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Break Through Roadblocks To Increase Your Listeners


What are the hardest roadblocks toward getting new listeners for your podcast?

The potential listeners that I’m referring to here, are not those that are familiar with podcasts. I’m talking about those people that you know would love your content but are not techy, nor do they include iTunes in their every day life.

They may not even own an iOS device

< silent gasp goes here >

Or if they do own an iOS device, they don’t quite know how to get the most out of it…including easily downloading the latest free podcast app from Apple.

In fact let’s move away from the Apple ecosystem altogether…just for fun ;)

The Biggest Roadblocks Toward Getting New Subscribers

Roadblock 1: Podcatchers

If you mention Podcatcher to the general population they would have no idea what you are talking about. If you defined podcatcher,

A podcatcher, or podcast client, is a computer program used to download various media via an RSS or XML feed- from Wikipidia.

they would look at you like you were crazy.

Then you would have to define RSS or XML and when was the last time you eloquently explained that to someone lately?

Of course there is iTunes. If they are familiar with iTunes, awesome! But if they are not, you are right back to where you started.

Roadblock 2: How to consume the content.

“You can download the episode through iTunes or subscribe in whatever Podcatcher or RSS reader you want, you can also stream it directly from my website, or even download it from there!”

The above statement makes perfect sense to us. We’ve heard it before, done it before and have said that same thing many times before.

When was the last time you said that to an entirely new person, that isn’t familiar with podcasts?

When was the last time you said the above statement and the person actually understood what you were saying AND went and did it?

Roadblock 3: Getting Too Comfortable Being in the In-crowd

I love podcasters and I love to podcast. I love to talk about podcasting. I work with podcasters. I know what podcasting is. I subscribe to a ton of podcasts. Podcasts are a very big part of my life.

But that’s not the case for a lot of people.

When I mention my podcast to people that engage with me in my ‘real life’ I inevitably get:

“I don’t have an iPod”

“Do you have a CD or a DVD?”

“Oh, that’s nice.”

And I feel completely at a loss as to how to share with them, how much amazing content there is out there FOR FREEEEEEEEE!

Where do you begin?

How do explain to someone how to subscribe to your podcast?

Can you do it without iTunes?

Is there somewhere else that you can send people so that they have the experience of having the content come to them, instead of them coming to you…

Meet your new prospects where they are

We are creatures of habit and it take a whole lot to get us to see beyond where we are.

At this moment in time, the place that the majority of people are engaging, connecting and participating is on Facebook.

How many times have you logged onto Facebook and clicked through to read something incredibly interesting, or discovered a new piece of music or new product because you saw it in your News Feed or Ticker?

I don’t think one can go into Facebook with a precise task to perform and only perform that task without in some way or another getting pulled into the newsfeed, even if it’s just liking a picture!

What if your podcast episodes appeared in your friends or friends of friends activity AND they could consume your content right there?

What if potential listeners were able to share, comment, like AND listen/watch your episodes easily, without having to click to another website and continue doing their stuff on Facebook?

Have you given the libsyn Facebook App a try?

You should because that is exactly what it does: makes consuming, sharing, liking and commenting on your podcasts and your episodes a breeze, directly from Facebook.

People don’t have to go anywhere else. The content is coming to them, especially when people start liking, sharing and commenting.

Once people start to consume your content, they will begin to be exposed to you, your website, ways to connect deeper with you, and of course participate.

The more they they listen/watch, they more they will learn about the medium.

And they will subscribe.

Get the libsyn Facebook App and customize it now.

How do you explain to people how to get your content?

What are the biggest excuses you get?

Share them below, so we can help each other grow this thing!

Elsie Escobar

Image credit via CC Road Block by PSP Photos


Can Facebook Help Podcasters Grow Our Audience?

play your podcasts right within facebook

Have you guys heard of what SocialCam has been able to do in a short period of time?

According to Business Insider it looks like Facebook helped them explode to 75 million users in 15 months!

In my humble opinion, I don’t think Facebook did it.

I think Facebook helped an awful lot, but there were other very important factors that helped propel SocialCam to that huge level of growth.

Now, why am I bring this up?

Because for us as podcasters, whether we want to admit it or not, Facebook already does or will play a very big part in our ability to get our shows discovered beyond iTunes.

That’s the key phrase beyond iTunes.

Yes, we absolutely want to have presence in iTunes, but we also need to see the bigger picture.

Facebook is a must place to be for taking podcasting to whole new level

One way to reach out beyond iTunes is to have a presence on Facebook, even if it’s at minimum sharing your podcast on your profile wall.

Optimally, getting your own Podcast Facebook Page and adding a way to easily play your podcast from that Page is the way to go.

Let’s go back to SocialCam. Here is a key bit of insight from the All Things D article as to how SocialCam grew so much:

“Facebook timeline and Open Graph integration have helped make Socialcam explode. Whenever a user watches or creates a video on Socialcam, the activity appears on their Facebook feeds”.

It’s that whole Open Graph integration that makes things so sticky over there in Facebook land.

Use Facebook To Your Advantage

We are doing our best to provide tools for you guys to make it that sticky.

In our latest article giving you the down low about our Customized Tab Facebook Player, we explain that if someone happens to play any of your episode using that player they will show up on that users Activity.

Just that little posting will offer up an opportunity for your podcast to be seen in larger circles. Also, the more users authorize the Libsyn Player App, the more potential for discovery, simply because more people are using it, and more people are apt to search and browse for more content within the app.

How to get more people to authorize the app and consume more podcasts

  • Share the URL of your customized player tab.
  • Share the URL of your specific episodes from your individual podcast page within the App

It’s so nice to tell someone to listen to your podcast straight from Facebook. There’ s more of an opportunity for them to hit play than if you sent them somewhere else.

Looking for your feedback

We are continuing to refine and iterate the libsyn Player.

We will be making it more and more awesome as time goes by and are actively seeking your input and feedback to help us on this journey.

So how about it podcasters? What are your thoughts? Feedback on the Libsyn Player App?

Let us know in the comments below!

Elsie Escobar


Ready, Set, Boom! There it is Apple's Standalone Podcast App

Did you see it yet?

Holy bjeezus Apple just released it’s own new standalone app for Podcasts.

Key Features:

  • It’s FREE
  • Subscribe, stream or download
  • Browse and discover
  • tweet, message and email podcasts with direct link
  • The usual: Catalogue, Categories, Featured and Search
  • Manages your subscriptions
  • Streaming Radio

What do you think?


Rockin' New libsyn Podcast: DUH Podcast for Horse Owners

This series is all about libsyn's newest podcasters. Its sole purpose is to introduce these awesome podcasts to the world as well as share their podcasting insight to empower the community!

Q & A with John from The DUH Podcast For Horse Owners

When did you start podcasting?

Jan 3rd, 2012 was our first podcast.

Why did you start podcasting?

We have horses and have learned a lot through videos and dvd’s, but doing a search for horse podcasts one day, I did not see anything in the way of an audio podcast.

I had been a part-timer at a radio station in the 1980’s and love radio and broadcasting. I listen to a lot of Adam Carolla and he urges people to follow their instincts and just do it. I followed the tutorials on podcasting 411 and we were up and running in about a month.

What's your show about?

There are a lot of professional horse trainers out there. We learn from as many as we can, but our foundation is the Downunder Horsemanship Method of Clinton Anderson. (While not affiliated with Downunder Horsemanship, they know about our podcast.)

The use of Natural Horsemanship has helped millions of people have a safer, stronger relationship with their horses. But, it’s not a perfect education. As a student we would hit hurdles we didn’t understand. And, there were a lot of questions on horse health and nutrition and we couldn’t get hard answers.

We wanted to host a podcast that appealed to people in our situation: horse folks who have full-time jobs, family commitments, and limited budgets and have to negotiate them all in order to spend time with their horses.

What's your podcasting set-up? Podcasting hardware, software, CMS, etc

We’re still fiddling with our equipment. Currently we are using Behringer Dynamic Cardiod XM1800S microphones through an Alesis 4 Channel USB Mixer. We record to an Olympus LS-10 Linear PCM recorder and edit through Audacity.

We are experimenting with recording directly to Audacity, but we like the portability of recording directly to the digital recorder. We have recorded podcasts on the trail (a little too noisy, but it was our first try), outside with the farrier (horseshoer), and in the tack room of our horse trailer after a horse show.

How have you promoted your podcast?

We have a blogger site, Facebook, and Twitter page. We also have a YouTube channel and belong to the Downunder Horsemanship No Worries Club, which is a paid club of horse owners who practice the Method. We use the club members for interviews, ideas, and even cowboy poetry. We have also signed up on most of the podcast directories.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

How easy it was to set up, but how long it takes to produce one podcast. We definitely could have used a little more long-range planning and layout. Our podcast logo needs work, but with trying to line up guests and editing podcasts, time is at a premium.

If you are horse lover looking for a community subscribe to the DUH Podcast for Horse Owners! You can also reach out to them over at DUHPodcast (at) pacbell (dot) net or leave a voice feedback at 206 426 6484

Found a niche that is sorely lacking in representation? Start a podcast with us!


Top Comedy Podcasts Host On Libsyn and LibsynPRO!

We browse around iTunes periodically, you know, checking things out…

Scanning through the categories…

Checking out the featured and new and notables….

And guess what we found…

We are currently hosting 95% of the top Audio Comedy Podcasts!

That’s the coolest thing ever!

We are beyond honored to be able to help these phenomenal artists get their work out into the world. We are crazy proud that they’ve trusted us to provide them the tools to take over the world ;)

And to spread the love, we also want say thank you to all of the rest of you that have trusted us get your work out there. You guys are all so awesome :)

Look for more upcoming ‘Who’s on Libsyn’ highlights with our Podcast Luminaries, Rockin’ New Podcasts and Facebook – we are featuring and showcases our producers on our Facebook App!

Check it out and support your fellow podcast producers!

Keep creating!

Keep podcasting!

Podcasters rock!


If you want to listen to some of those top comedy podcasts, you can easily check them out here.

Wanna be a part of the libsyn family? Start HERE


Welcome George Lopez to libsynPRO!

Libsyn and George Lopez!

Tell Me Your Story plus the Sideshow Network of Comedy Podcasts are now with libsynPRO!

We are honored that George Lopez and the Sideshow Network chose libsynPRO to host their podcasts!

George has been doing such great work in mainstream media with one of the top 5 syndicated shows The George Lopez Show as well as his brand spanking new game show called Take Me Out and now he’s taking the world of podcasting by storm!

George has a new audio podcast (yippee for audio podcasting!) called Tell Me Your Story, where he “features intimate conversations between him and real (or extraordinary) people with extraordinary life stories”.

Check out his podcast on the libsyn directory! :)

It’s so inspiring to see such a well known name choose podcasting as another medium to express himself and engage with his community.

George has taken social media by storm corrently having over a million followers (holy cow!) and a very active Facebook Page with over 7 million likes! Wowza!

Guess how he’s sharing his new podcast?

He’s using our awesome Facebook Customized Tab and using the Libsyn Player! Pretty cool!

What? You want your own customized tab to play your podcast on Facebook using the libsyn Player? Go for it. Go HERE to learn how :)

Let’s welcome George to the Wizzard Media / libsyn family by giving him some Like love and sharing listening to his podcast via the libsyn app on Facebook!


Rockin' New libsyn Podcasts: We've Been Great You Gotta Go

This series is all about libsyn's newest podcasters. Its sole purpose is to introduce these awesome podcasts to the world as well as share their podcasting insight to empower the community!

Q & A with Jamie, Mike and Trevor from You've Been Great, We Gotta Go Podcast

When did you start podcasting?

We recorded our first podcast on February 26th, 2012. We did it to coincide with Oscar night.

We decided to start doing a podcast earlier that month after seeing Kevin Smith do his 200th episode live in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Mike suggested we do our own podcast, and within a couple weeks we started doing our own.

Why did you start podcasting?

Jamie - I've been listening to podcasts for almost 5 years now. I listen to 50 different podcasts. I've always been interested in radio and wanted to start a podcast since I started listening to them, but never really had anyone else interested in doing one until I met up with these fine gents. Now I get to share my skewed view with the world, or whoever might be listening at least.

Mike - I got into podcasting for a few reasons. The 3 of us would have some really funny conversations at our place of work and we would get some laughs so I thought that what we talk about, no matter how irrelevant, would at least be entertaining. Also it was a way to get together once a week and hang out and chat and vent about my week to other people. It has become a very inexpensive way to be entertained as well.

Trevor - I got into podcasting for a few reasons as well. I went to school for film and was always interested in radio and done some in university, I love the idea of telling a story regardless of the method. Podcasting, while not the most well crafted stories, are fun and effortless. I get to hang out with friends, laugh and talk about whatever I feel like and if someone likes or listens to it, that's an added bonus! Also, we're hilarious.

What's your show about?

It's mostly about the 3 of us chatting about movies, tv, and music. Also because we've all worked retail we discuss crazy customer experiences we've had. And if something big happens news wise (i.e. Kony 2012, potential zombie outbreak in Florida) we dissect it as well. At it's core our podcast is us trying to accurately talk about trivial and non-trivial things while trying to keep things light-hearted.

We're just trying to vent and make each other laugh. And hopefully we're taking the audience along with us.

What's your podcasting set-up? Hardware, software, CMS, etc.

We podcast from Mike's living room. We set up on his couch where he has a Yeti mic. The software we use is garage band on a mac mini.

How have you promoted your podcast?

We have a Facebook page, Twitter account, and YouTube channel that we promote all of our episodes from. We then re-post from our own Facebook and Twitter accounts.

At first we were just putting it up on any website we could. But we knew if we wanted to reach an actual audience, we'd have to get it up on iTunes and in a consistent place for listeners to find it each week. If you take podcasting seriously, you have to be willing to kick out a few bucks a month.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

Mike - Have a name figured first, instead of starting the show in the middle of a conversation.

Jamie - Also the name of our podcast. When recording our first episode we didn't know what we were gonna call it. It probably would have given us a better frame work when recording that episode.

Trevor - That people were actually going to listen to what we had to say.

Just for the tittle alone you should go subscribe to this podcast! If you have any questions or feedback send it on over to yougottago (at) hotmail (dot) com. And while you're at it, why not 'Like' them in Facebook?

If you want to start your own impromptu podcast right in the middle of a conversation, come on and start HERE


Podcast Specific Thumbnail Graphics for your Facebook Page!

OMG! Is our awesome web/graphic superhero the coolest or what?

Here’s the deal: our FABULOSO Chuck, the one we all go pounce on whenever we need anything graphic/web related over at libsyn, just created a gazillion little Facebook Page tab thumbnail images for YOU!!!

Those in the above graphic are only some….

Gazillion = 38 ;)

We have seen some really awesome customization from a lot of our producers BUT…

We know some of you guys aren’t necessarily graphic design wizards, and if you are, maybe you don’t want to deal with creating little personalized thumbnails to rock out your killer new customized libsyn podcast player app on your Facebook page right?

Free Podcast Facebook Thumbnail Tab Images

These thumbnails are png files that are the exact dimensions that you need in order to customize the Tab image of the libsyn Facebook Player

All you have to do is CLICK HERE and the zip file will automatically download and you’ll have access to all those “listen to my show” and “watch my show” graphics!


If you like this and find it helpful, say thank you to Chuck in the comments!


Your Own Customized Podcast Player Right Within Facebook!

Have you guys had a chance to add the libsyn Podcast Player to your Page on Facebook?

What in the world are you waiting for?

We’ve been working very hard to provide you and your audience much easier ways of listening to your content, without a podcatcher and even having to wait to download anything.

Just click and play.

Straight from Facebook!

You get a chance to add your own branding to the whole thing as well through personalizing your thumbnail tabs on your Page and having the libsyn Podcast Player go straight to your own podcast!

You can learn all about how to do it from this tutorial.

Check out the pics below of some of your fellow podcasters doing just that.

facebook podcast player

If you like those, check out this thread in our libsyn Page in Facebook where we had a bunch of player users share their personalized tabs!

Neat Features for Sharing Your Podcast in Facebook

We know that you guys often share your file url in social media, including on Facebook (that would be the link.) We’d like to show you of another way to share your episode, PLUS offer some bonus functionality.

Within the libsyn Podcast player you have the option of linking straight to one individual file and share that for easy consumption. You simply have to click on the Description of the episode.

Doing that will take you to a unique page for your episode with a unique URL that you can share anywhere you want!

the libsyn podcast player

When they get click over to the episode page your audience can simply consume your content and/or:

  • Recommend the episode
  • Share in a private message to an individual or post to a Group wall.
  • Click back to all of your own podcast page within the Player

onpublish to facebook via

Pretty sweet!

You can also see the stats for those that listen from Facebook from within the stats in your libsyn account Dashboard!

Waddaya Think?

We are wanting some feedback from you guys! Most especially about the libsyn podcast player experience!

Is it working for you?

What are some features that you’d like to have for the libsyn Podcast Player?

Let us have it in the comments!

If you want to get into more of the day to day conversation, go ahead and Like us on Facebook! We’ve been having some pretty awesome conversations over there!


Libsyn OnPublish Now For Facebook Pages!

Remember the cool functionality to easily cross-post your favorite episodes over to twitter and Facebook via our sweet OnPublish feature?

(If you have no idea what I’m talking about check it out here)

New Facebook OnPublish Features

One of the BIGGEST features that you requested was being able to cross-post to your Facebook Page!

And now you can!

We know some of you have been working hard to build your Facebook Pages and didn’t want to have your post show up on your personal profile page ONLY. Now you have the option to automatically send an update to your Page and/or your Profile whenever you publish a new episode!


Another BIG request that we got from you guys regarding this cross-posting feature was that you wanted to be able to be able to customize the message that came along with the cross-post.

Now you can customize away!

How Do I Do This?

Everything that you need to do to implement the seamless cross posting is done via your libsyn dashboard!

You can check out our nifty HelpDesk Tutorial on how to authorize your Facebook Page as well as where you add the customized copy.

Why Should I Do This?

Using as many social media channels to provide your audience with the best way that THEY want to listen to your content is really the key to growing your listener base.

Although we find that the majority of people still subscribe and listen to podcasts using iTunes, the potential to reach a whole other audience through other channels is still up for grabs.

One of these other channels is Facebook. As of this posting Facebook has 500 million active users.


Yes. That’s 500 MILLION active users.

The potential for someone to stumble onto your episode in Facebook is pretty darn good.

A Little Secret Sauce….

When you choose to share your content via the OnPublish feature, you get a choice of Publishing Options.

onpublish to facebook via

Looking at the picture above you see that you get an option of choosing “Link your episodes using the libsyn Directory.” YOU REALLY GOTTA DO THIS!

When you choose to use the libsyn directory, when anyone clicks onto that link, they automatically are taken to the libsyn Podcast Player within Facebook.

the libsyn podcast player in Facebook is for listening to podcasts from Facebook

Within the Podcast Player, they can listen to your latest episode, recommend it and send the episode to a friend.

Listeners can also very easily click through and listen to your entire catalogue of episodes! Right on Facebook!

great discovery features via the libsyn podcast player within facebook

The cool thing about this is that as your audience listens to your podcast via the libsyn Podcast Player, it will show up on their Timeline (just like Pandora and Spotify).

As that activity is published, their friends will be exposed to your content.

Huge potential for discovery no?

Feedback Please?

We really need you guys.

We added these last two features because of your suggestions. We want more of them! We are looking forward to developing more killer functionality for OnPublish, but need you guys to let us know what you need or want.

Let us have it in the comments!

Image credit via CC “Sharing” by Toban Black


Celebrating Podcaster Pets

ashli a podcasting pet

Perhaps one of the most important and meaningful members of your family is your pet.

I remember when I went to grad school and moved to a different state, one of the key reasons why I didn’t completely loose myself was that I got my first pair of kittens.

A boy and girl.

Their names were Ashli and Floyd.

Sadly both of them passed away last month at the grand old age of 17.5 years old.

They lived a GREAT life and were taken care of with tons of love.

I kinda wish I had video of them.

I realized that in all those years I never once video taped them. I have plenty of pictures, but no video.

Now I regret it.

Preserve and Share Your Pets!

Why in the world am I sharing this in our podcasting blog?

Because we at libsyn have our own Pet podcast called Danger Dog.

In this podcast we feature our pets and animals PLUS are including pet videos from our very own podcasters!

We are doing this so we can get to know each other better as well as in a very simple manner honor those very important members of our family :)

Do you have a video of your beloved pet to share with us? Go ahead and submit it for the Danger Dog podcast We’d love to get it!

How To Submit:

  1. You can email me at elsie(at)libsyn(dot)com
  2. You can message the video as an attachment to our Facebook Player Page.
  3. You can upload your video to YouTube and send us a link.

Podcaster’s Pets

We’ve already started getting some of your videos! Check them out below, to get some inspiration :)

Ninety Seconds With Sparky from the DUH Podcast For Horse Owners

Rise of the Paleo Puppy from Fat Burning Man

I’m happy to say that I have more cats now, three of them to be exact! Two brothers and one sister.

You can get a chance to meet them tomorrow, in the next episode of Danger Dog! Keep an eye out!

Elsie Escobar

Rockin' New libsyn Podcasts: Nerdology UK

Nerdology UK hosted with libsyn

This series is all about libsyn’s newest podcasters. Its sole purpose is to introduce these awesome podcasts to the world as well as share their podcasting insight to empower the community!

Q & A with Mark Cockram from Nerdology UK Podcast

When did you start podcasting?

I started podcasting at the beginning of this year, the first episode went out on 13th of January (unlucky for some!).

Why did you start podcasting?

I have been blogging for just over a year, and have enjoyed the creative process. I was inspired to start up a podcast after listening to fellow Libsyn podcasts Doctor Who: Mostly Harmless Cutaway & The Doctor Who Book Club Podcast, I enjoyed the presenting styles of these shows and the sense of community created by the feedback from the listeners.

What’s your show about?

Nerdology UK covers pop culture, including books, movies, TV and theatre. So far we’ve covered Doctor Who, I, Claudius, Shaun Of The Dead, Vertigo & Rear Window and Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist.

What’s your podcasting set-up? Hardware, software, CMS, etc.

I have a Mac and use GarageBand for recording and editing the podcast episodes, I also use a program called Call Recorder when using Skype so that I have a back up of the conversation in case there are any problems with the main recording. I decided to get a Blue Snowball USB microphone for better recording quality compared to that of the in built mic on the Mac. I also have a Panasonic RRXS400 portable digital recorder for when I’m away from my computer.

How have you promoted your podcast?

I am a big fan of social media such as Twitter and Facebook, and have used these in order to get the message out there. I recently added the Libsyn Facebook App so that anyone visiting the page can instantly listen to an episode.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

Recording using Skype is fun and allows you greater flexibility when it comes to inviting guests on to your show, however, initially I found it a little disorientating using headphones when speaking over Skype, as I could hear my guest but I could barely hear my own voice! so I opted to listen with one headphone on and the other off.

What I hadn’t counted on was my microphone picking up on the sound coming from my headphones, which meant that I spent nearly twice as long as usual editing the episode in order to manually remove the echo that my mic had recorded. I have had a vastly improved experience when recording using Skype by opting for “ear bud” style earphones which I can use at a sensible volume without getting any nasty feedback on the microphone.

So how about it peeps? Ready to dive into the Nerdology world? Subscribe in iTunes or listen straight from Facebook. If you have any questions or feedback for Mark, send it on over nerdologyuk (at) gmail (dot) com

Are you ready to start your own podcast? Start HERE!


Podcasting Wisdom From The Very Best

top podcasters share insight into podcasting

Keeping up with this podcasting thing is not easy.

We’ve been in the podcasting game since 2004 and have seen a gazillion podcasts (and that’s a total fact) come through libsyn. We’ve observed the longevity of podcasts for almost a decade.

Here is just one very important piece of data:

Sustaining your podcast is the hardest thing to do.

We have a constant amount of new podcasts being created daily.

We have a core group of long running producers that have been creating content consistently since 2004–2006.

There is another large group of podcasters that seem to struggle staying in production beyond a year or two and understandably so. Its no easy task!

We can deduce from that data, that we get all fired up about creating content and letting our voice ring out for all to hear. We are fueled purely by passion….and then reality hits.

This podcasting thing takes time, commitment, consistency, organization, persistence and tons of patience.

It becomes a lot harder to sustain, especially when our passion perhaps begins to dwindle a little (kinda like when you fall in love and start to come out of that whole honeymoon stage of a relationship…)

Now it’s work.

And perhaps, no one is listening?

Perhaps no one is commenting?

Perhaps stats aren’t as high as you’d want them to be?

And where’s the moolah?

Learn the Secrets of Podcasting from the Best

Our Podcasting Luminaries Series has been designed to share the wisdom of those long running podcasters that have been consistently producing content for 6–8 years so we all get a chance to glean some of their secrets of longevity.

Each one of the Luminaries shares killer key insight into podcasting, all of it coming from a very unique perspective.

Up to this moment we’ve featured 31 Podcasting Luminaries. Keep an eye out because more Luminaries are coming soon!

In case you missed them, following are a list of those podcasters that have already shared their wisdom:

Phedippidations with Steve Runner

Polymer Clay

Genealogy Gems Podcast


Gamertag Radio

Dan Carlin

Grammar Girl

Keith and The Girl


Never Not Funny

Fastpitch Softball TV with Gary Leland

Duct Tape Marketing

Steve Stanger

A Window To The Magic

Cliff Ravenscraft

Internet Business Mastery

The Saintcast

Marketing Over Coffee

Evo Terra

Mur Lafferty

CC Chapman


Scott Sigler

Don McAllister from ScreencastsOnline

The Manic Mommies

Victor Cajiao

The Jersey Beat Podcast

Chaz Rough From YOGAmazing

Dave’s Lounge

Wayne Brekke

My Take Radio

So what is the hardest thing about sustaining your podcast? Be honest and let us know in the comments!

Image credit via CC Luminaries by Andy.Schultz


Join Us Podcasting With Your Pet Videos!

join us by submitting your pet videos and help us create a community podcast!

We had this crazy idea to engage with podcasters and podcast listeners. We wanted to create a very simple way to gather you/us in some way and share it.

Since we dig animals, we thought, what a great way to play with some cute content + plus play a bit with the community!

We’ve been gathering our own animal/pet videos and we’d love for you to submit yours as well! We’ll be publishing these videos throughout the week via our fancy new Facebook Podcast Player.

Here is a little introductory episode of within our infamous Danger Dog podcast:

And our random Pet of the Day video some seals for you…just ‘cause:

How about sending us your pet video?

It would ROCK!

16 Amazing Rockin' New Podcasts

amazing new podcasts hosted by libsyn

We’ve got a really awesome series dedicated to featuring and promoting podcasts that are new to us. These podcasts are absolute new podcasts or established podcasts that have recently started hosting with us.

Although the questions that we ask are the same, each feature highlights the wonderful diversity and insight all podcasters have.

We guarantee that checking out these guys will inspire you and give you fuel to continue doing the podcasting thing!

Here are our first 16 Rockin’ New libsyn Podcasts!

  1. Apps For Kids
  2. The AmpHour
  3. Satellite Dish with Justin and Sydnee
  4. Social Triggers Insider
  5. Davey Mac Sports Program
  6. Man vs Debt
  7. Communication Diva
  8. The Construction Industry Podcast
  9. Recovery People
  10. Low Elo
  11. It’s Called Life
  12. FUHcast
  13. Our Fifteen Minutes
  14. Fat Burning Man
  15. Good Job, Brain!
  16. Plan X Network

Do you want to be a Rockin’ New libsyn Podcast?

  • Are you producing consistently?
  • Have been with libsyn for up to a year?
  • Have show artwork and a show description?

If so email me: elsie(at)libsyn(dot)com :)


Libsyn Has Gone To The Dogs...

danger dog podcast libsyn pets

Yep, we’ve gone to the dogs….literally, and we are looking for other animals too.

And why are we looking for animals?

Animal Appreciation Week of course!

  • Animals bring people together.
  • Pets brings us joy and laughter.
  • Pets entertain us and love us.
  • Animals teach us a thing or two…

Kinda like podcasts!

We thought that animal appreciation week would be the perfect way to honor our beloved animals as well as offer another way of bringing the libsyn community together, podcasters and their audience!

In addition to giving us an opportunity to develop, expand and create some content ourselves using all the killer platforms that libsyn has to offer.

Everyone can podcast and libsyn makes it easy!

We’ll be sharing videos of our own pets. gulp.

We would love for you to submit your own pet videos as well.

We’ll be creating a podcast and sharing it with you guys through all our different existing channels!

Are you guys ready? We totally want to be the Boo of podcasting via Facebook ;)

How to submit your pet video

  1. Record your 15 to 60 second video or audio! Use your smartphone!

  2. Edit or not. It’s up to you. There are some pretty easy to use mobile apps for editing your video or audio out there :)

  3. Like us and message the video to our Libsyn Player Facebook Page OR email your short media file to elsie(at)libsyn(dot)com. Make sure you give it a TITLE and a DESCRIPTION. We’ll be using the information for the podcast! Check out this video on how to message us your video via Facebook.

  4. Make sure you add our Facebook Podcast Player!

We look forward to sharing our animals with you, as well as getting to know yours better!

**By the way, Your pet may be messy but keep your submissions clean. We reserve the right to bury any submission that doesn’t meed our G (Good for all pets) rating!

Stay tuned to seeing your content and ours via the libsyn Facebook Player, The Danger Dog Podcast, and the Danger Dog App.

Please submit your videos starting today all the way until June 10th, and get ready for our big Danger Dog launch!