need.  You customize the design, libsyn builds it and submits it to the App store.  We think that Podcast Apps are a fantastic way to take your show to the next level.  

Click here to sign up or learn more.  

Check out more Podcast Apps in the App Store.  

Free Demos:

Try the Podcast 411 Audio App.

Try the Danger Dog Video App


How to Make Changes to Your App Once It's Live In The App Store

Did you know that once your App is live and available for sale in the App store there are many aspects of the presentation that can be changed in the Libsyn dashboard?  We wanted to clarify what you can and cannot do to customize the design and functionality of the Libsyn Podcast App that comes with our 20 dollar accounts.  

Dynamic Show Level Attributes - things you can change in the Libsyn dashboard

The following Show Level attributes can changed simply by going into the "Destinations" Section of libsyn3 and clicking on the "Podcast Companion App" in the sidebar.

  • Applicaton Background (the image seen in the app user interface)
  • Show Wallpaper  (promotional image users can save to their device)
  • Show PDF (A PDF to accompany potentially acting as a virtual "booklet")
  • Show Bonus Content (audio or video file representing the show i.e. Trailer, Overview, Promo, Etc)
  • Contact Info
    • Email Address
    • Website
    • Phone Number
    • Twitter Account
    • Facebook Fan Page Account

Dynamic Episode Level Attributes - these can also be changed in the Libsyn dashboard

These attributes can be changed dynamically whether publishing a new episode or editing older episodes.  These are modified within the "Publish" Section of libsyn3.

  • Episode Background (the image on the detail page of a specific episode) 
  • Episode Wallpaper (images specific to an episode i.e. holiday themed promotional images)
  • Episode PDF (A PDF virtual "booklet" specific to an episode)
  • Episode Bonus Content (extra audio of video specific to an episode i.e. bloopers, extended interviews, etc)
  • Episode Links -  For further instructions on using Links see How To Add Episode Links to your Podcast App.


App Attributes that Require Support

There are also some things that require intervention by libsyn support to alter.  This is because these items are "baked" into the app and require that the app team submit the changes to Apple.  

  • App Icon (the image for the App that appears on the users iOS device
  • Splash Screen (This is the first image that the user sees when the app is launching)
  • iTunes Description (The description of your App that is used in the iTunes Store)

Note: To change any of these three items the user must put in a request with libsyn support.  

We hope this clarifies how to best keep your App in sync with your show.  We think its an important part of keeping your App users engaged and loyal.  

Lindsay Patross


Rob Walch Interviewed on Technical Tidbits

Rob Walch, VP of Podcaster Relations for Libsyn and Wizzard, was interviewed by Debbie Mahler.  Debbie's show Technical Tidbits, helps listeners understand the difference between a technical "thingamabob and whatchamacallit." Check out the interview here.

Listen to internet radio with TechnicalTidbits on Blog Talk Radio

We're Going Camping, PodCamping

We are happy to once again be participating in this weeks PodCamp Pittsburgh.  We will be hanging out at the PodCamp activities all weekend long.  If you are in Pittsburgh - please stop by and say hello.

On Sunday at 1pm we will be hosting a session about monetization and podcasts - but lots of the info will be of interest to bloggers and content producers too.

Surefire Ways To Kill Your Ability To Monetize Your Podcast

Sunday, September 19, 2010 1-2pm 
@ The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

We will discuss various podcast pitfalls to watch for that can ruin your chances for making money with your podcast. This session will be geared to all levels of podcasting - from beginners to experts. While we will focus on podcast - this information is valuable to bloggers and other content producer too.

Facebook Event Here -

For more info on PodCamp Pittsburgh check out - 


Tech Pulse Action Alert - Panera Bread

Take this with a grain of salt.

Then acknowledge that this post is one opinion of said writer and therefore does not necessarily reflect the opinions, policies, of Liberated Syndication AKA libsyn under subsidiary or its parent company Wizzard Software.... Yada Yada, okay we good.  That'll be the rule for most of the posts I sign.  You can take comfort that there will be other contributors to this blog.  

I have these barometers I keep. Little measurements that I like to think indicate technology trends and within these unverified microcosms I sometimes draw sweeping conclusions.  

One of my barometers is Panera Bread.  If I checked in there on foursquare I'm pretty sure I would be mayor.  I'm a jerk, but not the only jerk that comes to some conclusions about customers in a place based on assumptions I make about the place and the prototypical consumer that I associate with that place.  

So one of my classes of barometers is "people places with wifi".  You can then drill down another level with "free wifi".  I think Panera is a complex place.  It is hard to pin down the atypical Panera customer.  I don't think you can, thats why its an interesting study.  So while I'm there to support their use of natural, hormone and genetically modified free chicken products I'm also there to see what kind of devices people use to do whatever they are doing with the free wifi.  Its located in Pittsburgh, in Shadyside not far from some universities, Pitt, CMU.  

So lately, last year or so its been dominated by netbooks.  And I really mean dominated, sometimes it could be like 100% cute little netbooks.  Classy looking students and professional types with sharp looking netbooks.  

Today I saw my first iPad in there.  It feels like a big deal.  I usually keep this stuff to myself, but I thought I'd share.  


Okay, now how bout you guys?  Do you have luddite friends, parents, or social circles that tip you off to the latest zeitgeists, memes, trends, happenings etc?  If you are reading this I assume you have to :)


- Dave M

Today Apple Releases some Very Nice Stuff! - $99 Apple TV: Podcasts Onboard

Apple had a doosey of a media event today, revamping much of its iPod lineup and even reinventing the Apple TV.  The Shuffle, Nano, and iPod Touch all got major upgrades as expected inline with predictions from our favorite rumor sources Macrumors, Techcrunch and Daring Fireball.  It was a very solid event streamed live for the first time in years, and the general consensus is that the updates were solid improvements across the board of the iPod line. 

For Podcasters, we think the one to watch for audience growth may be the Apple TV.  Long referred to as Apple's "Hobby" by Steve Jobs, that label was continued today as Steve's final reveal of the Apple TV was jokingly renamed "One More Thing Hobby".  The new Apple TV is a fourth of the size of the original and is aggressively priced at $99 dollars.  That is impulse territory.  Integration between iOS devices and the Apple TV has grown even tighter via what is now called "Airplay" allowing for content to be beamed from the iPad and iPhone to the Apple TV over wifi.  That may just be the sleeper hit for the device, bridging the divide between the personal and communal screens in a seamless manner.  $.99 TV episode rentals and Netflix integration are aimed at attracting a bigger user base for the device and we are happy to see podcasts get top billing along with Youtube and Flickr as seen in the Internet section of the interface below.  

Like the Google TV, the new Apple TV and its iOS siblings will only help to propel Podcasting further and further into mainstream usage.  


Good Day :)


-Dave M


Surefire Ways To Kill Your Ability To Monetize Your Podcast

Not all podcasters want to monetize their podcast. In fact a lot of indie podcasters start a podcast because they love podcasting, have an overwhelming passion for something and simply want to share it with the world. As time goes on (if they don't podfade!) their passion grows and they begin to mull over the podcaster golden question:

How can I make money doing this?

This post is not about monetizing your podcast. There are a gazillion ways and tons of folks that are willing to walk you through a myriad of models. The aim of this post is to provide you with a little simple checklist in order to save you some heartache IF you decide you do want to monetize your content from the beginning, even if that's not your initial intention.

4 Ways To Impede Monetization Of Your Podcast

  • 1. Use trademark images for your podcast artwork
  • 2. Use trademarked words in the title or subtitle of your podcast
  • 3. Use copyrighted music as your theme music, intro or outro music within your podcast.
  • 4. Read, sing or perform full or parts of copyrighted works.

(NOTE) Generally speaking if you have been given specific permission by owners of copyrighted material for your podcast you will be unable make money off of those podcast episodes. You would have to strip that material from all the media that contains this content if you want to monetize your work.

Podcast Content That Hinders Monetization:

  • Images or graphics of realistic violence
  • Sexual content or nudity, particularly in podcast artwork
  • High levels of profanity
  • Alcohol, tobacco, or drug use, particularly in podcast artwork

The beauty and power of podcasting is that you can say, do and create any kind of content that you desire. If you want to create an awesome podcast replete with sexual content, with lots of profanity and tons of illegal substance use, then go for it! Just know that your ability to find ways to monetize your podcast will be more limited, although not impossible. You just have to work a little harder to find the best match in terms of sponsors and joint ventures.

The whole copyright/trademark world, particularly for new media content is a bit complicated. The information seems to continually deepen and shift. It's up to content creators to choose to educate themselves and stay up to date on all this information.

Tools and resources that are necessary to have in your podcaster tool belt:

Websites and Documents

Copyright/Trademark Podcasts

Some of those podcast have podfaded but the information is still very good.

Bottom line:

If you have content in your podcast that causes you to wonder if you might infringe copyright or trademark laws, don't put it in! You'll save yourself a lot of hassle :)

Have you had issues with copyright material and have knowledge to share or have other resources that you'd like to let us know about? Leave a comment!

I'm sure as podcasters, we could all benefit from as much knowledge as we can.


If you are ready and optimized to monetize your podcast and take it to the next level we have podcast apps to extend your reach and monetization capabilities of your content and advertising programs available!

-Elsie Escobar