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Podcasting Luminaries: The Manic Mommies

The amazing Manic Mommies hosted at libsyn

Working mothers talking about motherhood, kids, life, parenthood and everything else! Who would have thought that it would be going on for 7 years this July. That is indeed impressive. Kristin and Erin the Manic Mommies have managed to consistently publish content, build raving fans, have a yearly Mom Escape which includes their listeners, all with some pretty awesome sponsors!

These ladies are truly Podcasting Luminaries! If you are a Mom or just thinking of becoming a Mom you MUST subscribe

Fun, Fame or Profit? Why are you doing the show?

The Manic Mommies podcast hosted at libsyn

Validation and community - Manic Mommies is a podcast for moms “managing the chaotic combination of work and family.” We started it as two working moms who were feeling very isolated and like we were the only ones struggling. Turned out we were not alone!

What is your most memorable feedback from a listener?

There have been so many moments - with our annual highlight being meeting listeners at our Manic Mommies Escape - but the one that comes immediately to mind was from a mother who, after hearing my son was diagnosed with dyslexia realized her daughter, who she always thought was “just like” my son, probably had the same learning disability. Several weeks later she was able to confirm through medical diagnosis.

What has changed the most in your recording setup since you started?

We are much more portable - using a portable Tascam audio recorder. The other big change is that Erin moved to Rochester New York, so we now connect through iChat, record our sides of the conversation on Tascam recorders, and I “merge” the sides in Garage Band.

The Manic Mommies and their sponsor Chevy

How important is podcasting to the success of other revenue generating opportunities you currently have?

We feel that podcasting differentiates us even as mom blogs continue to grow. It also works perfectly with our audience, on the go moms!

Did you start off podcasting and that lead into a business or did you seepodcasting as a necessary support for an existing business?

Manic Mommies was started as experiment/sandbox through which I could learn about Social Media for my day job (Sundin Associates). It is only because of our amazingly loyal audience, and supporters like Chevrolet, that it became a business!

Interested in contacting Erin or Kristin, you can reach out to them via their listener feedback line 508 644 8434 and of course, remember to subscribe :)

If you are Mom and are looking to get away….Consider doing it with the Manic Mommies! They have a fantastic Mom Escape every year! This year’s event will be taking place on November 9-11.

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Libsyn Stats Are Changing For The Better

even better stats for you podcast

Big Changes To Libsyn Stats

One of the top reasons we hear from you that you chose libsyn as your host is for our stats. 

Many of you check the stats on a daily or even hourly basis (don’t try and deny it…we totally know you do!) In order to feed your obsession we want to make sure we have as few delays as possible in the reporting of the stats.  

In the past we relied on logs to be sent to us from our CDN - and there have been a few cases this year where there was a delay in those stats.  It is because of this that we are going to change our procedure so that we get the numbers directly from our traffic servers.  

This will help speed up reporting.

We expect to see better stats responsiveness which means less delays and improved accuracy/timeliness

This also gives us a chance to improve the algorithm we are using for the stats - which has not really changed since libsyn started back in 2004.

Back then downloads were mostly just that - downloads.  

Today we are seeing more and more requests from smartphones. The way smartphones request the files is different than back in the day of downloads from iPodderX and even iTunes.  

Because of this unique request, we will be filtering out multiple requests from the same smartphone.  

We have been running tests for the past few weeks and some shows dropped a little - and others we found went up a little.  Overall there was an average decrease of about 7% which was skewed from a few large shows that have a large percentage of smartphone traffic.  

For those shows with smartphone traffic - there may be a drop of 10% to 15% in their stats or even a little more depending on the makeup of the traffic for their show.  Some shows should expect the impact to be negligible at this time.

We feel the new stats algorithm will be our most accurate to date and is designed to keep up with the changing smartphone usage landscape.  

We understand some will not be happy to see any drop in stats - but we feel this change in the stats will provide more accurate and truthful downloads that reflect the way that podcast consumption has been changing to more podcast streaming and downloads from smartphones. 

When will the stats be changing?

This Saturday March 31, from noon to midnight.

Please refer to more specifics on the libsyn support post 

Please let us know any questions / concerns you might have with regards to the change in stats in the comments below!

More concerns? email rob (at) wizzard (dot) tv

For any technical issues, please continue to contact -

Image credit via CC “Week 12” by thrp


Using Mylibsyn to Monetize Archived Exclusive Content: Flowdreaming with Summer McStravick

monetizing your podcast with mylibsyn

Quick summary of Mylibsyn: As a podcast producer you have the ability to offer premium content subscriptions to your audience with one login across multiple platforms.

We thought perhaps you’d like to take a look at really awesome ways that other producers are using Mylibsyn to create fantastic premium offerings for their audience and monetize their content at the same time.

We recently covered what Marc Maron was doing with Mylibsyn. In this post we’ll take at what Summer McStravick from Flowdreaming is doing with Mylibsyn.

In 2004 Summer McStravick began her live internet radio show Flowdreaming. She is still doing her show live on Tuesdays on and is syndicated on and

She’s also decided to do a little something special for her loyal fans and is using Mylibsyn to deliver it to her audience.

Summer created Flowdream Radio, and it’s available exclusively to premium subscribers.

flowdreaming with summer mcstravick premium content

You can see from the above that Summer offers quite a lot of unique and special content for those that choose to be premium subscribers. In her own words:

I think you’ll LOVE these archives that date back to my days as the Network Poducer of HayHouseRadio. They include all of my two-hour programs, hundreds of different topics, and the many special guests I interviewed on air.

She makes sure that she explains all the different benefits that subscribers get:

  • Access beyond the most recent 20 episodes to include over 300+ hours of content. Including many never before released episodes. 
  • Access to everything via her mobile apps for iOS and Android, as well as via any web browser.
  • Her sweet Mylibsyn premium page

premium flowdreaming page with mylibsyn

Summer has done a phenomenal job packaging her unique and inspiring content to expand her reach as well as continue building her community and engagement.

Mylibsyn has simply enhanced her ability to reach her audience as well as monetize her current offerings.

Do you have tons of content that you want to shift to a subscription model or transition to premium content? Check out Mylibsyn! Start HERE!


Podcast Artwork Specs For iTunes Now 1200 x 1200

itunes podcast artwork specification are 1200 x 1200 pixels

Things are a changing over at iTunes.

We sense some pretty big changes coming this way for podcasting!

Please Note: iTunes artwork is now 1200 x 1200 pixels

At the time of this writing, the tech specs on the Apple website still state the prior specs. Changes will be amended in time. Specs have now been updated by Apple

Have your podcast hosted at libsyn? Do this:

  1. Work diligently to get your artwork up to date for the new specifications.
  2. Change your podcast artwork in your libsyn account!

If any other artwork specific changes do come out, refer back to this post, as we’ll be updating here.

Where do you change your artwork?

Within your Dashboard click on the little wrenches right next to your thumbnail. A pop up screen will appear where you can easily change your podcast artwork.

Key points about changing your artwork on your account

  • You need to change the image file name of your podcast artwork or your artwork will not update in iTunes.
  • According to Apple: “iTunes supports images in JPEG and PNG formats with a RGB color space (CMYK is not supported). The URL must end in “.jpg” or “.png”.”
  • Once you do change your artwork, it may not update immediately. Please be patient.
  • When one image updates on iTunes others may not have updated yet.  Different images update at different points.

If you have any questions or need support please head on over to our HelpDesk

Rockin' New libsyn Podcasts: The Construction Industry Podcast

the construction industry podcast hosted with the best podcast host libsyn

This series is all about libsyn’s newest podcasters. Its sole purpose is to introduce these awesome podcasts to the world as well as share their podcasting insight to empower the community!

Q & A with Cesar Abeid From The Construction Industry Podcast

When did you start podcasting?

I started podcasting in August of 2011. 

Why did you start podcasting? 

To reach out to the construction sector in a way that was unique.  I felt we had a lot to share with the industry and podcasting would be a great way to do it. 

What’s your show about? 

We bring topics and interviews relevant to construction professionals. 

What’s your podcasting set-up? Hardware, software, CMS, etc. 

I use:

  • Blue Yeti USB microphone
  • MacBook Pro
  • Audacity
  • Roland R–09HR audio recorder
  • iTunes for mp3 encoding and tagging. 

How have you promoted your podcast? 

I promote our podcast on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus and with a growing mailing list.  We have also ran two press releases on PRWeb.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

That I can relax and be myself behind the microphone.  When I listen to my first couple of episodes I sound a bit too “robotic”.  I learned that an interview is nothing more than a conversation. 

Interested in construction? Or maybe you know someone who is? Share The Construction Industry Podcast! If you have any feedback feel free to contact Cesar Abeid feedback (at) constructionindustrypodcast (dot) com.

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Podcasting Luminary: Don McAllister from ScreencastsOnline

another amazing podcast hosted at libsyn screencasts online

Seeing a genuinely great human being that happens to be incredibly talented succeed at making a living with podcasting is simply fantastic. Don McAllister is just that kind of human being. He is thorough, professional, personable and has a knack for great teaching.

He’s been podcasting since 2005, first as a hobby and as of 2006 it’s grown into one of the most high quality video podcasts around: ScreencastsOnline. If you have EVER had any questions about OSX or iOS I’m sure Don has covered it some way or another. You should subscribe to his free feed for some top-notch content, although being a premiums subscriber is truly worth it!

Fun, Fame or Profit? Why are you doing the show?

All three! I’m fortunate in that podcasting has been kind to me and I’ve been able to make a living from doing something I love. It’s hard work, but I get to use the latest Mac gadgets, have achieved a certain amount of recognition in the Mac community and am able to make a good living from my weekly show.

How has or has podcasting helped create opportunities for you?

The podcast has been an enabler in establishing myself as known figure in the Mac community. This has lead to many speaking engagements in Macworld and other leading Mac events, as well as international travel as a MacMania speaker. In recent years I’ve visited China, South Korea, Japan, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and many European countries, all as a result of my podcasting career.

Did you start off podcasting and that lead into a business or did you see podcasting as a necessary support for an existing business?

When I started, I was in full time employment and podcasting was my hobby. I eventually found a way to make the transition away from my 9 to 5 job and become a full time Podcaster.

If you charge for access to your podcasts or premium, how did your audience react when you started doing this? How did you handle this?

Initially, the podcast was completely free. In some respects, it was the audience that seeded the idea of converting to charging for premium content by offering donations. When I did launch the premium content, I kept the bulk of the content free, but over time, have transitioned to mainly premium content. I still have free content however. The audience reaction was overwhelmingly positive. In fact, I can only remember a single email from one disgruntled audience member who felt that everything should be free!

As well as subscribing to ScreencastsOnline, you should really check out Don’s FANTASTIC iOS apps geared to the newbie user: SCOTutor for the Mac, SCOTutor for Lion, SCOTutor for iPad If you have a family member or friend that’s a bit tentative about their new device, those are the apps to get them.

Interested in giving Don some feedback? You can do so by emailing Screencastsonline (at) gmail (dot) com.

Host your podcast with the best! Start HERE


Using Mylibsyn To Offer Premium Subscription Content: Marc Maron

monetizing your podcast with mylibsyn

So you guys know about the cool new feature for libsyn users to monetize their content and create premium content crazy easily right?

Quick summary of Mylibsyn: As a podcast producer you have the ability to offer premium content subscriptions to your audience with one login across multiple platforms. You can read our introductory post to find out more

We thought perhaps you'd like to take a look at really awesome ways that other producers are using Mylibsyn to create fantastic premium offerings for their audience and monetize their content at the same time.

In this post we'll take at what Marc Maron is doing with Mylibsyn.

Monetizing Your Podcast Via The Subscription Model

Marc Maron's podcast is free. All his awesome interviews are FREE! BUT those awesome episodes don't stay free. In his RSS feed you get the latest 50 episodes.

Marc is using Mylibsyn to offer extra special access and content for his fans. For a minimal fee you can subscribe to WTF and have complete access to all his back catalogue (over 200 episodes!)

The cool thing about this subscription is that you can get to this content in a myriad of ways: iOS app, Android app and website, so no matter where you are you can get your hit of WTF. You can think of this sort of the way that you would use Netflix or the Kindle.

The content is there when you want it, as much of it as you want, in whichever way you want to consume it.

Marc does a fantastic job of explaining to his audience what they get access to and how they get access.

Marc Maron premium app and back catalogue

Through Mylibsyn WTF gets it's own clean and beautiful premium access web page. From there his audience has the opportunity to consume the free content as well as sign up for the premium content. Pretty easy!

So what exactly is the premium content?

  • Access to his full back catalogue
  • Access to special premium episodes
  • Early release of some of his episodes

You can also see from his website that he's spent a lot time educating his audience and making sure that the added value is very clear to them.

As always communication with your audience is the key toward success with any aspect of your podcast, especially when you begin to offer premium content.

The beauty of this model is that the listener is empowered to make whatever choice fits with THEM. The level of commitment and engagement with the content is a reflection of their values.

Are you a libsyn user?

Would you like to monetize your podcast by using Mylibsyn? Start HERE.


Rockin' New Libsyn Podcasts: Communication Diva With Jenn Swanson


This series is all about libsyn's newest podcasters. Its sole purpose is to introduce these awesome podcasts to the world as well as share their podcasting insight to empower the community!

Q & A with Jenn from Communication Diva

When did you start podcasting?

I started podcasting on Dec 12th, 2011 with a very short introductory episode that basically told people who I was and what my plans were for the show. I must have recorded it four times, and I was nervous which you can likely tell by listening to it. I didn't edit it much...mostly because I didn't know how...but decided that my typical way of doing things is to just jump in and do it and figure things out as I go, so that's what I did.

(I'm one of those people who hates to read manuals and just likes to fiddle with the thing until I can get it to work. Not all that efficient, I'm sure, but that's how I roll. It only backfires on me when I accidentally switched one of my telephone handsets to Spanish, and have no living idea how to get it back to English. Oops!)

Why did you start podcasting?

I love to communicate and adore storytelling. I am an actor, a preacher, and a writer, among many other things, and once I stumbled upon this medium, I fell instantly in love. One of my dayjobs includes teaching at a downtown college. I teach in healthcare, and one of the courses I really am passionate about is called Human Relations Skills. This is a very short (too short) basic communications course.

The feedback I consistently get from my multicultural classes of (mostly young) students is that there is so much to know and not enough time to do more than just skim the surface with the time allotted. Students seem to actually take what I am teaching, apply it, and report that some of the skills they learn have radically changed the way they relate to the people in their lives.

This made me aware that there is a real need out there for basic and practical ideas/ways/skills to help people deepen their relationships. I thought maybe podcasting would be a fabulous way to share those ideas with more people.

What's your show about?

As you may have figured out by now, it's about all aspects of both personal and professional communication.

I interview people from all walks of life who have something to say about how they use aspects of communication in their work and their private lives. I interviewed a realtor who talked about the stress and emotion involved in buying/selling a home, and how he navigates through that minefield.

I interviewed a First Nations spiritual practitioner and learned a lot about how intuition plays a big role in Native communication.

I interviewed an actor about the power and importance of body language and non-verbal communication.

I have a huge list of topics and people I want to interview, and keep adding to it as I meet people. I almost need to take my equipment everywhere I go!

What's your podcasting set-up? Hardware, software, CMS, etc.

At the moment, I have a very modest set-up. I use WordPress and the Thesis theme. I have a desktop iMac and use GarageBand to edit with. I have a Roland R-05 Digital Audio Recorder that is brilliant, and at the moment, I am using the built-in mic.

I do a lot of field interviews in coffeeshops, schools and other people's homes, so I need it to be portable.

On my "wish list" I have a Behringer mixer and a Heil PR40 microphone...but those will be a while yet. I've been told my sound is pretty good as it is, for which I'm grateful, but I know that there are easier ways to do some of what I am doing, and more equipment would facilitate that.

How have you promoted your podcast?

I have posted on Twitter and have a Facebook Page. I have submitted to iTunes, Zune and Blackberry. I have put several pages on StumbleUpon and Digg and have been accepted into the StitcherSmart Radio Affiliate Program.

I have guest-posted on a couple of other sites, and have invited people to answer a question for a "list post". I have also commented on other blogs and tried to reach out to others in the same area of interest as my own.

I have business cards on my to-do list, and have just put out a little "tour of my podcast site" video on YouTube. I am ALWAYS looking for new ways to promote the show!

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

I was pretty lucky to have initially found some very generous people who have loads of expertise, and who have become almost gurus to me. These are Cliff Ravenscraft of the and Pat Flynn of

They have both been instrumental in my not making as many mistakes as I may have, given my dislike of reading technical manuals! I wish I had done more of a "launch".

I wish I had known more about the technology and about SEO when adding tags and titles and such. I know I have an enormous amount of info yet to learn, but that's part of the fun. (Plus I get to communicate with some really cool people all around the world, which is stunning, when you think about it!)

We can all use better ways to communicate, so SUBSCRIBE to Communication Diva! And if you wanna chat with Jenn you can email her at jenn(at)communicationdiva(dot)com.

If you wanna get started podcasting right away, sign up HERE!


Immerse Yourself in Green! Lucky 4 Leaf Clover 4 Day App Sale!

podcasts for st patricks day and apps for st patricks day

Legend has it that St. Patrick was a bit of a superhero.

“They (demons) gathered around the hill in the form of vast flocks of hideous birds of prey. So dense were their ranks that they seemed to cover the whole mountain, like a cloud, and they so filled the air that Patrick could see neither sky nor earth nor ocean. St. Patrick besought God to scatter the demons, but for a time it would seem as if his prayers and tears were in vain. At length he rang his sweet-sounding bell, symbol of his preaching of the Divine truths. Its sound was heard all over the valleys and hills of Erin, everywhere bringing peace and joy. The flocks of demons began to scatter. He flung his bell among them; they took to precipitate flight, and cast themselves into the ocean. So complete was the saint’s victory over them that, as the ancient narrative adds, ‘for seven years no evil thing was to be found in Ireland’.”

Who knew he was such a demon fighter?

There is so much richness to the story/myth of St. Patrick that we thought we should share some pretty darn awesome podcast apps whose content goes right along with enriching the St. Patrick’s Day experience :)

NOTE: All these apps are for sale until 3/18/2012 for only .99 cents!

Infuse your St. Patrick’s Day festivities with more Irish flavor!

Irish & Celtic Music Irish & Celtic Music is one of the largest shows dedicated to Celtic music. It is hosted by Celtic musician, Marc Gunn. Twice a month you can download this radio show of Celtic music by some of the best independent Celtic music groups online. They are changing the way You hear Celtic music.

Shite’n’ Onions Celtic Punk Radio Show from

Engaging Ireland- Travis and Kathy Nelson talk about Irish travel, history and culture…as well as their own desire to live in Ireland. If you dream of traveling to Ireland and want to make your dream a reality, this is for you! Includes tips for travel in Ireland and information about places to see. Podcasting “live” from Ireland, whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Irish Fireside- Ireland Travel and Culture App! The Podcast on Irish Travel, Irish Culture and All Things Irish

A different kind of Green

There’s a lot more to green the just the color.

So you’re not into the drinking, partying and parades?

How about honoring St. Patrick’s day by taking Green to a whole different level?

Sustainable World Radio In-depth interviews, news, and commentary about ecology, permaculture, organic gardening, sustainability, green living, and ethnobotany. Since 2004, Sustainable World has interviewed experts from around the globe; experts who learn from and work with nature. Discover positive solutions to environmental challenges; solutions that adhere to the Permaculture Ethics of Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share.

Hope you enjoy celebrating St. Patrick’s Day!

Stay safe!

Wanna get your own app? Go ahead and START HERE!

Image credit via CC “St. Patrick” by jaqian


Podcasting Luminaries: Scott Sigler

scott sigler innovative podcaster and writer

Unbelievably talented and deeply committed writer Scott Sigler has been podcasting his incredibly addicting books since March 2005…mostly weekly!

He has been around the podcasting scene right from the beginning and continues to inspire through his commitment as an innovative writer, having turned modern-day publishing on it’s head by giving his books away for free (via podcast of course) and becoming widly successful because of it.

If you have not had a chance to listen to Scott’s addicting scifi/horror/thriller novels, you seriously have to.

In fact, just take a look at a little trailer for his book ANCESTOR…and the promptly SUBSCRIBE. You can start with that one and then there are tons more to choose from!

Fun, Fame or Profit? Why are you doing the show?

Probably some of each of those, but mostly because I write for a living, and therefore it’s my job to get my work out to the people who want to hear it. If I can do that effectively with a podcast, and that grows my audience, it lets me continue to entertain as my job for that much longer.

What has changed the most in your recording setup since you started?

Everything! As I became more seasoned at my job, and found a little success, I replaced microphones, moved to an office space so I could quit recording out of my bedroom closet, and even scored a full sound booth for free from a recording studio remodel a few years back!

Do download numbers matter matter to you? or is audience engagement key?

Yes and yes.  Download numbers help gauge what works in my podcasting, and audience engagement is really the point of the whole endeavor.

How has or has podcasting helped create opportunities for you?

No question about it.  I had EARTHCORE, my first novel that was professionally edited, ready to go but without a publisher in early 2005. Since it was a tight, clean story, I started to podcast it.  The success I found with EARTHCORE and ANCESTOR (the novel that followed) was very important to getting my Random House deal. 

What advise would you give a new podcaster so that they keep going!

Record your first four episodes before you ever podcast a single one.  That way you’ll have consistency for at least a month, which is a big key to success.  If folks like what you’re doing, they’ll immediately want more.  If you don’t have it, they might not stick around until you do. However, once you hook them with several great episodes, they’ll keep coming back even if you have an off week here and there. 

And he has another one coming out! This one is called NOCTURNAL. It seems like it’s gonna be A MAY ZING. Of course you can pre-order the book, due out on April 3 as well as check out the coolest pre-order contests the he has going on!

If you wanna contact Scott you can email media(at)scottsigler(dot)com or call 206-666-4673

Wanna join the libsyn team? Go ahead and START HERE!


Mylibsyn: The Easy Way To Make Your Podcast Premium

easy ways to monetize your podcast

We are so excited to be able to introduce Mylibsyn!

Mylibsyn is the power to offer your audience access to your Premium Content across all platforms in a totally simple way.

We know that you’ve had ideas to monetize your podcast. We know that you’ve been wanting to offer more value, deepen the relationships with your audience as well as make some money while you are at it.

Mylibsyn makes it easy for you and totally convenient for your audience.

Here’s the deal,

You control the premium content offering

  • You create whatever premium audio or video content you desire (no pre-approval required.)
  • You set the content subscription pricing
  • You get a premium webpage created just for you.

Your premium content can be offered across all platforms

Think of it this way, your content will be available across platforms the way that Netflix is available in multiple platforms, anytime, anywhere.

  • Premium web page
  • iOS devices via your own branded app
  • Android devices via your own branded app

Here are some ideas to play around with:

You can offer your audience a back catalogue pass, where you keep only the latest 10 or so episodes available for download and reserve the rest for those that sign up for your stuff.

You can do an exclusive type subscriber pass, where you publish content/episodes to your premium subscribers only.

Pretty awesome no?

Who’s Using Mylibsyn?

Here are just a few producers that are using Mylibsyn:

If you want more crazy cool details about Mylibsyn and how you can take your podcast into the Premium realm come on by HERE and start the conversation!

Keep an eye on the blog to find out about some fabulous examples of how our producers are using Mylibsyn.

We look forward to hearing from you guys!


Podcasters Dominating at SXSW! Show Up and Represent!

sxsw live podcasting 2012

Who’s been hanging at SXSW?

Well, it seems we have a crew of powerfully awesome libysn podcasters rockin’ the house! Live podcasting at SXSW ftw!

“The ultimate freedom that allowed me to walk away from the ‘heroin’ [money] of the movie business – what gave me the strength to walk away – was [expletive] podcasting.” - Kevin Smith, from his recent CNN interview.

Looks like podcasting is sparking more fires and continues to be a force to be reckoned with. That article is really worth a read.

SXSW has always been a place of inspiration and innovation. That feeling for podcasting is encapsulated by the following video featuring Marc Maron talking all about podcasting "as a viable business" and what it takes to make it work for you:

Fun and Funny Remaining SXSW Schedule Sprinkled with Podcasters

If you are hanging at SXSW for the rest of the week, you MUST check them out!

Wednesday, March 14

10:00 pm - Esther’s Follies SHOWCASE - Don’t Miss This Pete Holmes, Joe Wengert, Kurt Braunohler, Chris Gethard

11:30 pm - Esther’s Follies SHOWCASE - Gotham Comedy presents The Laugh Button Live! Dan Soder, Amy Schumer, Robert Kelly, Doug Benson, Gary Gulman

Thursday, March 15

3:00 pm - Austin Convention Center NEXT STAGE - Stand Up! Records (Showcase for the politically-minded record label.) Brooke Van Poppelen, Rick Shapiro, Ryan Stout, Brendon Walsh

10:00 pm - Esther’s Follies SHOWCASE - Made in Austin Brendon Walsh, Mike MacRae, Nick Mullen, Cody Hustak, Martha Kelly, Chris Cubas

11:30 pm - Esther’s Follies SHOWCASE - Set List: Standup Without A Net Pete Holmes, Kristine Levine, Brendon Walsh, Andres du Buchet

Friday, March 16

6:30 pm - Esther’s Follies PODCAST - Earwolf presents: Sklarbro Country with Jason and Randy Sklar

8:30 pm - Esther’s Follies SHOWCASE - The Benson Interruption (Doug Benson provides live commentary to comedians’ sets.)

Saturday, March 17

6:30 pm - Esther’s Follies PODCAST - Earwolf presents: Who Charted? with Howard Kremer and Kulap Vilaysack

8:30 pm - Esther’s Follies SHOWCASE - The Benson Interruption (Doug Benson provides live commentary to comedians’ sets.)

Are you at SXSW? Have you gotten a chance to see these guys? If so tell us all about it!

Wanna join the libsyn team? Go ahead and START HERE!


Rockin' New libsyn Podcasts: Man vs Debt

This series is all about libsyn’s newest podcasters. Its sole purpose is to introduce these awesome podcasts to the world as well as share their podcasting insight to empower the community!

Q & A with Baker from Man vs Debt

When did you start podcasting?

After thinking about doing it for years, I finally launched the Man Vs. Debt Podcast in December 2011.

Why did you start podcasting?

I started podcasting for several reasons. First, I knew that podcasting would help our message reach a more diverse and broad audience. In fact, I’ve noticed a big difference between regular blog readers and regular podcast listeners.

Second, I wanted to practice my own skills in sharing the message via audio. Writing, speaking, and recording video all take different skill sets, and podcasting has helped ME improve my presentation and speaking skills.

Third, it allows for diversity on our end. At times, only writing blog posts can get stale (for both me and the readers) and the occasional podcast can spice things up on both ends!

What’s your show about?

We talk about principles to help people sell their excess stuff, pay off their debt, and start doing work they love. In general, we’ll recap some personal finance news (in a fun way), cover a core topic, and feature a guest speaker or success story. We end each podcast with an action item to apply the topics we covered.

What’s your podcasting set-up? Hardware, software, CMS, etc.

I use a Heil PR-40 microphone, which I record straight to a Roland R-05 recorder.

We run this set-up through a simple 4 track mixer which allows me to bring in my computer to play soundbites and Skype interviews.

As far as software goes, we use Skype to record interviews and GarageBand to do any editing of the podcast.

It’s a fairly simple set-up!

How have you promoted your podcast?

I haven’t done much to promote it specifically, however I was fortunate to build the podcast off an existing community over at

Because of my existing audience, I was able to write a blog post announcing the podcast which helped get momentum early. :)

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

Well, I’m still very new. But luckily I reached out for help when I was getting started.

I bought consulting from Cliff Ravenscraft (, which ended up being one of the best investments I could make. Cliff made sure I had all the basics down, set-up the podcast on my blog and in iTunes, developed a strategy for the podcast, and even referred me here to Libsyn. :)

So if you are looking to get a hold of your finances you have to SUBSCRIBE! Wanna reach Baker? Baker(at)ManvsDebt(dot)com.

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Spring Forward With Food, Wellness and Travel!

spring podcasts that will help you health, cooking and travel

Happy springing forward day!

You know what that means...SPRING IS ALMOST HERE!!! At least for those of us in the northern hemisphere :)

It's almost 3 full months into your new resolutions.


How many of you guys are still going strong with them? I know most of us tend to drop them, or get frustrated or even wonder, what resolutions?

Springtime is a fantastic time to re-align, to let yourself do some internal and external spring cleaning and get back to that which you committed yourself to or want to commit yourself to.

Since we love podcasts and recognize their power to inspire, educate and entertain we're sharing some superb podcasts to inspire you and welcome Spring in a big way.

Power Up Your Food With The Harvest Eating Podcast

harvest eating podcast learning all about seasonal cooking in an easy way

"Seasonal Cooking Made Easy"

Have you ever considered gardening? What does it mean to eat local and seasonal food? Have you ever wanted to eat crazy fresh and delicious food and didn't know how to go about it? What exactly does it mean to eat consciously?

If any of the questions above intrigued you, you must listen to the Harvest Eating Podcast. Chef Keith Snow does an incredible job of teaching, inspiring and sharing all the right reasons to rethink (or enhance) your perceptive on food, plus give you the tools to do it a simple way.

Every podcast is chock full tips about produce, gardening, sustainability, cooking, canning, and much much more. It's all done very simply and organically from a deeply personal perspective.

The voice of podcasting at its essence is alive and well through the voice of Keith Snow.

EXTRA: Harvest Eating also offers an abundance of yummitastic recipes and a ton of videos!

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Nourish and Enhance the Athlete in You with The Dr. David Geier Show

sports injury treatment prevention and wellness with dr. david geier

"Sports Injury Treatment, Prevention And Wellness Information From Top Orthopaedic Surgeon And Sports Medicine Expert"

Even if you are not an athlete, you will always learn something very powerful about the body, health, wellness and rehabilitation by listening to the Dr. David Geier Show.

The podcast is primarily aimed at sports injury treatment, prevention and wellness, but much of what Dr. Geier speaks about can be goes beyond sports. Dr. Geier is grounded, passionate and highly knowledable. He not only educates his audience but fully engages with them by asking questions and deepening the conversation through his podcast, as well as using social media in a very effective way.

If you have been wanting to get back to your body, and get into shape, either for the first time, or perhaps have been afraid because of prior injury, Dr. Geier can inspire you to take the plunge!

Springtime is the time to just do it!

Do it up for springtime and SUBSCRIBE to The Dr. David Geier Show!

Inspire and Inform Your Inner Traveler with World Footprints Travel Report

"Leaving Positive Footprints One Step At a Time"

There is a lot more to traveling than simply...traveling.

The World Footprints Travel Report is a very easily consumable short podcast giving you commentary and insight about places and travel. It's aim it to "encourage travelers to seek authentic travel experiences that leave positive footprints."

It's accessible and easy to digest. It also offers an opportunity to expand your world and mind no matter where you are.

What are you waiting for? SUBSCRIBE!

What about you?

Are there any podcasts out there that help you ease into spring and it's vibrant energy? Share them with us!

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Image credit via CC "sparklin' drops of spring" by Steve took it


Hey @libsyn! I Need Help! or How To Get The Best libsyn Support

libsyn support

When something goes terribly wrong, or even just a little wonky, don't you want to fix it RIGHT AWAY?especially if you are tight on time or even have a deadline that's coming up.

We know.

We feel the same way.

We are putting this out there so that if something goes wrong for you with the libsyn service, you can start the process of getting answers and fixing the problem ASAP.

The best tried and true methods of getting libsyn support

  1. Check the libsyn support blog! (In fact, bookmark and/or subscribe to it via RSS.) This is the first place any systemwide information will be posted.
  2. Contact support via the HelpDesk.

NOTE: Optimal response times with fully loaded staff ready to rock are 8am to 8pm EST Monday-Friday

Any system-wide inability to login or access libsyn systems, inability to upload/publish, or inability to download media are top priority and will be addressed at supersonic speeds by our support ninjas.

Here's the skinny, our support team work their booties off. The team is committed to getting you the best help possible. We only ask that you are patient with us if you happen to send in a support query during the weekend of a non-priority issue.

You will absolutely get a response, but perhaps not lightning fast ;)

There are times when you won't immediately hear back from us. That does not mean that we are ignoring your issue or taking our sweet time. There are times that it's not a quick and simple fix. It may require a bit of this and that and a bit of magic fairy dust to get things back on track.

Again, you will hear back from us. We won't leave you hanging.

Why don't you guys answer support questions via Twitter or Facebook?

We love you guys!

We love to hear from you!

We don't want to stop you from communicating with us!

The thing is, when you are having issues with your account, with the system, with stats, etc. when you send us a twitter message or write on our Facebook Page we can't really help you, other than send you over to support.

Those of us that are behind the social media properties of libsyn ie. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, and the libsyn blog are not super powered support ninjas....although some of us wish we were....

Even if we were bona fide fully initiated support ninjas we wouldn't be able to help you in 140 characters or less. We would need a ton of vital info to start troubleshooting and get to the heart of the matter and doing it via social media is not the best place to do it, most especially because we want to protect your private information.

We are more qualified to helping you out with podcasting tips, tutorials, marketing, promotion and general podcasting and hosting queries.

We don't have access to the bowels of the ship. ;)

We hope you keep on reaching out to us with your podcasting questions and sharing your podcasting successes. We love to share the love!

And remember, have a support question? Support is ready to help :D

Image credit via CC "whisper room" by effekt!


Podcast Luminaries: Israelisms

Podcast Luminaries: Israelisms

If real, conversational, insightful and down to earth is your podcast style of choice, Israelisms has to be part of your library. This week marks the shows 6 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! Talk about commitment. Now that is impressive! Get to know Charley and Carol by subscribing!

Fun, Fame or Profit? Why are you doing the show?

Carol and I have done over 350 weekly episodes of Israelisms Podcast. We've tried it for fun, fame, and profit. Profit seems to be the only thing eluding us thus far, although our listeners have pitched in a few times monetarily when we've requested for certain things. Our audience is loyal and we know their lives would be empty without us. That's why we keep doing it.

What has changed the most in your recording setup since you started?

Our first podcast was when I handed Carol a set of headphones/mic connected to my Windows laptop along with a set for me, and I said to her, "Talk to me." From then on, we've been talking about regular life in Israel every week. Naturally, there's politics involved, and arguing, and laughing. Now we have a studio set up in a room in our house with mics and mixer and Garage Band. The one thing that's stayed constant is that we've used libsyn since day one. That's a long time!

Any notable names of listeners you have heard from over the years?

One of the funniest experiences over the years happened when I was on the street in Jerusalem and I was talking to a friend of mine who I ran into. He had a friend with him who was visiting from the States. He didn't introduce us because it was only in passing. After a couple minutes, his friend interrupted and pointed at me and said, "You do a podcast, don't you?" I said I did. He said, "Omigod, you're Charley from Israelisms! I recognize your voice!"

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Rockin' New libsyn Podcasts: Davey Mac Sports Program

This series is all about libsyn's newest podcasters. Its sole purpose is to introduce these awesome podcasts to the world as well as share their podcasting insight to empower the community!

Q & A with Dave from the Davey Mac Sports Program

When did you start podcasting?

We started dominating the world in October of 2010. We have all our episodes back-logged and our adding as many as Libsyn will allow per month! Hopefully in a few months, people will have access to every show we've ever done!

Why did you start podcasting?

We are experienced radio professionals (I work for Sirius XM Satellite Radio and a terrestrial station in New Jersey, Chris works for Sirius XM as well) and we thought we should get involved in radio on the Internet for it is the wave of the future if not the darned present! Bam!

What's your show about?

Our show is a humorous take on the worlds of sports and pop culture. We have lots of movie references, music bits, characters, and segments that give us a uniquely passionate and funny show. While sports fans enjoy the show, the non-sports fan also loves it for energy and sense of fun! We rock the mic hard, dawg!

What's your podcasting set-up? Hardware, software, CMS, etc.

We work in a professional-caliber studio in Times Square, NYC and edit the show (which requires little editing because we do it live on Wednesdays) with Pro Tools. Booya!

How have you promoted your podcast?

Since we do a national, longer version of the show on Sirius Xm Satellite Radio; we use that very large pulpit to advertise the podcast version of our awesomeness. I also use social media like Twitter (of which I have over 20,000) followers and Facebook to alert people to dominance.

In addition to that, we make video snippets of between two and five minutes long for each show that we then post on YouTube (

We also use Ustream to put the show up live every Wednesday when we record the podcast. I also write a Sports Report Monday through Friday which I put up on my website that helps promote the show as well as giving people a salty take on sports. And recently we made a song/video for the Super Bowl that was critically-acclaimed and much viewed on Youtube (as well as being linked by other sites and played on other radio shows)- "Forget Tom Brady"-(see below again!)

As you can see we our Media Superstars.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

I wish I knew how dominate I was going be.

Are you totally blow away by the domination? Yeah baby! Time to SUBSCRIBE! If you wanna get in touch with Chris or Dave here you go: didvod(at)gmail(dot)com or chris)at)eastsidecountry(dot)com

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Podcasting Luminaries: C.C. Chapman

the amazing long time podcaster C.C. Chapman

We are so psyched and grateful to have the mighty C.C. Chapman as our Podcast Luminary this week! Talk about Luminary! C.C. has been podcasting since December 21, 2004.

C.C. is a guy of great integrity that continues to produce fantastic content having co-authored the best selling book Content Rules, established Digital Dads "the man cave of the internet" aka where a Dad can be a guy and Passion Hit TV "exploring the evolution of ideas we are passionate about into something profound".

Looking for inspiration? Tune into C.C. and you'll be charged right up!

Fun, Fame or Profit? Why are you doing the show?

It has always been about the fun first because it takes a lot of time and energy to do it, so I think it has to start there.

I was fortunate to be involved from the very beginning so I have made money from podcasting and it has lead to great things. As one of the first professional podcasters that gave a certain level of exposure.

I suddenly was speaking about artists rights and podcasting at conferences all over the world. I remember when I got asked to go to Germany to present that I knew things were getting crazy.

What is your most memorable feedback from a listener?

A couple of them instantly come to mind. You've got to understand that I'm most known for my music podcast Accident Hash and that I had a lot of passionate listeners that I called "homefrys."

In the first year of the podcast I got an e-mail from a student in Israel who thanked me for powering him through his studying. That was the day that I realized that I had listeners in every corner of the globe and that I had to keep that in mind.

The second was after I did a rather emotional show. The note told me how he had listened to that episode while sitting and watching the lights at Ground Zero. He was listening to my show while being torn up about what happened there. That is powerful.

I also do a show called Managing the Gray that is focused on being the best person you can be and finding success in life.

I was doing a live concert event in Nashville. It was a blast and there was a good size crowd there. In the corner was this older couple that looked a bit out of place. As I was walking by them, he stopped me and thanked me.

He was a listener and had recently quit his well paid executive job to go back to school and chase his dreams and he was inspired to do that from my words. That blew my mind! I'd love to know how he is doing these days.

What has changed the most in your recording setup since you started?

Not much actually. I still use the same microphone I bought back in the beginning because it has always served me well. I've always recorded live and not done post production so I try to keep it as simple as possible.

I do miss one thing and that is CastBlaster which was a great PC recording software. When I went Mac, I loved it so much that I installed Windows on my Mac for that single program. They stopped making it which still has me sad to this day.

What tools on libsyn have you found most helpful in building your brand/podcast?

From the very beginning Libsyn was the best place to host your files. Not having to worry about bandwidth limits at an affordable price is a concern of all podcasters.

I also loved that you've always had a great team who cares about their users so if something ever did go wrong, you could always get ahold of a human quickly and get it resolved. That is important.

Have you found that social media has expanded your listener base/reach? (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, etc)

Social Media is a crucial part of my life. Without it, most of the opportunities I've been able to take advantage of would have never come about.

In there early days of podcasting we didn't have all of the tools we do now. The first connections happened via call in lines and on the Podcast Alley message board. Today I use Twitter and Google+ a lot and of course Facebook as well. Everything on the web is now social so no matter what content you are creating, you need to share it and these tools allow for that.

Has podcasting helped you grow your business.

I make a living creating content, keynote speaking and consulting. Podcasting helps me with all of these because you never know who is listening and I've had more than one person tell me that they were forwarded a link to one of my shows as an example of my experise.

Audio is a very intimate connection with people because unlike video where they can tune out and only listen, with audio you are in their head. It is a great connection that people overlook all the time.

What piece of advice would give others looking to generate revenue from podcasting whether directly or indirectly?

Realize that it is not magic.

You've got to build an audience and continually put out quality content. But, even doing that is not going to mean sponsors are going to line up. It takes a lot of work and asking to actually get money.

Over the years I've seen networks come and go and heard promises of quitting your day job based on podcasting and most of those were false promises. At the end of the day if you want to make money from your podcast it is on your shoulders to make that happen. It can and does happen, but it takes hard work on top of the actual recording to make it happen.

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