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Libsyn Round-Up 2012

easy ways to monetize your podcast

We cannot believe how fast this year has gone by! As we took the time to look back at what we’ve accomplished this year we realize how far we’ve come.

This year we started on the path to take podcasting everywhere. The podcast audience is not only in one place. People don’t consume podcasts in one place.

For the podcast producer this is exciting and at the same time a little overwhelming because that means being in more places and getting your podcast out in a myriad of ways.

This year we provided a handful of tools to make this entire process a lot easier for producers, right from within the Libsyn dashboard through our OnPublish feature which easily cross-posts your content to Twitter, Facebook, Blogger and Wordpress as well as our fantastic Podcast Player App for Facebook.

Not only were we right in there with helping you be ubiquitous with your podcast through easy sharing, but have also continued to iterate our amazing Android and iOS smartphone apps and provide our producers with an even greater advantage to discovery via the estimated 786 million smartphone devices sold in 2012.

Take a look below at the awesome accomplishments from the Libsyn Team in 2012.

easy ways to monetize your podcast

MyLibsyn The Easy Way To Make Your Podcast Premium

even better stats for you podcast

Libsyn Stats are Changing For The Better

Libsyn OnPublish Now For Facebook Pages

onpublish to facebook via

Your Own Customized Podcast Player Right Within Facebook!

Publish Your Episodes Directly To Wordpress

new libsyn stats look

Libsyn Stats Got A Little Love

cross post your podcast episodes to blogger

Publish Your Podcast Episodes Straight to Blogger

cross post to twitter from within your libsyn dashboard

Cross-post Your Podcast Episode To Twitter With A Custom Message

iCloud Support and 4 different ways to publish content on the app

eight years of supporting podcasters by providing the best hosting platform

Libsyn turns 8 years old!

new way to contact libsyn users via the dashboard

A New Way To Get Important Info: Announcements Widget

We are so excited for 2013!

Our team is chomping at the bit as we get ready for some more greatness coming up this year. We sense podcasting growing and becoming more embedded in the ever changing world of media consumption.

We look forward to another incredible of year in service of podcasting. Thank you so much to all of you for supporting us this year!

Libsyn Turns Eight Years Old!

eight years of supporting podcasters by providing the best hosting platform

It’s Libsyn’s birthday today!!!!

Eight years serving the podcasting community.

We want to say thank you for all of your support. We are proud to be part of how you create and get your voice out!

If you want to know a bit more of our story, READ THIS

libsyn Stats Got a Little Love

You may now behold your beloved stats via your iOS devices

As you can see from the twitter updates above, folks think they look purty :)

And they do look quite lovely, all those charts and pretty colors…that is if you’re into stuff like that.

Now you can obsessively check your stats from your iOS device every single moment of the day.

The nasty flash has been eradicated.

new libsyn stats looknew libsyn stats look

Summary of downloads added

Now you can get more granular in looking at your stats for Daily Totals, Weekly Totals and Monthly Totals.


Great way to check if any particular marketing strategy that you used helped you get more downloads!

daily libsyn statsweekly libsyn statsmonthly stats at libsyn

So what do you guys think?

Leave us a comment and let the devs know your thoughts! Give them some love! If you have feedback, even better!


Top Comedy Podcasts Host On Libsyn and LibsynPRO!

We browse around iTunes periodically, you know, checking things out…

Scanning through the categories…

Checking out the featured and new and notables….

And guess what we found…

We are currently hosting 95% of the top Audio Comedy Podcasts!

That’s the coolest thing ever!

We are beyond honored to be able to help these phenomenal artists get their work out into the world. We are crazy proud that they’ve trusted us to provide them the tools to take over the world ;)

And to spread the love, we also want say thank you to all of the rest of you that have trusted us get your work out there. You guys are all so awesome :)

Look for more upcoming ‘Who’s on Libsyn’ highlights with our Podcast Luminaries, Rockin’ New Podcasts and Facebook – we are featuring and showcases our producers on our Facebook App!

Check it out and support your fellow podcast producers!

Keep creating!

Keep podcasting!

Podcasters rock!


If you want to listen to some of those top comedy podcasts, you can easily check them out here.

Wanna be a part of the libsyn family? Start HERE


Welcome George Lopez to libsynPRO!

Libsyn and George Lopez!

Tell Me Your Story plus the Sideshow Network of Comedy Podcasts are now with libsynPRO!

We are honored that George Lopez and the Sideshow Network chose libsynPRO to host their podcasts!

George has been doing such great work in mainstream media with one of the top 5 syndicated shows The George Lopez Show as well as his brand spanking new game show called Take Me Out and now he’s taking the world of podcasting by storm!

George has a new audio podcast (yippee for audio podcasting!) called Tell Me Your Story, where he “features intimate conversations between him and real (or extraordinary) people with extraordinary life stories”.

Check out his podcast on the libsyn directory! :)

It’s so inspiring to see such a well known name choose podcasting as another medium to express himself and engage with his community.

George has taken social media by storm corrently having over a million followers (holy cow!) and a very active Facebook Page with over 7 million likes! Wowza!

Guess how he’s sharing his new podcast?

He’s using our awesome Facebook Customized Tab and using the Libsyn Player! Pretty cool!

What? You want your own customized tab to play your podcast on Facebook using the libsyn Player? Go for it. Go HERE to learn how :)

Let’s welcome George to the Wizzard Media / libsyn family by giving him some Like love and sharing listening to his podcast via the libsyn app on Facebook!


Using Mylibsyn To Offer Exclusive Content: Girl On Guy With Aisha Tyler

monetizing your podcast with mylibsyn As you’ve probably heard we have this nifty new offering called Mylibsyn. It’s the easiest way to create premium content and monetize your podcast.

Quick summary of Mylibsyn: As a podcast producer you have the ability to offer premium content subscriptions to your audience with one login across multiple platforms. You can check out THIS POST for more info

In the past couple of weeks we’ve looked at the way that Marc Maron was using Mylibsyn as well as Summer McStravick from Flow Dreaming. This week we’ll take a look at Aisha Tyler.

How to monetize your podcast? Check out Aisha Tyler’s Girl On Guy

The SUUUUUPER talented and multi-passionate artist Aisha Tyler in the midst of hosting for The Talk lending her voice for Archer and a ton of other things, continues to produce her very popular Girl on Guy podcast.

You can get all the Girl On Guy podcast episodes for free forever.

But she wanted to expand her work and is now using Mylibsyn to offer out super exclusive content, specifically produced for her premium users!

Aisha Tyler offers premium content via mylibsyn

You can see from her Mylibsyn page how it easy it is to get all the extra content.

If you choose to subscribe to Aisha’s premium content you get Subscriber only Premium episodes.

The content is yours. Bonus all day long.

premium content from girl on guy by aisha tyler

Aisha lets her audience know about the extra special something she has going on, on her website.

It’s a great way to let fans know that there is MORE to be had.

The level of engagement is up to your audience. They choose how much to step into you and your content!

Do you have a desire to produce really special bonus content for your audience and wish you could find a way to make money off of it?

How about checking out Mylibsyn as the turn-key solution? Come on and check it out!


Mylibsyn: The Easy Way To Make Your Podcast Premium

easy ways to monetize your podcast

We are so excited to be able to introduce Mylibsyn!

Mylibsyn is the power to offer your audience access to your Premium Content across all platforms in a totally simple way.

We know that you’ve had ideas to monetize your podcast. We know that you’ve been wanting to offer more value, deepen the relationships with your audience as well as make some money while you are at it.

Mylibsyn makes it easy for you and totally convenient for your audience.

Here’s the deal,

You control the premium content offering

  • You create whatever premium audio or video content you desire (no pre-approval required.)
  • You set the content subscription pricing
  • You get a premium webpage created just for you.

Your premium content can be offered across all platforms

Think of it this way, your content will be available across platforms the way that Netflix is available in multiple platforms, anytime, anywhere.

  • Premium web page
  • iOS devices via your own branded app
  • Android devices via your own branded app

Here are some ideas to play around with:

You can offer your audience a back catalogue pass, where you keep only the latest 10 or so episodes available for download and reserve the rest for those that sign up for your stuff.

You can do an exclusive type subscriber pass, where you publish content/episodes to your premium subscribers only.

Pretty awesome no?

Who’s Using Mylibsyn?

Here are just a few producers that are using Mylibsyn:

If you want more crazy cool details about Mylibsyn and how you can take your podcast into the Premium realm come on by HERE and start the conversation!

Keep an eye on the blog to find out about some fabulous examples of how our producers are using Mylibsyn.

We look forward to hearing from you guys!


Podcasters Dominating at SXSW! Show Up and Represent!

sxsw live podcasting 2012

Who’s been hanging at SXSW?

Well, it seems we have a crew of powerfully awesome libysn podcasters rockin’ the house! Live podcasting at SXSW ftw!

“The ultimate freedom that allowed me to walk away from the ‘heroin’ [money] of the movie business – what gave me the strength to walk away – was [expletive] podcasting.” - Kevin Smith, from his recent CNN interview.

Looks like podcasting is sparking more fires and continues to be a force to be reckoned with. That article is really worth a read.

SXSW has always been a place of inspiration and innovation. That feeling for podcasting is encapsulated by the following video featuring Marc Maron talking all about podcasting "as a viable business" and what it takes to make it work for you:

Fun and Funny Remaining SXSW Schedule Sprinkled with Podcasters

If you are hanging at SXSW for the rest of the week, you MUST check them out!

Wednesday, March 14

10:00 pm - Esther’s Follies SHOWCASE - Don’t Miss This Pete Holmes, Joe Wengert, Kurt Braunohler, Chris Gethard

11:30 pm - Esther’s Follies SHOWCASE - Gotham Comedy presents The Laugh Button Live! Dan Soder, Amy Schumer, Robert Kelly, Doug Benson, Gary Gulman

Thursday, March 15

3:00 pm - Austin Convention Center NEXT STAGE - Stand Up! Records (Showcase for the politically-minded record label.) Brooke Van Poppelen, Rick Shapiro, Ryan Stout, Brendon Walsh

10:00 pm - Esther’s Follies SHOWCASE - Made in Austin Brendon Walsh, Mike MacRae, Nick Mullen, Cody Hustak, Martha Kelly, Chris Cubas

11:30 pm - Esther’s Follies SHOWCASE - Set List: Standup Without A Net Pete Holmes, Kristine Levine, Brendon Walsh, Andres du Buchet

Friday, March 16

6:30 pm - Esther’s Follies PODCAST - Earwolf presents: Sklarbro Country with Jason and Randy Sklar

8:30 pm - Esther’s Follies SHOWCASE - The Benson Interruption (Doug Benson provides live commentary to comedians’ sets.)

Saturday, March 17

6:30 pm - Esther’s Follies PODCAST - Earwolf presents: Who Charted? with Howard Kremer and Kulap Vilaysack

8:30 pm - Esther’s Follies SHOWCASE - The Benson Interruption (Doug Benson provides live commentary to comedians’ sets.)

Are you at SXSW? Have you gotten a chance to see these guys? If so tell us all about it!

Wanna join the libsyn team? Go ahead and START HERE!


New Free iBook on Podcasting!

top computers and internet books for podcasting

Hurrah for an awesome new FREE iBook on Podcasting!

You guys knew about the new iBooks Author app for the Mac that was recently released by Apple right?

Our very own Rob Walch has recently made use of it's functionality and published (as far as we know at the time of this writing) the first iBook on Podcasting made with iBooks Author!

It's doing fantastically well. It's number 1 in the Free Digital Media Sub-Category, number 8 in the Free Computer & Internet Category and it almost hit the top 100 in ALL Free iBooks. Awesome.

You can get it right now for FREE!!!



Get it right HERE.

Here's the thing: It must be downloaded to your computer OR iPad. It does not work on an iPhone or iPod Touch. The reason for this is that it requires iBooks 2 due to the special format that this current app uses.

Podcast 101: Creating and Hosting an Audio Podcast

podcast101 creating and hosting an audio podcast ibook

Here is a list of the table of contents so you can see what is covered in the iBook

  • Creating and Editing and Audio Recording
  • Recording an Interview by Phone
  • Setting up Listener Feedback
  • Levelating the Podcast
  • Encoding the MP3 format
  • Adding ID3 Tags
  • Setting Up The Hosting Service
  • Creating a Feedburner RSS Feed
  • Validating the Feed
  • Submitting the feed to iTunes, Zune, Blackberry and Stitcher
  • Submitting your feed to all the other podcast directories

Pretty comprehensive! So get the FREE iBook HERE.

Have you had a chance to use iBook Author? What are your thoughts?


What Exactly is Libsyn? Explained by Rob Walch via Geekazine

Check out the video above with our own Rob Walch being interviewed by Jeffrey Powers. In less than 5 minutes you get everything you need to know about our service :)

Have you had someone ask you what libsyn is and don't quite know how to explain it? Send them a link to this post :)

Here are some questions covered in the video

  • libsyn and Stitcher
  • How do you get a libsyn account?
  • What does libsyn stand for?
  • What are our plans like?
  • Does libsyn host audio or video?
  • What's the relationship between libsyn and Wizzard? What's the distinction between the two?
  • What are libsyn strengths?
  • How do you get your own smartphone app for iOS and Android?
  • Why podcast?
  • How long has libsyn been around?

If you liked the video check out more from Geekazine, including Jeffrey's podcast Geek Smack.

Libsyn is at BlogWorld LA! #bwela

Are you ready?

We certainly are :)

If you are going to BlogWorld LA come on by and visit Booth 421. We would love to see you!

And guess what? Come on by for a chance to win a free month!

Rob Walch at Blogworld Expo NY 2011 #BWENY

Rob Walch at Blogworld Expo NY 2011

Our very own Rob Walch will be speaking at Blogworld Expo NY May 25th!

Check out Rob here:

Yes, Virginia, They Do Pay For Advertising- The Big Advertising Panel

Yes, "they" do pay "real" money to advertise in digital media - and they're paying more every year. Join this panel of experienced content producers with real world practice of selling their content as they share their thoughts and answer your questions about advertising in digital media.

Rob and David Prager will take on this topic at 2:30pm on May 25

3 App Building Stories- The BYO, The Platform Partnership and The Outdoor Shuffle

There are many ways to make an app: build your own, partner with someone, or outsource entirely. In this panel of people from each path, you can finally understand the ins and out of each approach and pick you path to the app economy. There is no better way to learn than from someone who has been there before and this panel brings it all.

Rob, Jeff Hamilton and Jason Hoch will delve into the nitty gritty at 3:45pm on May 25

Podcasters Represent at BlogWorld NY!

After you've taken in all of Rob Walch's sessions, here are a few more from some awesome podcasters addressing some pretty cool subjects :)

There are TONS more that were not mentioned and so worth your time! Check out the full BlogWorld NY 2011 Schedule HERE!

Practical Ecommerce Reviews Libsyn

For the past five years the Practical Ecommerce blog has been covering all kind of websites and tools that might be of use to others in ecommerce.  They just posed a review of Libsyn and we are honored to be included on their list. 

Podcasts are a great way to educate and engage your existing customers in your brand.  And podcasts can be a great tool for getting more info about your products and services to potential customers.  Sharing knowledge about your products and industry can be a great way to establish your brand as an industry leader.

Check out the entire Practical Ecommerce review here.

We would love to hear more feedback on how we can make the Libsyn platform more useful for other ecommerce users too.

Also check out our App hosting plans - if you have a podcast for your brand you can easily create an iPhone/iPod app for your brand with a Libsyn App hosting plan.