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How to manually subscribe to a Podcast RSS feed in iTunes 11

And it’s out!

Just like that!

iTunes 11 is here!

Notable change for podcasters to make sure you know, as you will be asked by your potential audience, there is a new way to manually subscribe to a podcast RSS feed.

The way to manually subscribe to a podcast RSS pre iTunes 11

On navigation menu, go to Advanced => Subscribe to Podcast

old way to manually subscribe to a podcast on iTunes 10

New way to manually subscribe to a podcast RSS feed in iTunes 11

On navigation menu, go to File => Subscribe to Podcast

new way to manually subscribe to a podcast on iTunes 11

As we discover new things related to podcast within iTunes 11 we’ll let y’all know!

Have you found anything new? We’d love to hear it from you :)

Podcasters At Comic Con!

Comic Con is here!!!

And podcasters are representing!

Not only are podcasters covering Comic Con, but they are also in a bunch of killer panels.

Here's a just a few of the podcasters taking over Comic Con.

Aisha Tyler

5:00-6:00 Archer: Screening and Q&A Thursday, July 12

You can find Aisha HERE, on Facebook or subscribe in iTunes

Chris Hardwick  - Nerdist

5:00-6:00 Legendary Comics Thursday, July 12

1:25-2:25 AMC's The Walking Dead Friday, July 13

12:00-1:00 Nerdist Channel— Chris Hardwick Saturday, July 14

12:30-1:30 BBC America's Doctor Who Sunday, July 15

You can find the Nerdist HERE, on Facebook or subscribe in iTunes

The 7th Annual Comics Podcasting All-Stars!

Thursday July 12 @6pm

In this killer panel there are quite a few libsyn podcasters:

FYI Folks, Cameron Hathaway will be giving some insight straight from Comic Con! check it out!

Are you going to Comic Con and podcasting about it? Are YOU in a panel and we missed it, please let us know in the comments!


An Ecclectic Mix of Great Podcasts For The Summer

great podcasts for summer listening

Summer time, such a fantastic time to discover new podcasts

We asked on our Facebook Page to get some suggestions of great podcast listening for the summer. Here is a great little list for you to discover some great content, described by the podcasters themselves :)

Hope you enjoy :)

Podcast Suggestions for the Summer

Paladin Corps Book One K. Gainor

A brand new author, who’s first novel is completed and released in it’s entirety as a Podcast. It’s a fun mix of light science fiction, action and intrigue, and all available for free.

It debut’s August 1st on podiobooks, but it was out there first on Libsyn. People can check it out, and learn more about the author at Subscribe RSS, iTunes

Take The Red Pill Podcast

Summer heat weighing you down, keeping you immobile? Does the heavy humid air prevent you from wanting to move?

Listen to Take The Red Pill Podcast, leave your body behind and let your mind wander to the furthest reaches of the cosmos. Beat the heat, let your consciousness retreat, subscribe to Take The Red Pill. RSS, iTunes, Facebook.

Bigg Success

These podcast episodes about living life on your own terms are short and sweet. Perfect listening during a morning walk in the sun, a rest in the shade, a swing on the hammock, or a drive to the lake.

Here’s to summertime and your BIGG Success. Subscribe iTunes, Facebook

Shoddy Radio

Shoddy Radio is funny. It is not a comedy podcast “about” comedy, every episode will make you laugh. Honestly. If you listen to two full episodes and don’t laugh once… then you’re doing it wrong! Listen some more, until you get it right.

There’s an awesome group of guests lined up for this summer so now is the perfect time to hop on board. Subscribe iTunes

The Recovery Room

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to… 
The Recovery Room 
Join LIVE at 7pm (EST) This podcast is about everyday life. Roast Master, American Muslim with lots of opinions. Why not? Subscribe RSS, Facebook

Young PR Pros

The podcast helps students prepare themselves for a career in public relations. What better summer listening than getting tips to land a summer job or a full time career in September. Subscribe iTunes, Facebook, RSS

DUH Podcast for Horse Owners

DUH Podcast for Horse Owners is perfect summer listening. What better way to spend a lazy summer evening than on the back of your horse?

Picture this - moseying down the trail on your horse while listening to them share their horse experience. It would be like having two extra riders along. Heck, that’s almost a posse! Come on. Ride! And, with the new podcast app from Apple, our podcast is even easier to find. Subscribe iTunes, Facebook, RSS

Do you have other podcasts to share for the best summertime listening? Share in the comments below!

Image credit via CC MIAMI SUMMER 07 #16 by [le]doo (francis)


Awesome New Podcaster Facebook Timeline Pages

What do you think of the new Timeline for Facebook Pages?

Some podcasters have done a great job getting their timeline pages updated.

We recently asked our podcasters via Twitter and Facebook to share their newly pimped out timeline pages with us and here is what we got! A little inspiration from some of the most eye-catching Timeline updates!

Check out your favorites by clicking on their image and LIKE them!

the podcast helper facebook page

the tokyo podcast facebook page

facebook page for window to the magic

facebook page to the nerdist podcast

They look very nice don’t they?

We should probably do this again soon….so get your Timeline all shined up and we may just do another post like this soon!

If we missed your fabulous updated Timeline and you’ve got an eye catching Timeline image all ready to go, share your FB Page link in the comments!


Spring Forward With Food, Wellness and Travel!

spring podcasts that will help you health, cooking and travel

Happy springing forward day!

You know what that means...SPRING IS ALMOST HERE!!! At least for those of us in the northern hemisphere :)

It's almost 3 full months into your new resolutions.


How many of you guys are still going strong with them? I know most of us tend to drop them, or get frustrated or even wonder, what resolutions?

Springtime is a fantastic time to re-align, to let yourself do some internal and external spring cleaning and get back to that which you committed yourself to or want to commit yourself to.

Since we love podcasts and recognize their power to inspire, educate and entertain we're sharing some superb podcasts to inspire you and welcome Spring in a big way.

Power Up Your Food With The Harvest Eating Podcast

harvest eating podcast learning all about seasonal cooking in an easy way

"Seasonal Cooking Made Easy"

Have you ever considered gardening? What does it mean to eat local and seasonal food? Have you ever wanted to eat crazy fresh and delicious food and didn't know how to go about it? What exactly does it mean to eat consciously?

If any of the questions above intrigued you, you must listen to the Harvest Eating Podcast. Chef Keith Snow does an incredible job of teaching, inspiring and sharing all the right reasons to rethink (or enhance) your perceptive on food, plus give you the tools to do it a simple way.

Every podcast is chock full tips about produce, gardening, sustainability, cooking, canning, and much much more. It's all done very simply and organically from a deeply personal perspective.

The voice of podcasting at its essence is alive and well through the voice of Keith Snow.

EXTRA: Harvest Eating also offers an abundance of yummitastic recipes and a ton of videos!

Remember to SUBSCRIBE in iTunes or at

Nourish and Enhance the Athlete in You with The Dr. David Geier Show

sports injury treatment prevention and wellness with dr. david geier

"Sports Injury Treatment, Prevention And Wellness Information From Top Orthopaedic Surgeon And Sports Medicine Expert"

Even if you are not an athlete, you will always learn something very powerful about the body, health, wellness and rehabilitation by listening to the Dr. David Geier Show.

The podcast is primarily aimed at sports injury treatment, prevention and wellness, but much of what Dr. Geier speaks about can be goes beyond sports. Dr. Geier is grounded, passionate and highly knowledable. He not only educates his audience but fully engages with them by asking questions and deepening the conversation through his podcast, as well as using social media in a very effective way.

If you have been wanting to get back to your body, and get into shape, either for the first time, or perhaps have been afraid because of prior injury, Dr. Geier can inspire you to take the plunge!

Springtime is the time to just do it!

Do it up for springtime and SUBSCRIBE to The Dr. David Geier Show!

Inspire and Inform Your Inner Traveler with World Footprints Travel Report

"Leaving Positive Footprints One Step At a Time"

There is a lot more to traveling than simply...traveling.

The World Footprints Travel Report is a very easily consumable short podcast giving you commentary and insight about places and travel. It's aim it to "encourage travelers to seek authentic travel experiences that leave positive footprints."

It's accessible and easy to digest. It also offers an opportunity to expand your world and mind no matter where you are.

What are you waiting for? SUBSCRIBE!

What about you?

Are there any podcasts out there that help you ease into spring and it's vibrant energy? Share them with us!

Wanna join the libsyn team? Go ahead and START HERE!

Image credit via CC "sparklin' drops of spring" by Steve took it


Congratulations to libsyn shows featured on the iTunes Podcast Front Page This Week!

We are so excited for our producers that are featured in the iTunes podcast front page!

Libsyn podcasts are always featured across the iTunes Podcasting pages and this week we thought we would share a few that made the home page including new-comers Matt Paxton from the show Hoarders.

Check them out they R O C K!

Podcasts in the screenshot

Other podcasts on the page

If your libsyn podcast is featured in iTunes, why don't you let us know? We'd love to give you a shout-out! Email elsie.wizzard(at)gmail(dot)com

Congratulations to Libsyn Podcast Award Winners!

LuMaxArt Golden Guy Trophy Winner

There were a ton of libsyn podcasters that were nominated for Podcast Awards there were bound to be some winners, and here they are!!!

Best Produced Podcast

Inside the Magic


WTF with Marc Maron

iPhone app

Android app


Greetings From Nowhere

Android app



iPhone app


Majority Report


WDW Radio

iPhone app

Android app


Skeptics Guide To The Universe

Congratulations to all of you on behalf of the libsyn team :)

image credit via creative commons to

Celebrate Halloween Listening To Podcasts!

Not going out treat or treating? Or going trick or treating but would like a little break?

Here are some Halloween Episodes from libsyn podcasters that shared them with us via Twitter and our Facebook Page.

Make a little playlist and enjoy!

  1. The Groove- download mp3
  2. Take The Red Pill- download mp3
  3. ISPodcast- download mp3
  4. Mike Lee and Terry Martin Podcast- download mp3
  5. The Moonlit Road- download mp3
  6. Reality Check Podcast- download mp3
  7. The Thumbcast- download mp3
  8. Artic Circle Radio- download mp3
  9. Lethal Injection Podcast- download mp3
  10. Inside The Magic- download mp3

Happy Halloween!!

How about you? Wanna share your Halloween episode? Do it in the comments below :)

Are you ready for some Football? We're Talking Serious Football Podcasts

Madden PodcastLibsyn's hometown is Pittsburgh, PA.  Pittsburghers take football season very, VERY seriously. has a whole roster (pun intended) of football podcasts to help you stay informed this football season. First up - say hello to one of our newest shows - EA Sport's Madden NFL 12 Podcast.

The EA Sports Madden NFL 12 Podcast, a weekly hour-long audio podcast, covers the latest in Madden NFL 12 news, rosters and team updates. Created for NFL football fans, the show provides a unique behind the scene look at the all-time favorite football related video game and commentary on the NFL and Fantasy Football. Included is a recap of NFL weekly games, injury reports, insight on the upcoming schedule and weekly picks.

But the serious fan know you need more than just one podcasts.  We told you Libsyn was ready for the football season!  MAdden NFL is just the beginning.  Check out these NFL podcasts:

We've got even more football podcasts for the serious fan, created by the fans themselves - check out these fancasts:

Free Entertainment For Traveling Kids in The Summertime With Podcasts!

It's time to introduce your kids to podcasting!

With all the traveling and vacation time in the summer kids get a little loopy from all that freedom, especially when they are in a contained space, such as a car ;)

You can get a portable DVD player and buy tons of DVDs. You can have them use your iOS device or other tablet to watch Netflix or Hulu. Both of these are great ideas.

What if you don't want to spend any money or have wifi or 3G connection? It's time to give podcasts a shot.

The following are some of the most popular Kids Podcasts from Wizzard Media. Subscribe, download as many as you can and you have hours of entertainment at your fingertips!

The following podcast descriptions have all come from iTunes or the podcast's about page

Top Kids Podcasts

Mostly Trivial: Subscribe in iTunes

A fun, general and short trivia game.

Storynory: Subscribe in iTunes or get the iOS App

Storynory brings you an audio story every week. Each one is beautifully read by Natasha Gostwick and friends. Let Natasha's voice beguile you with classic fairy tales, new children's stories, poems, myths, adventures and romance.

My Baby Monsters: Subscribe in iTunes

Listen to the stories of a child, then add your own ending. In addition to fun, this collaborative storytelling podcast and free coloring pages (created by a six-year old girl and her dad) is an educational blend of playful learning and technology designed to help children, their parents, and educators around the world enhance their communication skills.

The Dog Files: Subscribe in iTunes

Everything you ever wanted to know about dogs and the people who love them!

Science Experiments for kids: Subscribe in iTunes or get the iOS App is a online science community that offers science experiments, science projects, science kits, and science classes for kids. Each month we provide live science webcasts. Look for our Podcast in the iTunes Store.

Kid Power Radio: Subscribe in iTunes

Listen to reviews of the latest kids tv shows, kids movies, kids books, websites and video games straight from the mouth of a kid. This show was created by a nine year old boy. He writes and performs it weekly.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Simply do a search in iTunes for kids podcasts and you'll be pleasantly surprised at the amount of awesome free content you can get!

Image by roarpett via Flickr with a CreativeCommons NonCommercial ShareAlike license

Inspiring Indepence Day Podcasts For Your Listening Pleasure

Happy Independence Day weekend United States peeps!

In case you want to celebrate July 4th by listening to some history and/or political content, check out these awesome podcasts below :) They are awesome! (Even if you happen to not be from the US!)

Matt's History Today

"MTIH presents a quick look at an event that happened on this day in the past. For both the history buff and the casual listener!" - iTunes description

Subscribe in iTunes

2 Cent History Podcast

"History Podcast focusing on events from Modern to Ancient times. The objective is to bring history alive through the people who lived and shaped major events." - iTunes description

Subscribe in iTunes

Common Sense with Dan Carlin

"An independent look at politics and current events from popular New Media personality Dan Carlin. Carlin's self-described "Martian" viewpoints infuse each episode with a political alien's take on the world around us and the problems it faces. It's a smart, unique (and admittedly U.S.-centric) program that doesn't dumb down the information or analysis for the slowest person in the room. For those craving a deeper intellectual analysis, a less partisan approach and unpredictable outside-the-box revelations, Common Sense with Dan Carlin is a feast for the mind." - iTunes description

Subscribe in iTunes

Best of the Left

"This podcast is a beautifully executed compilation combining the absolute best in left-leaning political news, commentary and occasional comedy with great music to pull it all together. Each edition I choose a political theme and deliver a variety of stories and perspectives from an array of sources on that theme. By the way, this is an ENHANCED PODCAST with cool features built in which is fun but that means that it's not compatible with everyone's audio player. For the STANDARD MP3 feed visit to subscribe (even if you still want to use iTunes to manage your subscription)". -iTunes description

Subscribe in iTunes

OutloudOpinion- Audio of America's Top Conservative Columnists

"Audio versions of Creators Syndicate Authors" - iTunes description

Subscribe in iTunes

Free Talk Live

"What's on your mind? Unlike those right-wing or left-liberal extremist shows, Free Talk Live is talk radio that ANYONE can take control of. Yes, even you. This is talk radio for politics in a digital age. What is the meaning of freedom? This show is about Liberty with a capital L." -iTunes description

Subscribe in iTunes

Do you want to join the libsyn team like the podcasts above? Check out this post HERE to help you learn a little bit more about us!

Mommy Podcasts: Providing What Money Can't Buy For Mother's Day

Community, Communication and Support

Even though there are times that as a Mother I want stuff ie. clothes, jewelry, gadgets, etc. what I long for and desire the most as a mother you can't really buy anywhere.

Mothers desire connection

Primarily connection with other Mamas. There are times when I feel like I'm the only mother in the world that is going through whatever I'm going through at the time, toddler tantrums, explosive messes that refuse to get cleaned up, child ailments, sleepless nights...I could go on and on ;)

Mothers long for communication

I often times simply want to share with someone, someone that gets how hard being a Mama truly is, or how incredible the world is as seen through your child's eyes, or simply talking about something that is not at all child related with another woman!

Mothers need support

At first I thought I could do it all- by myself. I had up to this point set my mind to anything I desired and simply done it, often times to the chagrin of those that were closest to me. Why would motherhood be different? Well, it seems like this whole mothering thing works sooooo much better with support, help, advice, and encouragement.

What if you don't have a built in community of Mothers that can be available at any time?

Mommy Podcasts to the rescue!

You need to feel supported and heard? How about feeling that you belong?

Check out these Mommy podcasts that will provide you with at least a little bit of recognition and entertainment, but most of all moments of knowing that you are not alone!

Manic Mommies

The trials and tribulations, joys and triumphs of Erin and Kristin - two working mothers trying to do it all (and do it all well, of course)! Shows feature honest, funny chats about motherhood, pop culture, and the crazy act of balancing work and family. Regular features include guest interviews, advice from parenting coach Kathy, and pediatrician Dr. Rob. Not just for "working" moms - for all moms and dads! Driven by our Chevrolet and our fabulous Gal Pals.

New Moms, New Babies: Tips, Tricks, Sanity Savers

Real Moms. Real Stories. A weekly podcast by new moms, for new moms with tips, tricks and sanity savers on sleeping, feeding, crying and more! Guests include, doctors, pediatricians, authors, experts on child seat safety, strollers, baby carriers, activities and more! Friendly advice, various perspectives and relevant information to get you through those first years.

PregTASTIC Pregnancy Podcast

PregTASTIC is the weekly podcast by pregnant women, for pregnant women about the fantastic journey to motherhood. Full of expert information and friendly advice, opinions and different perspectives for soon-to-be moms. Weekly guests include doctors, doulas, authors etc. Hosted by "real" pregnant women with the same joys, concerns and swollen feet as our listeners.

Full Time Mom

The Full Time Mom Podcast is the weekly audio journal podcast of Stephanie Ravenscraft. In each episode, Stephanie gives you a very authentic and transparent look into her pursuit of being the best wife and mother that she can be. This is not your typical “mommy podcast.” It is a known fact that Cliff likes to talk a lot. While Stephanie regularly co-hosts, with Cliff, on a large number of podcasts found at, this is a podcast where Stephanie has a chance to share everything that is on her mind. Be prepared to be entertained, encouraged, and inspired by this show. [update Full Time Mom's last episode was published on January 6, 2012]

This is by no means a full list of Mommy podcasts out there. As a Mama and as a podcast addict I have waaaaaay too much on my plate to give each and every podcast due diligence, so, this is when I say:

Do you have a favorite Mommy podcast that is not on this list and absolutely MUST be heard or seen?

Please leave it in the comments below! Remember it's all about community, support, and communication!

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!

-Elsie Escobar

Motivating High Energy Fitness App And Classic Radio Play Podcast Get Some Love!

We love to see independent producers get much deserved publicity! Congratulations guys!

Motion Traxx In The Chicago Tribune

Featured in an article for the Chicago Tribune offering high tech suggestions to facilitate your fitness plans, the Motion Traxx Android App is highlighted for runners and bikers as a "non-stop high-energy soundtrack for your workout that keeps you motivated when moving."

I don't know about you, but anything that keeps me motivated to continue my workouts is absolutely welcome in my book!

You can get the Motion Traxx Android App HERE and the iPhone App HERE. Both are $2.99.

Not up for an App? You can subscribe to the Motion Traxx Podcast HERE

Decoder Ring Theater On BBC News Online

The Decoder Ring Theater was just recently featured on Click: The BBC's Flagship Technology Programme. Do you know about the Decoder Ring? Here's a teeny bit about them:

Welcome to Decoder Ring Theatre - home of all-new audio adventures in the tradition of the classic programs of Radio's Golden Age. Here you will find full-length, full-cast tales of mystery and adventure to fire your imagination, with new releases on the 1st and 15th of every month, year-round

And according to the Click video (2:36 min in to be exact) that featured them they are:

  • "Something to entertain you while you're driving."
  • "Audio adventures for those who hancker for the golden age of classic radio plays."
  • "20 to 30 minutes an episode they make the perfect companion"

Sweet huh? Looking for some entertainment the old fashioned way? How about subscribing to The Decoder Ring?

We love to see this sort of stuff! Please remember to let us know if your podcast is featured somewhere, we would love to highlight your successes :)


Do you want to join the libsyn team? Check out this post HERE to help you learn a little bit more about us!

Business and Film Podcasts Getting Some Well Deserved Publicity

Wanted to showcase some libsyn podcasts that have recently been featured in some high profile blogs! Congratulations!

Mashable's article 3 Success Stories From Creative Small Businesses highlighted two awesome libsyn podcasts:

More Hip Than Hippie

Ready, Set, Knit

USA Today's PopCandy featured a ton of libsyn podcasters in it's article Pop Podcast Primer: My Top 10 Film Podcasts, which actually resembles very much one of our latest blog posts ;)

Hollywood Babble On



Creative Screenwriting

The Tobolowsky Files

Movies You Should See

I love to see this sort of stuff! Please remember to let us know if your podcast is featured somewhere, we would love to highlight your successes :)


Do you want to join the libsyn team? Check out this post HERE to help you learn a little bit more about us and what we have to offer!

What Does The New Facebook Page Overhaul Mean To Podcasters? Plus Podcaster on Fox News

Did you guys know that Facebook Pages are going to be getting a major overhaul?

There are a TON of new features that will help us podcasters connect and deepen our relationships with our audience, including:

  • Video (among others- live streaming)
  • In depth analytics
  • Simple design to elegant in depth customized designs
  • New iframe tabs hosted on your website

Mighty podcaster and founder of Podcamp Christopher S. Penn was interviewed on Fox News a few days ago talking about these changes.

Go Chris!

Check out the video below.

Here is a link to more info on these pages on the Blue Sky Factory blog.

Chris also spoke more about the subject on his latest episode of Marketing Over Coffee. Check it out if you haven't already. Click HERE for the shownotes and linkage. If you care about this stuff, listening to at least the first 6 minutes is very much worth it. 

The Marketing Over Coffee guys are REALLY great, y'all should consider subscribing or getting their iPhone App. Good stuff...really good stuff!

Hurrah for podcasters in mainstream media! Love it!

What do you think of the changes to the Facebook Pages ? Do you think they'll help you connect with your audience in a better way? Or will this just make it way too complicated?

Let us know in the comments!


Beyond the Oscars: Podcast Style

The Oscars are this weekend!

I'm sad to say that I have not watched ONE of the nominated films for ANY category. Podcasting working Mamas of toddlers can't have it all ;)

But we do have podcasts.

In lieu of being able to go the movies, or even watch the Oscars this weekend why not share some awesome podcasts that will give you some of the best reviews and discussion about this year's nominees and more?


Here is a list of the episode reviews of the nominated movies for this year's Best Picture:

These are not the only episodes that offer insight regarding Oscar nominated films. If you get sucked into FilmSpotting, you should go over their website and do a search for whatever you are looking for. You'll have plenty of material to keep you busy!

Film Talk

Here are some episodes that are Oscar focused plus a few reviews of some Best Picture Nominees:

Like Filmspotting, Film Talk has an immense catalogue that will usurp your time for years with discussion and reviews. Check them out and immerse in Film listening ;)

Comedy Film Nerds

Although I could not find direct links to the Oscar-centric episodes for this podcast, episodes 44-46 have Oscar themes. Check them out in iTunes HERE.

The /Filmcast

Are you up for fresh perspective and quality interviews? Look no further, delve into the world of The /Filmcast and you will not be disappointed :)

Doug Loves Movies

You simply have to subscribe to this one. M'kay?

Creative Screenwriter Magazine

Here are some fantastic insights, and conversation deeper into the nominated films. These are only a teeny bit of what is available at Creative Screenwriter Magazine. The wealth of information and entertainment is giant. Consider subscribing :)

Oscar Mobile Apps Anyone?

What if you want to have more than a podcast? How about getting the podcast apps for some of the shows mentioned above? That way you'll have film discussion at your whim, since I know if you listen to the above podcasts, you'll just want more, way after the Oscars have come and gone ;)

Hope you enjoy!


Expand Your Learning With Podcasts in 2011

Philosophy & Poetry
                                                                                      Image by Lawrence OP via Flickr

As the new year rolls in, we often take inventory of our lives, perhaps even decide to expand our horizons. Podcasting provides an opportunity to learn and deepen the understanding of the world around us in a really simple and cost effective way. You can immerse yourself in a topic so completely, it feels like you've gone back to the university :) Here are a few podcasts to get you going with your Podcast Art and Science degree ;)


  • Podictionary- the podcast for word lovers- Short and sweet and totally easy to consume. I always love learning the history behind words and adding more to my vocabulary. If you don't want to subscribe you can get the iphone app and have a ton of words at your disposal. Great reference.

  • Brain Science- "Recent discoveries in neuroscience are unraveling the mysteries of how our brain makes us who we are." I already subscribe to so many podcasts, to the outsider it would seem a bit obsessive. I've been trying to stop my subscribe tendencies, but I just couldn't help it when it came to Brain Science. The quality of information offered, the depth on insight and simply the subject matter is the perfect podcast for revving up your brain for optimal functioning ;) You also get the opportunity to see the world and yourself in a whole new way. Give your brain a workout. Dr. Campbell offers very detailed shownotes, so if you don't want to listen or subscribe at first, hop on over to the site, or even subscribe to the blog RSS feed and get your learning that way. If that's not enough Brain Science also has an iPhone AND and Android app with access to the full shownotes as PDFs!

  • Books and Ideas- This is another one by my new favorite person Dr. Ginger Campbell. It's sort of the spill over from her Brain Science podcast, "exploring history, philosophy, other areas of science, science fiction, monthly interview with an interesting person." If a podcast all about the science of the brain is not your cup of tea but you wanna delve into the world of science in an accessible way, check this one out. You won't regret it. The iPhone app offers detailed shownotes via PDF! Love it.

  • Microbeworld Radio- "An educational outreach initiative that revolved around a daily, 90-second radio and podcast series designed to increase public understanding and appreciation of the vital role microbes play on our planet and to promote the science of microbiology." Yes, this is a podcast all about the teeniest of the tiny. Who knew how magical it could be to delve into the micro? The more you get into the micro the more you see it in the macro. You must first start at the Microbeworld website. It's jammed packed with info. You'll see there that Microbeworld Radio is not just one podcast, but a lot of them: BacterioFiles, Meet the Scientist, Mundo de los microbios, This week in Parasitism, This Week in Virology and more. You can subscribe individually to each one of these shows, or you can simply get the iPhone app and have them all at once. Nice.

  • Photography 101- Having an iPhone 4 has made me be a picture taking maniac. This podcast is a great way to learn a little bit more about all aspects of photography. There are tons of episodes available that address the simple to the complex. One of the latest podcasts has nothing to do with digital photography but with a really cool technique for polaroid pictures called polaroid SX-70 manipulation. It's very cool. Now if I could just get my hand on a polaroid camera...Photography101 is also available for the iPhone and Android.

  • Philosophy Bites and Philosophy The Classics- I put these together, not because they have to be listened to together, nor because they are alike, but because they complement one another. Get into the conversation with Philosophy Bites. Listen to discourse and in depth interviews with awesome philosophers. You get an opportunity to become informed about an array of books that perhaps you have never heard of, plus be exposed to aspects of philosophy you may not get a chance to anywhere else! Philosophy The Classics is just that, The Classics. It is Nigel Warburton reading off his book of the same name. A really great resource to have. iPhone apps are available for both Philosophy Bites and Philosophy The Classics

  • iWoodwork- When was the last time that you did anything with your hands? I suppose getting started woodworking may be a bit far fetched, especially if you've never done anything like it, (plus you do need all the tools and everything), but I simply could not pass up the opportunity to share this podcast. Mark Sterner is such a great guy, down to earth, humble, knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. He cares deeply about his work and loves his community. His video podcast is very well done and thought out. He's supported by the Mark Adams School of Woodworking, having them as a sponsor and also helping them with their online woodworking presence. Check out iWoodwork even if you don't woodwork, it'll get your creativity going. If you do woodwork, this is a must for you! iWoodwork is also available as an iPhone app.

  • The Barefoot Beekeeper- I'm sure at some point you have heard all about the slow disappearance of bees and the huge impact that they have to our ecosystem. This podcast offers so much information about beekeeping, the bee ecosystem, as well as the world ecosystem. You get an opportunity to listen to interviews with an swarm of experts within and without the beekeeping culture, plus learn tips and tricks about building and keeping your own beehives! The passion for beekeeping also stumbles over onto an iPhone app called Biobees :)

I hope learning a bit about some of these podcasts inspires you to learn something new and subscribe, or at minimum pop on over to iTunes and search for a subject you've been interested about for a long time and haven't ever followed through :) Podcasting is the ultimate choice of taking your education and growth into your own hands, offered to you by those that are truly passionate about what they know.

Learn, grow and expand for 2011!

How about sharing some of your favorite podcasts that helped you learn something new? Share them below!

- Elsie

9 Health and Fitness Podcasts and Apps For Sustaining Healthy Living in 2011

This time of year is when the majority of us decide it’s time to get healthy, or at minimum start to make better choices about our health. I've already seen a ton of posts out there guiding folks towards the best health and fitness apps and there will be a lot more how-to guidance from the health and fitness community.

The hardest aspect about living a healthier life beyond the first step is sustainability.

Without a doubt at the beginning of the year, there is a vast amount of support from many different places: local news, newspaper articles, special reports, magazine features, digital products, blog posts…I could go on and on. This helps whatever choice you have made stay front of mind, but as the year goes along, holding steady to your resolutions will become pretty darn hard.

Since diet and fitness is not our expertise ;) we offer you a few podcasts that will help you maintain your commitment toward living a healthier lifestyle.

Why podcasts? Because they are intimate, personal, community oriented, accessible and generally produced by folks that are absolutely passionate about what they do. Who wouldn’t want that person in their corner while attempting to take control of their health?

Podcasts offer you an array of points of view that are not only about your own individual fitness and diet choices but show you a well rounded approach toward living a whole healthy life.

  1. Sustainable World Radio– As you get healthier you'll want the world around you to be just as healthy. This podcast offers you ways to take your health beyond your own body to the next level.

  2. The Living Barefoot Show– Hadn’t heard about running barefoot and it’s plethora of health benefits? This podcast will get you up to speed with insight, philosophy, gear and news regarding the newest fitness/health craze of running and living barefoot!

  3. Phedippidations– Running is a passion for so many people. If you are remotely thinking of starting to run in your fitness routine, this show is a must! If you listen consistently and you are not running or have never run, you will. Guaranteed. Bonus: this is one of the longest running and most consistent podcasts ever!

  4. Yogamazing– So running is not your thing, how about some yoga. Chaz offers you some easy to digest short video classes to get you started. He has tons of videos with different themes and focuses.

  5. Meditation Oasis and Meditation Station– Optimal fitness isn’t just about your physical body, our minds and the key towards true transformation. These podcast offers an array of short meditations and visualizations for different kinds of emotional and physical situations: anger, stress, creativity, rest, etc.

  6. Vegetarian Food for Thought Podcast– Obviously food plays a huge part in health and wellness. Even if your choice in diet is not a vegan lifestyle, this podcast gives you ways for to make more informed food choices.

  7. Build A Sexy Body– Love the description of this podcast “Honest and powerful information so you can get into the best shape ever.” The information ranges from specific information regarding building a specific body part, tips for gym workouts, cooking and tons fitness related information.

  8. The Reasonable Diet’s 6 Minute of Sanity– Information, motivation, tips and more toward firmly embarking and sticking with a more directed weight loss plan. Sandra gives great every day advice and is an awesome diet coach to have in your corner.

  9. Elsie’s Yoga Class– Full Disclosure, this is my podcast :) Taking yoga classes in yoga studios is expensive and perhaps for newbies, a bit intimidating. This audio podcast is designed to bring the class experience to you. Classes range from absolute beginners to more advance practitioners with occasional mini video tutorials.

These podcasts are awesome ways to keep you motivated throughout the year! Just download of few episodes of each and when you are feeling less than motivated tap that play button and listen!

BONUS: All the podcasts above have corresponding mobile apps that offer really helpful and in depth extra content for their show as well as greater accessibility!

We hope you have a sustainable healthy and happy entire new year :)

If you have a favorite health, fitness or cooking podcast that is your favorite, why not share it in the comments?

- Elsie