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From Podcaster to Podcaster Collaborative Blog Series

share your podcasting insights for 2012 with other podcasters

Hello Podcasters!

We are always looking for innovative ways to share valuable podcasting information as well as help you grow your own audience.

Here’s our newest endeavor!

We’re doing a 3 part blog series to celebrate the end of this year called Podcaster Voices: Key Podcasting Insights of 2012 and we would LOVE to have you be a part of it!

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Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Before Dec. 16, 2012 – via the easy online form below – write 50-200 words for each topic below you want to be part of. You can fill out one, or you can fill out all three!
  2. Submissions will be compiled into three separate articles, going live Dec. 21, Dec. 28 and Jan. 4, respectively.
  3. You’ll get an email from me before your article(s) go live on the blog. Share your article(s) with your community as your schedule allows.

EXTRA CREDIT: In addition to filling out the form below, you can also record your 50 to 200 words and share the link to your recording…we might just compile them into one awesome audio piece.

By participating you’ll share valuable content with podcasters and your own podcast will get some extra visibility over Christmas holidays and New Year!

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We look forward to hearing from you! 

Share away with any podcaster you think would love to be a part of it! The more the merrier!


Share Your Insight and Expand Your Podcasting Reach

Can Facebook Help Podcasters Grow Our Audience?

play your podcasts right within facebook

Have you guys heard of what SocialCam has been able to do in a short period of time?

According to Business Insider it looks like Facebook helped them explode to 75 million users in 15 months!

In my humble opinion, I don’t think Facebook did it.

I think Facebook helped an awful lot, but there were other very important factors that helped propel SocialCam to that huge level of growth.

Now, why am I bring this up?

Because for us as podcasters, whether we want to admit it or not, Facebook already does or will play a very big part in our ability to get our shows discovered beyond iTunes.

That’s the key phrase beyond iTunes.

Yes, we absolutely want to have presence in iTunes, but we also need to see the bigger picture.

Facebook is a must place to be for taking podcasting to whole new level

One way to reach out beyond iTunes is to have a presence on Facebook, even if it’s at minimum sharing your podcast on your profile wall.

Optimally, getting your own Podcast Facebook Page and adding a way to easily play your podcast from that Page is the way to go.

Let’s go back to SocialCam. Here is a key bit of insight from the All Things D article as to how SocialCam grew so much:

“Facebook timeline and Open Graph integration have helped make Socialcam explode. Whenever a user watches or creates a video on Socialcam, the activity appears on their Facebook feeds”.

It’s that whole Open Graph integration that makes things so sticky over there in Facebook land.

Use Facebook To Your Advantage

We are doing our best to provide tools for you guys to make it that sticky.

In our latest article giving you the down low about our Customized Tab Facebook Player, we explain that if someone happens to play any of your episode using that player they will show up on that users Activity.

Just that little posting will offer up an opportunity for your podcast to be seen in larger circles. Also, the more users authorize the Libsyn Player App, the more potential for discovery, simply because more people are using it, and more people are apt to search and browse for more content within the app.

How to get more people to authorize the app and consume more podcasts

  • Share the URL of your customized player tab.
  • Share the URL of your specific episodes from your individual podcast page within the App

It’s so nice to tell someone to listen to your podcast straight from Facebook. There’ s more of an opportunity for them to hit play than if you sent them somewhere else.

Looking for your feedback

We are continuing to refine and iterate the libsyn Player.

We will be making it more and more awesome as time goes by and are actively seeking your input and feedback to help us on this journey.

So how about it podcasters? What are your thoughts? Feedback on the Libsyn Player App?

Let us know in the comments below!

Elsie Escobar


Podcast Specific Thumbnail Graphics for your Facebook Page!

OMG! Is our awesome web/graphic superhero the coolest or what?

Here’s the deal: our FABULOSO Chuck, the one we all go pounce on whenever we need anything graphic/web related over at libsyn, just created a gazillion little Facebook Page tab thumbnail images for YOU!!!

Those in the above graphic are only some….

Gazillion = 38 ;)

We have seen some really awesome customization from a lot of our producers BUT…

We know some of you guys aren’t necessarily graphic design wizards, and if you are, maybe you don’t want to deal with creating little personalized thumbnails to rock out your killer new customized libsyn podcast player app on your Facebook page right?

Free Podcast Facebook Thumbnail Tab Images

These thumbnails are png files that are the exact dimensions that you need in order to customize the Tab image of the libsyn Facebook Player

All you have to do is CLICK HERE and the zip file will automatically download and you’ll have access to all those “listen to my show” and “watch my show” graphics!


If you like this and find it helpful, say thank you to Chuck in the comments!


Podcasting Wisdom From The Very Best

top podcasters share insight into podcasting

Keeping up with this podcasting thing is not easy.

We’ve been in the podcasting game since 2004 and have seen a gazillion podcasts (and that’s a total fact) come through libsyn. We’ve observed the longevity of podcasts for almost a decade.

Here is just one very important piece of data:

Sustaining your podcast is the hardest thing to do.

We have a constant amount of new podcasts being created daily.

We have a core group of long running producers that have been creating content consistently since 2004–2006.

There is another large group of podcasters that seem to struggle staying in production beyond a year or two and understandably so. Its no easy task!

We can deduce from that data, that we get all fired up about creating content and letting our voice ring out for all to hear. We are fueled purely by passion….and then reality hits.

This podcasting thing takes time, commitment, consistency, organization, persistence and tons of patience.

It becomes a lot harder to sustain, especially when our passion perhaps begins to dwindle a little (kinda like when you fall in love and start to come out of that whole honeymoon stage of a relationship…)

Now it’s work.

And perhaps, no one is listening?

Perhaps no one is commenting?

Perhaps stats aren’t as high as you’d want them to be?

And where’s the moolah?

Learn the Secrets of Podcasting from the Best

Our Podcasting Luminaries Series has been designed to share the wisdom of those long running podcasters that have been consistently producing content for 6–8 years so we all get a chance to glean some of their secrets of longevity.

Each one of the Luminaries shares killer key insight into podcasting, all of it coming from a very unique perspective.

Up to this moment we’ve featured 31 Podcasting Luminaries. Keep an eye out because more Luminaries are coming soon!

In case you missed them, following are a list of those podcasters that have already shared their wisdom:

Phedippidations with Steve Runner

Polymer Clay

Genealogy Gems Podcast


Gamertag Radio

Dan Carlin

Grammar Girl

Keith and The Girl


Never Not Funny

Fastpitch Softball TV with Gary Leland

Duct Tape Marketing

Steve Stanger

A Window To The Magic

Cliff Ravenscraft

Internet Business Mastery

The Saintcast

Marketing Over Coffee

Evo Terra

Mur Lafferty

CC Chapman


Scott Sigler

Don McAllister from ScreencastsOnline

The Manic Mommies

Victor Cajiao

The Jersey Beat Podcast

Chaz Rough From YOGAmazing

Dave’s Lounge

Wayne Brekke

My Take Radio

So what is the hardest thing about sustaining your podcast? Be honest and let us know in the comments!

Image credit via CC Luminaries by Andy.Schultz


Podcasting Advice From Mom

Podcasting Advice From Mom

Female podcasters that are also podcasting mothers offer advice on podcasting

One of the most powerful qualities about motherhood is our voice. Our voice will be heard by our children, long past the time they’ve left home.

I know that I still hear my Mother’s voice somewhere deep inside me, sometimes it’s great, and other times, not so much ;)

As more and more mother’s offer their voices through the medium of podcasting, we all get the benefit of listening to the intelligent, driven, grounded, creative and nurturing voices of mothers.

We asked just a few female podcasters, that happen to be mothers to share some of their voices with us and offer some motherly advice and insight into the podcasting world.

Below you’ll get a chance to read their thoughts as well as how to apply their advice to podcasting in general.

Stephanie Ravenscraft from Family From The Heart and Authentic Life Radio

"I have two favorite things about being a podcasting mom. First, all of my podcast relate to my personal life, so I have so many stories forever recorded. I love knowing that my kids whole childhood is archived in those episodes. And if I ever need to remember “the good ole days” they are there for my listening.

Second, I love to get my kids involved in the podcasting. Teaching them to share their stories and interests with others. This has several different parts that make me so happy as a mom. It gives them a healthy outlet to share their view of the world. It gives me a little deeper glimpse into their world. What are they willing to share with others that they may not be ready to share with me? This is especially true for my oldest daughter who is 12.

And lastly, and probably most special, is that their voices are archived as well. I LOVE to go back and hear Meagan’s five year old voice. Or Matthew at three. Life speeds by so fast and I have a small time capsule to take be back to those precious times as my oldest two move on into the teen years."

Podcasting is remembering and sharing- The moments when we captured our audio/video now live in their own special magical time that is beyond the time and space continuum. ;)

May we as podcasters respect the power that our media has to inspire, educate and entertain others far beyond the moment we created and released it.

Jen Swanson from Communication Diva

“My kids are aged 10, 12, 18 and 20yrs, and think it’s ”cool" that I have a podcast. They are often offering topic suggestions and ideas about who I could interview. I spent yesterday morning teaching a Leadership class at the high-school my son graduated from last year…and the topic was all about my blog, podcast and my e-book. The class was wonderful…they were engaged, they asked questions, they wanted to know more, and they stayed with me for the whole hour and 15 mins!

I have involved my kids in one episode of the podcast where I asked them about communication from their perspective. It was a fun experience and I think they were pretty pleased to be involved.

My advice for moms, particularly of older kids, would be to be sure that if you are going to tell stories about your kids and their escapades in your show, that you first ask their permission. Once published, a podcast is out there forever. I would not want to tell any stories that might be funny or amusing or cute to me, but potentially embarrassing to my kids, unless they were in agreement.

I think it’s good communication, it’s respectful, and it’s really important to be conscious of their feelings, given that people all over the world will be listening."

Podcasting is communication and permission- Although it may be your podcast, if you involve anyone else, particularly when doing interviews, be mindful of communicating clearly with your guest your show’s intention.

As a podcaster mindfully communicating what podcasting is with your guest ie. how it’s distributed, the possible world wide reach as well as the myriad of ways in which it can be consumed goes a long way to educate not only your guest about podcasting, but also all those that your guest shares your work with.

PJ Jonas from Busy Mom’s Survival Guide

“Make your podcast something that your children can listen to and wouldn’t be embarrassed to have their friends hear. While your podcast probably isn’t focused toward them as listeners, you never know when they’ll tune in and you want them to be proud of your efforts.”

Podcast your best…always- You never know who is going to listen to your podcast. You never know if the one person that needs to hear what you are sharing will be listening.

When those files are out in the wild and downloaded into someone’s device, there’s nothing you can do. There’s no fixing, no editing, no apologies. That file is a gift you have offered out and there’s no taking it back. Might as well take the time to offer your best.

Make sure you consciously do the optimal job you can given your current situation and circumstances.

I suppose that a good litmus test could be, would you be ok listening to your podcast with your mother? ;)

Mur Lafferty from I Should Be Writing and more…

"When my kid shows interest in my podcasting, I let her sit with me in the room. Sometimes she ends up making noise or giggling or jumping on the bed behind me, which I worry about ruining my professional illusion, but the listeners love it. So let the kids see you create things, and maybe it will get them interested as well."

Podcasting is empowering- Creativity is empowering. Self expression is empowering. Play is empowering. Individuality is empowering. Innovation is empowering. Podcasting is all that.

libsyn Loves Podcasting Mamas!

Our very own new Mommy Sarah Morio states it best: “I have found more inspiring mommies in new media and podcasting while at libsyn then most anywhere else. Kudos to all moms out there somehow finding enough energy to fuel the passion required for both parenthood and podcasting!”

Happy Mother’s Day to all creative and empowering Moms! Keep on letting your voice be heard!

Elsie Escobar

Image credit via CC hug me mom! by Sorgul

A Podcaster Gets His Own Show on The Discovery Channel!

Download the audio for the interview

I had the awesome opportunity to interview Danny Pena from Gamertag Radio and now host of his own show for Discovery Channel in Latin America called Yo Soy Danny Pena.

I asked him all about how he’s been able to continue podcasting consistently since 2005.

We chatted about how he landed his gig with Discovery Channel Latin America.

Plus, he shared some killer ideas about some of the best ways to promote your podcast and get your listener base going!

Following are some key take-aways from the video, so you can get cracking on implementing these for your own podcast!

Passion, Commitment, Promotion and Engagement For Successful Podcasting

  • Balance- Life is going to get crazy, it’s a matter of priority. Where do you focus your time?
  • Be consistent.
  • Engage with your audience: respond to them via email, forums, social media, etc.
  • Have fun.

How To Promote Your Podcast Tips

  1. Start local
  2. Use social media in relationship: promote, converse, support and network
  3. Attend live events for your niche.
  4. Reach out to the local news media.

Check out the video, we go in depth about the points above! You don’t want to miss it.

Y’all should definitely go check out Yo Soy Danny Pena! It’s a really great show. My favorite episode so far has been the show that featured Jo Garcia de Gamer Next Door! Good stuff!

Let us know what you thought about the interview in the comments, as well as any other questions you might have for Danny. I’m sure he’d be more than happy to answer them for you!


Podcast Artwork Specs For iTunes Now 1200 x 1200

itunes podcast artwork specification are 1200 x 1200 pixels

Things are a changing over at iTunes.

We sense some pretty big changes coming this way for podcasting!

Please Note: iTunes artwork is now 1200 x 1200 pixels

At the time of this writing, the tech specs on the Apple website still state the prior specs. Changes will be amended in time. Specs have now been updated by Apple

Have your podcast hosted at libsyn? Do this:

  1. Work diligently to get your artwork up to date for the new specifications.
  2. Change your podcast artwork in your libsyn account!

If any other artwork specific changes do come out, refer back to this post, as we’ll be updating here.

Where do you change your artwork?

Within your Dashboard click on the little wrenches right next to your thumbnail. A pop up screen will appear where you can easily change your podcast artwork.

Key points about changing your artwork on your account

  • You need to change the image file name of your podcast artwork or your artwork will not update in iTunes.
  • According to Apple: “iTunes supports images in JPEG and PNG formats with a RGB color space (CMYK is not supported). The URL must end in “.jpg” or “.png”.”
  • Once you do change your artwork, it may not update immediately. Please be patient.
  • When one image updates on iTunes others may not have updated yet.  Different images update at different points.

If you have any questions or need support please head on over to our HelpDesk

Hey @libsyn! I Need Help! or How To Get The Best libsyn Support

libsyn support

When something goes terribly wrong, or even just a little wonky, don't you want to fix it RIGHT AWAY?especially if you are tight on time or even have a deadline that's coming up.

We know.

We feel the same way.

We are putting this out there so that if something goes wrong for you with the libsyn service, you can start the process of getting answers and fixing the problem ASAP.

The best tried and true methods of getting libsyn support

  1. Check the libsyn support blog! (In fact, bookmark and/or subscribe to it via RSS.) This is the first place any systemwide information will be posted.
  2. Contact support via the HelpDesk.

NOTE: Optimal response times with fully loaded staff ready to rock are 8am to 8pm EST Monday-Friday

Any system-wide inability to login or access libsyn systems, inability to upload/publish, or inability to download media are top priority and will be addressed at supersonic speeds by our support ninjas.

Here's the skinny, our support team work their booties off. The team is committed to getting you the best help possible. We only ask that you are patient with us if you happen to send in a support query during the weekend of a non-priority issue.

You will absolutely get a response, but perhaps not lightning fast ;)

There are times when you won't immediately hear back from us. That does not mean that we are ignoring your issue or taking our sweet time. There are times that it's not a quick and simple fix. It may require a bit of this and that and a bit of magic fairy dust to get things back on track.

Again, you will hear back from us. We won't leave you hanging.

Why don't you guys answer support questions via Twitter or Facebook?

We love you guys!

We love to hear from you!

We don't want to stop you from communicating with us!

The thing is, when you are having issues with your account, with the system, with stats, etc. when you send us a twitter message or write on our Facebook Page we can't really help you, other than send you over to support.

Those of us that are behind the social media properties of libsyn ie. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, and the libsyn blog are not super powered support ninjas....although some of us wish we were....

Even if we were bona fide fully initiated support ninjas we wouldn't be able to help you in 140 characters or less. We would need a ton of vital info to start troubleshooting and get to the heart of the matter and doing it via social media is not the best place to do it, most especially because we want to protect your private information.

We are more qualified to helping you out with podcasting tips, tutorials, marketing, promotion and general podcasting and hosting queries.

We don't have access to the bowels of the ship. ;)

We hope you keep on reaching out to us with your podcasting questions and sharing your podcasting successes. We love to share the love!

And remember, have a support question? Support is ready to help :D

Image credit via CC "whisper room" by effekt!


Top libsyn Helpdesk Articles II [libsyn support]

Here we go again! Happy New Year!!!

Time to share some of our most frequented Knowledge Base articles so you can make your libsyn experience the best it can be!

Libsyn Questions

  1. How to change your subscription plan
  2. How to update billing
  3. Changing your iTunes feed URL
  4. What is my file URL
  5. Contacting libsyn

Smartphone Apps Questions

  1. Show Producers: Artwork Design Guide for Android Podcast App
  2. Show Producers: Artwork Design Guide For the iOS Podcast Box
  3. Show Producers: How Do I Delete or Remove an App From Sale?
  4. Show Producers: How Do I Submit My Mobile App Build Information?
  5. Show Producers: What apps are included in my libsyn plan?

If you want more of our top HelpDesk articles check out this post.

Image credit via CC "Another night at the death star helpdesk" by RC-4257

Put Your Best Footer Forward: Libsyn Template Tweaks!

We've got a new little feature for our blog templates!

This will make some of you very happy :)

You can now have page numbers at the bottom of your blog template for easy browsing!


Here's how to go about getting that new little feature

(DISCLAIMER: if you don't feel comfortable gallivanting around through your blog pages HTML code, then please don't attempt this)

1. Go to Destinations

2. Click on Webpage: Libsyn Classic Blog page

3. Within the Blogpage HTML/Code box select all and copy. Paste the code into a separate text document.

You do this, just in case something crazy happens while you are attempting this, and you need to come back to the way things were ;)

4. Within the Blogpage HTML/Code box search for [[blog_pane]]

  • To do a search on OSX: Command + F
  • To do a search on a PC: Control + F

When you see the little find box pop up, type in [[blog_pane]] and search.

You will see the HTML highlighted like in the picture below

5.. Directly after [[blog_pane]] add the code [[paginate]]

6. Save

that's it! scroll down to the bottom of your blog page to see the page numbers, like the picture below.

If you can't find "blog_pane" in your template - please contact for additional help." OR leave a comment below indicating your unique libsyn slug.

Hope you enjoy being able to browse through all your pages!

PHOTO CREDIT Kevin Dooley via CC

11 Top Podcasting Blog Posts of 2011

This has been a fantastic year of interaction and community building on our blog.

We've been doing our best to publish articles that empower you as a content creators and help you grow as a podcasters, in addition to sharing with you all the exciting ways that we are growing here at libsyn.

As we looked back at this year's posts, we thought we'd re-cap our best post for you!

The following articles hold a lot of powerful information and insight for podcasters and the end of the year is an awesome time to do a little refinement of your work! Check them out :)

1. The Accessible iTunes Podcast Page

No podcaster can ignore iTunes, whether you love it or hate it. You can get a podcast into iTunes pretty easily, but getting into iTunes isn't going to get you subscribers.

In the haste to get into iTunes, podcasters tend to miss a lot of opportunities. Read this article to make sure you are not overlooked in iTunes.

2. Optimizing Your Podcast Description and About Page

If someone stumbles onto your website will people know you have a podcast? If it's pretty clear that you have a podcast, will people know what it's about?

This article is all about making sure people know what your content is all about, so that they can choose to be a part of your community.

3. Explorations To Get More Subscribers From Your Podcast Website

Every podcaster wants more subscribers. It's not enough to post twitter and Facebook updates. Have you done your homework to get YOUR audience to subscribe to your podcast, and what you can do help that process? This article is full of great tips!

4. Twitter For Podcasters

Every one is on twitter right? ;) Are you milking it for all it's worth?

5. Twitter Followers vs Podcast Listeners- A Podcaster Perspective

Staying on the Twitter theme, just because you have a ton of twitter followers doesn't translate to podcast listeners...really. Great insight from long time podcaster Rob Walch

6. Remember When Podcasting Was For Geeks?

Technology podcast are 2% of libsyn's top 100 downloads. Technology podcasts used to rule the game! Read this post to find out how the tides are shifting and whether or not your category is gaining momentum :)

7. Best Way To Grow Your Podcast Audience

Although this article focuses on the summer season, this absolutely applies to any holiday season or vacation time. Awesome tips to stay on top while everyone else is sleeping ;)

8. Who Says Podcasting Has Lost Steam?

We don't think so! And this is what we decided to do about it

9. Podcast Luminaries: Dan Carlin

"As a certain semi-mythical figure that I work with once said: "It's not always how MANY people are listening, but who those people listening ARE."" Truly fantastic interview, particularly insightful and passionate about podcasting.

10. Your Favorite Podcasting Microphones

A great post by the podcasting twitter community chiming in on the real world microphones they all use for podcasting. Do you see your favorite? If not add it!

11. Frictionless Autoposting Of Your Episodes To Twitter and Facebook Via OnPublish

As podcasters we all want to become more efficient in our production workflow, and using OnPublish to post to twitter and facebook with your libsyn account does just that! Check out the sweet little video plus more info about this service.

Don't have a podcast?

What are you waiting for?

Top HelpDesk Articles!

Here are some FAQs that the libsyn support team gets. These are all HelpDesk articles that you can refer to whenever you desire!



Did you know we have a new HelpDesk? If not, check out this article to learn all about it!

Symbol of Confusion image used via Wikipedia

Android Market Gets a Web Based Makeover!

Yesterday Google unveiled a new web based version of the Android Marketplace with some super cool features.  Previously there was no easy way to link to Android applications on the web.  You could go to a number of third party Android App directories, but the only way to officially enter the store was on your Android device.  Well google has rectified that, and then some.  With the new Android Market, users can visit the store with their web browser, click to buy apps and those apps will automatically be delivered to their Android Device.  This happens seamlessly and more importantly... wirelessly.  There is no syncing involved, and it makes the whole process of getting apps effortless.  CNET has some video coverage on it that you might want to check out.   

So for you producers with Android Apps, be sure and update your links and descriptions around the web with your new Android Market Web URL.  Getting it is easy, just visit the Android Market.  Search for your App.  Click on it, copy the resulting page URL and put it everywhere.  You can even tweet the location of your App right from your Android Market page.  QR Codes Too!  And of course don't be shy to ask your fans to review your app.


Podcast Clean-Up Series: Check Your Links!

Podcast or podcasting icon
Image via Wikipedia

A couple of years ago, I was interviewed for podcast. Of course I linked to it in one of my blog posts as well as my own podcast show notes. About a year or so later I received an email from one of my podcast listeners informing me that a link on my site was going to a porn site!


I quickly went back to the post she mentioned and realized that the podcast had podfaded. He had let go of the url, and the url was now a porn site! I had linked to that url at least 5 times on my site.

That was when I began to make checking my links of great importance.

Websites, blogs, podcasts, media links come and go. As I initially browsed through my blogroll I realized that almost half of what I was linking to was no longer in existence. This made me have to get really clear about cleaning up my all my links.

Here’s a little check list to help you keep your links all nice and clean :)

  • Your Sidebar/Blogroll– Literally go down your sidebar and click onto everything that you have on the entire column. Make sure that you are sending people where you want them to go. Remove or update any dead links.

  • Six Months of Links– Go back to your last six months worth of posts and browse through to make sure that links that you used or referred to are actually working and in existence. Update as necessary to keep at minimum your latest post linking efficiently.

  • Videos– Videos are removed all the time. Having their code on your site slows down the loading of the post, plus irritates those that want to watch the now defunct video. Save them the hassle by removing the code or take the time to check to see if the video is available from a different video sharing service.

  • Image Links– When I first started blogging and podcasting I often linked back to images and graphics on other people’s websites. I had no idea about proper protocol. I'm still finding missing graphics and pictures on my older posts. Take the time to browse through your posts to make sure your images are all properly displaying.

  • Links to time sensitive material– Think about all the times that you promoted or shared links to events or event sites/pages that were time sensitive ie. podcamp boston 2008 sessions, macworld podcast meet-up 2007, PNME 2007 schedule, etc. Go back and un-link your references if they lead to a dead page. You can always do a quick-update and either link to a larger website with consistent relevant information, such as the main Podcamp site or write a one sentence update about the event mentioned.

On your site, the areas that have the largest amount of dead links are on your oldest posts. Going back through all your posts, especially if you've been podcasting for a long time is a tedious job. Consider setting aside some time monthly to take care of it yourself, or perhaps invest on a little help from those places like fiverr :)

I hope you have found these tips helpful!

Do you have any good tips, workflow or even plug-ins/software that could make checking dead links on your site easier? Share them! I'm always up for making my life easier :D I'm sure other folks would love to hear about them!

- Elsie Escobar

Promote Your App and Take Advantage of the Holiday Rush

The rush is coming, it's the most wonderful time for podcasters.  Downloads are usually up across the board come January, and I think its safe to say this season app hungry devices will be under a lot of trees.  So if you have an app with us, here are some great ways to put a little fuel on that yule log.  

1.  Promote Your App as an iTunes present - in the iTunes store you have the ability to "gift" apps.  Tell your fans to give the gift that keeps on giving: your app!  It's an inexpensive but thoughtful gift for your iOS loving friends. 

2.  New On Android?  Let the world know!  - If you have recently released an app in the Android marketplace and haven't talked about it on your podcast, you are missing out.  The Android platform is growing like crazy, make sure your audience knows that your app isn't limited to Apple's world any more.  If you'd like to sign up for an Android App for your show, click here.

3.  Put Shares and Stars on your Wish List - You've been a good podcaster, remind your audience that if they like your app, the least they can do is leave a good star rating for you, and tell their friends about your app.  That's two little things that go a long way to help your sales.  And you deserve it!

4.  Clickable Makes it Easy - Make sure you have put a banner, or at the very least a link in an obvious place on your web pages, blog entries, tweets, etc., so it is very easy for your audience to find your app.  

5.  Add Value - Change your app background to a holiday theme, add a blooper real, or a special holiday podcast message from you in your episode extras.  It's a way to reward your app supporters, and entice new customers.  Here's a detailed tutorial on changing your app background.  For episode extra ideas for your iOS or Android app, click here.  

We hope that you find these hints a simple way to take advantage of the rush of opportunities coming your way.  Best wishes to you all, have a fantastic New Year!   

Background Image Design Tips

You may have noticed that Google, Bing and AOL change up their home page images from time to time. Snowflakes for winter, shamrocks for St. Patrick's day, flowers for spring. You can do the same thing for your app.  Little changes like this go a long way to keep your audience entertained, engaged and invested in your content.  Check out these tips for creating a great background image for your app.


Keep in mind that the background image appears in multiple places in the app and is the default background.

Background Image Design Tips
  • The design should be simple so that the white text of the app can be clearly read.
  • When designing your background be conscious that the play button will obscure the center of your image.

Some Background Image Examples