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Cross-post Your Podcast Episode To Twitter With A Custom Message

You asked for it. cross post to twitter from within your libsyn dashboard

It’s done.

Directly from your libsyn Dashboard, now you can customize your Twitter update as it cross-posts to whatever Twitter account you have configured with your podcast.

You can get the exact instructions on how to set this up right from this awesome tutorial.

Why use OnPublish for Twitter?

There are a ton of services out there that you can use to schedule posts to various social media channels including of course Twitter.

You are already using Buffer, or Hootsuite, or whatever other service floats your boat, why would you want to use this feature?

It’s not either or.

Just use both!


Not everyone will see your ONE twitter post.

People are not on twitter 24/7. The stream of twitter updates that comes at you at any time of the day is pretty strong.

One tweet could get lost in that stream very fast. Why not make it easier for your audience and beyond, to get your content?

You can schedule a few updates using a couple of different services if you so choose.

You can share multiple links

When you do share your latest episode there are a ton of ways to do it to spread the word.

  • You can link to your episode’s shownotes.
  • You can link to your website (with of course your latest episode front and center.)
  • You can link to your media file.

Cross-posting your podcast workflow

Here is what I do to get the word out about my show.

  1. Within the libsyn dashboard I craft a personalized update for OnPublish to my Facebook Page as well as to Twitter. I schedule only the Twitter update to cross-post 2 days after I publish the episode.

  2. I publish my episode, which immediately cross-posts to my Facebook Page. The Facebook Page immediately cross-posts to Twitter.

  3. I schedule the permalink to my latest episode’s show notes to post on my Facebook Page using Buffer, for one day after publishing. That post will immediately cross-post to twitter.

  4. I schedule my newsletter to go out the morning after I publish my episode.

  5. The twitter update that I scheduled initially using Libsyn OnPublish goes out 2 days later, sharing the link to my media file.

NOTE: All the updates above are crafted differently. I don’t just say the same thing over and over and over in every update. I craft each post, sharing different aspects about the episode.

cross post your podcast directly to twitter

After that initial promotion, I just lay low and respond to anyone that’s engaged with my posts and follow up with them.

It’s an asset to be able to schedule a good portion of my workflow from right within the dashboard.

It offers me the opportunity to get the most number of eyes on my newly released content in the first few days giving me a better chance to build momentum and downloads (and sometimes even affects my iTunes ranking.)

All of this goes on automagically.

That is good.

How about it?

Wanna give the OnPublish to Twitter customized update a go?

Also, are you up for sharing your social media follow up workflow? Share and empower the community!

Elsie Escobar


Libsyn Stats Are Changing For The Better

even better stats for you podcast

Big Changes To Libsyn Stats

One of the top reasons we hear from you that you chose libsyn as your host is for our stats. 

Many of you check the stats on a daily or even hourly basis (don’t try and deny it…we totally know you do!) In order to feed your obsession we want to make sure we have as few delays as possible in the reporting of the stats.  

In the past we relied on logs to be sent to us from our CDN - and there have been a few cases this year where there was a delay in those stats.  It is because of this that we are going to change our procedure so that we get the numbers directly from our traffic servers.  

This will help speed up reporting.

We expect to see better stats responsiveness which means less delays and improved accuracy/timeliness

This also gives us a chance to improve the algorithm we are using for the stats - which has not really changed since libsyn started back in 2004.

Back then downloads were mostly just that - downloads.  

Today we are seeing more and more requests from smartphones. The way smartphones request the files is different than back in the day of downloads from iPodderX and even iTunes.  

Because of this unique request, we will be filtering out multiple requests from the same smartphone.  

We have been running tests for the past few weeks and some shows dropped a little - and others we found went up a little.  Overall there was an average decrease of about 7% which was skewed from a few large shows that have a large percentage of smartphone traffic.  

For those shows with smartphone traffic - there may be a drop of 10% to 15% in their stats or even a little more depending on the makeup of the traffic for their show.  Some shows should expect the impact to be negligible at this time.

We feel the new stats algorithm will be our most accurate to date and is designed to keep up with the changing smartphone usage landscape.  

We understand some will not be happy to see any drop in stats - but we feel this change in the stats will provide more accurate and truthful downloads that reflect the way that podcast consumption has been changing to more podcast streaming and downloads from smartphones. 

When will the stats be changing?

This Saturday March 31, from noon to midnight.

Please refer to more specifics on the libsyn support post 

Please let us know any questions / concerns you might have with regards to the change in stats in the comments below!

More concerns? email rob (at) wizzard (dot) tv

For any technical issues, please continue to contact -

Image credit via CC “Week 12” by thrp


Frictionless Autoposting Of Your Episodes To Twitter and Facebook Via OnPublish

Cross posting rocks!

Your workflow at libsyn has become even more efficient. We've just released our OnPublish Twitter and Facebook feature system wide!

What exactly is OnPublish to Twitter and Facebook?

Whenever you publish an episode from your libsyn dashboard you have the option to auto-post to Twitter and/or Facebook.

Sweet no?

Here are some other killer features:

  • Publish episodes or text posts- How about them apples? You can auto-post blog posts as well!
  • Automatically shortens URLs- Who doesn't want a URL? Totally cool.
  • Schedule your auto-posting- You can choose the time to let your audience know when you've released a new episode. SUeet!
  • Supports multiple twitter and facebook accounts (Pages not supported...yet)- You can be you and you can be your show or business. There's an efficient feature for you ;).

You can check out all the How To info over at this HelpDesk article.

So you don't have a Twitter account or Facebook account? How about checking two articles from our knowledge base to help you set them up plus tips to use them successfully :D

  1. Podcasting: Twitter
  2. Podcasting: Facebook

Let us know how it goes! We'd love to have your feedback in the comments!

Libsyn3.4 hits the ground running

The focus for libsyn 3.4 is all about producer publishing. We spent this sprint making sure we make as easy a transition between old libsyn and libsyn3 as possible, welcome new users into a system that is ready for them, and just really think about the individual podcaster.

There are several areas which are getting the most attention:
Publishing form
"previous posts"

Here's the stories the team is working off of:
UI Publish section modifications (LIBSYN-464)

Changes to the publishing section (now renamed "Publish") to reduce confusion especially for libsyn classic migrated users. All Items is now referred to in the classic libsyn syntax of "Previous Posts"

1. Simplify publishing navigation and align naming with libsyn indie to reduce confusion, errors and need for education.
2. Allow for the removal of non-episodic media file clutter from within the posts tab addressing a top support complaint.

The 'new episode / post' button now becomes "new post" and moved to the top of the list of options on the left. When editing a post, instead of a second "create new" button being present, the new post button becomes "editing post" and is the button you would click to get back to the post you are editing. If you are editing and wish to start a new post instead, you must discard the post you are editing first. If you are creating/editing a post and select another post from the list you will be prompted to discard changes to the open post (only if any changes have been made).

To make things clean and easy, remove created date from previous posts and change release date label to "post date"

The publishig section shall have 4 options:
1) new post (editing post)
2) previous posts
3) drafts
4) FTP Dropbox / Queue

The filters for audio/video/text are moved from the left panel to a dropdown menu on the previous posts grid. In addition to filtering by media type, there are also options to filter by Download Only and Posts with destinations. DO refers to any file which has been published to only the simple download destination. Posts with destinations hides DO posts.

The specific use of such a categorization is to allow the publishing UI to filter out those items from the searching/displaying of posts based on what the user needs to get to.

The filtering options are:
- All Posts
- Posts with destinations
- Download Only (public folder)
- Audio
- Video
- Text Blog Posts

Drafts are no longer displayed along with previous posts, they are accessible via their own list.

FTP Dropbox / Queue is simply a rename from the "Unpublished Media"


UI- Provide simple/advanced publishing workflow (LIBSYN-521)
For users coming from, or anyone else who does not need destination management or advertising options the basic mode will be the default view when creating a new post. For all existing PRO network users, the default option will be advanced. All new users across the board will get basic as their default view.

The basic view will consist of step 1 and step 2 combined together in a top-down single view. The producer should be able to toggle between basic and advanced modes while publishing. Whichever mode the user sets, it should be saved and used next time ("sticky").

The advanced view should have the steps numbered (1-5) to make it clear it's a publishing wizzard.

The basic view consists of:
Post Image
Release Date/Time (sets all destinations)
Media File selection
iPhone Extras (if applicable)


A read-only text file linked at the root of each users FTP login explaining how the FTP folders work. -
(contents posted in


Asset Manager (Phase 1) (LIBSYN-527)
an FTP /assets is available to upload non-audio/video/pdf files


Show-level + network-level Wizzard advertising feature (LIBSYN-525)
If the network is enabled with Wizzard Advertising feature (libsyn3, In the advertising section the top entry is "Wizzard Advertising Program". The page simply explains the wizzard advertising program, provides contact information to learn more and a checkbox which sets the master show-level "enable advertising" feature.

When that feature is disabled, the advertising options of step 4 are disabled, and for each post the "Dynamic Advertising" section is hidden. The episode filters and ad slot features of the Advertising section are disabled as well.

For networks which do not have the wizzard advertising feature, all shows are defaulted to have the enable advertising on. For networks that do have that feature, all new shows default to enable advertising off.