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Libsyn 2011 Round-Up!

It's that time of the year...reflection time! We've been looking back at all that we've done over these past twelve months and are getting ready for a fabulous 2012.

It looks like we're getting ready to have a pretty unforgettable 2012!

Here is a little look at just the top goings on at libsyn during this past case you missed them :)

App Growth

libsyn and Wizzard goodness

New on Wizzard

The Fancy New Libsyn Features

Hope you enjoyed this little year end wrap up. We only hope to offer more goodness in 2012.

All of us here at libsyn are crazy grateful that you've chosen to be part of our community. We hope to get to know all of you better and keep growing our vibrant and eclectic libsyn family!

Happy New Year!!!!

Image Credit via CC "Warm Fuzzies" by jurvetson

Podcasters Rewind 2011: Libsyn Producers Share Their Favorite Episodes of the Year

You know how almost every magazine TV show has some sort of year end wrap up? They look back at the year and remember the gossip, news stories, movies, etc?

We thought we should have a teeny bit of something like that for podcasters :)

In our latest newsletter, we asked producers to submit their favorite episode of 2011 so we could do a little bit of that wrap up ourselves, through you guys!

The following are the submitted favorite episodes from YOU our awesome producers. Hope you enjoy listening :)

Deedlecast "Mixtape from Mars" & Radio Personality

The David Feldman Show "Waiting For Gigio"

19 Nocturne Boulevard "The Leech"

Online Marketing and Communications "6 Ways to Write a Better Business Blog"

Professor Dave's Ark in Space "PDAIS 037"

Mental Illness Happy Hour "Teresa Strasser"

Friggin Fabulous Radio "Mike Doughty Interview"

Rouge Radio CFL, CIS & CJFL wrap up

iMake "Universal Craft"

Undead Air "Undead Air #11: The ZomBcon Files"

The Coin Show "The Coin Show Episode 27"

The Reading Womb "Episode 7: The Pregnant Pause"

The Anti-Semantic Show "Episode 83 - On Fact Checker Tom's Puzzling Genitals"

What Could Go Wrong? "028 The Squashed Orange In My Pocket"

IMAGE CREDIT via CC "ipod headphones (hangin' out)" by el patojo

Libsyn Holiday Support Info For 2011

Happy happy holidays :)

You know that during this time of the year things get a little wacky. It seems like all of us are trying to catch up with a gazillion things and the space and time continuum begins to get a little fuzzy....

Although we wish we were unaffected by this sparkling avalanche which is these last couple of weeks of the year, we as well will be caught up with making jolly and cuddly time....

That's a round-about way of saying that the libsyn support team will do it's best to serve you fully in these next couple of weeks but there might be delays here and there, due to the holidays.

But don't fret! Your podcasting support will be met!

Here is what you can expect from the libsyn support team for the holidays via the libsyn support blog:

Due to the holidays please be aware that normal support requests will take a little longer to be responded to. Any system-wide issues or outages will be addressed immediately like we always do.

And of course you can always check out our mighty HelpDesk, where we have a ton of support articles to help you 24/7.

Here's wishing you Happy Holidays, and thank you so very much for choosing libsyn to support you and your fabulous content!

Merry Merry Merry!

-The libsyn Family

Image Credit via CC snowman jack by panic switch 13

Put Your Best Footer Forward: Libsyn Template Tweaks!

We've got a new little feature for our blog templates!

This will make some of you very happy :)

You can now have page numbers at the bottom of your blog template for easy browsing!


Here's how to go about getting that new little feature

(DISCLAIMER: if you don't feel comfortable gallivanting around through your blog pages HTML code, then please don't attempt this)

1. Go to Destinations

2. Click on Webpage: Libsyn Classic Blog page

3. Within the Blogpage HTML/Code box select all and copy. Paste the code into a separate text document.

You do this, just in case something crazy happens while you are attempting this, and you need to come back to the way things were ;)

4. Within the Blogpage HTML/Code box search for [[blog_pane]]

  • To do a search on OSX: Command + F
  • To do a search on a PC: Control + F

When you see the little find box pop up, type in [[blog_pane]] and search.

You will see the HTML highlighted like in the picture below

5.. Directly after [[blog_pane]] add the code [[paginate]]

6. Save

that's it! scroll down to the bottom of your blog page to see the page numbers, like the picture below.

If you can't find "blog_pane" in your template - please contact for additional help." OR leave a comment below indicating your unique libsyn slug.

Hope you enjoy being able to browse through all your pages!

PHOTO CREDIT Kevin Dooley via CC

The 2011 Gift Guide For Podcasters

So what do you get your favorite podcaster?


...what do you want your significant others to consider getting you, oh mighty podcaster as holiday gifts?

Check out our short eclectic little gift guide for those podcasting inclined ;)

The Blue Yeti or The Blue Yeti Pro

Time to upgrade your mics! These are some pretty nice mics, and great looking at that.

Want more choices? Check HERE for more ideas.

Soundsoap 2

Clean up your audio anyone? Think of all the times you've had audio that you just couldn't use because of THAT noise. A little soap never hurt anyone.

Duo USB Travel Charging Kit

I'm sure at some point you ran out of juice on one or more of your gadgets when you really needed to use them. This little puppy charges almost anything iPads, iPhones, and Smartphones, iPods and MP3 players, eBooks, GPS units and more plus it's crazy portable! Seriously a must have.


Haven't there been times when you are away from your computer and you are missing that one file. This gadget is essentially network attached storage. It consists of an external hard drive you attach to your Mac or PC via ethernet.

Get it running and you can access your files from any remote computer via a secure USB key. Put that USB into any computer anywhere, put in your password, and the files you have sitting at home are available.

They have an app!!! So to top it all off, you can see your files from any iOS device. Awesome.

Sennheiser MM100 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Neckband Headset

Move with ease while recording, no more getting tangled up, or having your cable spill stuff. Give yourself the option of freedom.

Skype Online Number

Tons of podcasters use skype to do their podcast. Getting a skype number to pass out to your prospective interviewees could make things ever so much easier, especially if they are not computer savvy.

The Greatest Gift

We totally get it, money is tight and gadgets are a bit pricey sometimes so check out the greatest gift you can give a podcaster :)

Do YOU have somet podcasting something or other that's on your wishlist? Share below in the comments!!!

Hope you get what you want this holiday season! And many blessings to all of you and your loved ones!

11 Top Podcasting Blog Posts of 2011

This has been a fantastic year of interaction and community building on our blog.

We've been doing our best to publish articles that empower you as a content creators and help you grow as a podcasters, in addition to sharing with you all the exciting ways that we are growing here at libsyn.

As we looked back at this year's posts, we thought we'd re-cap our best post for you!

The following articles hold a lot of powerful information and insight for podcasters and the end of the year is an awesome time to do a little refinement of your work! Check them out :)

1. The Accessible iTunes Podcast Page

No podcaster can ignore iTunes, whether you love it or hate it. You can get a podcast into iTunes pretty easily, but getting into iTunes isn't going to get you subscribers.

In the haste to get into iTunes, podcasters tend to miss a lot of opportunities. Read this article to make sure you are not overlooked in iTunes.

2. Optimizing Your Podcast Description and About Page

If someone stumbles onto your website will people know you have a podcast? If it's pretty clear that you have a podcast, will people know what it's about?

This article is all about making sure people know what your content is all about, so that they can choose to be a part of your community.

3. Explorations To Get More Subscribers From Your Podcast Website

Every podcaster wants more subscribers. It's not enough to post twitter and Facebook updates. Have you done your homework to get YOUR audience to subscribe to your podcast, and what you can do help that process? This article is full of great tips!

4. Twitter For Podcasters

Every one is on twitter right? ;) Are you milking it for all it's worth?

5. Twitter Followers vs Podcast Listeners- A Podcaster Perspective

Staying on the Twitter theme, just because you have a ton of twitter followers doesn't translate to podcast listeners...really. Great insight from long time podcaster Rob Walch

6. Remember When Podcasting Was For Geeks?

Technology podcast are 2% of libsyn's top 100 downloads. Technology podcasts used to rule the game! Read this post to find out how the tides are shifting and whether or not your category is gaining momentum :)

7. Best Way To Grow Your Podcast Audience

Although this article focuses on the summer season, this absolutely applies to any holiday season or vacation time. Awesome tips to stay on top while everyone else is sleeping ;)

8. Who Says Podcasting Has Lost Steam?

We don't think so! And this is what we decided to do about it

9. Podcast Luminaries: Dan Carlin

"As a certain semi-mythical figure that I work with once said: "It's not always how MANY people are listening, but who those people listening ARE."" Truly fantastic interview, particularly insightful and passionate about podcasting.

10. Your Favorite Podcasting Microphones

A great post by the podcasting twitter community chiming in on the real world microphones they all use for podcasting. Do you see your favorite? If not add it!

11. Frictionless Autoposting Of Your Episodes To Twitter and Facebook Via OnPublish

As podcasters we all want to become more efficient in our production workflow, and using OnPublish to post to twitter and facebook with your libsyn account does just that! Check out the sweet little video plus more info about this service.

Don't have a podcast?

What are you waiting for?

What Exactly is Libsyn? Explained by Rob Walch via Geekazine

Check out the video above with our own Rob Walch being interviewed by Jeffrey Powers. In less than 5 minutes you get everything you need to know about our service :)

Have you had someone ask you what libsyn is and don't quite know how to explain it? Send them a link to this post :)

Here are some questions covered in the video

  • libsyn and Stitcher
  • How do you get a libsyn account?
  • What does libsyn stand for?
  • What are our plans like?
  • Does libsyn host audio or video?
  • What's the relationship between libsyn and Wizzard? What's the distinction between the two?
  • What are libsyn strengths?
  • How do you get your own smartphone app for iOS and Android?
  • Why podcast?
  • How long has libsyn been around?

If you liked the video check out more from Geekazine, including Jeffrey's podcast Geek Smack.

Sell Your Premium Podcast Content As An In-App Purchase [For iOS Apps]

What if you produced the most amazing episode of your podcast that you felt was some serious premium content, but didn't know quite how to make it available?

Make Bonus Content Available For Purchase From Within Your iOS App!

We're making it easier for you!

You can now offer special episodes as an individual purchase within the iOS app. It is both a great way to increase sales of your app as a whole and offer something fresh to your audience!

Think of the slew of new iOS users after Christmas! Why not offer special episodes for an additional charge of 1.99 and up!

Offer high quality Premium content

This episode should be something special and not released into your regular feed. It could be anything from 2011 bloopers, an extended interview, to a special holiday episode! Let your creativity thrive as you offer more value to your loyal fans :)

Keep it fun and something your audience can’t live without.

How to provide your holiday in-app purchase episode:

  1. Create and load the episode you would like into your account and save it in a draft state.
  2. Email and provide your show title, the episode title, and price of the episode.
  3. We will submit your product to Apple and will notify you once it is approved so you can let your audience know!

REMEMBER: Typical approval time is about a week so don’t wait to load your episode!

Please let us know in the comments if you have any questions about the above.

Take the time to offer your audience something special in the app!

Frictionless Autoposting Of Your Episodes To Twitter and Facebook Via OnPublish

Cross posting rocks!

Your workflow at libsyn has become even more efficient. We've just released our OnPublish Twitter and Facebook feature system wide!

What exactly is OnPublish to Twitter and Facebook?

Whenever you publish an episode from your libsyn dashboard you have the option to auto-post to Twitter and/or Facebook.

Sweet no?

Here are some other killer features:

  • Publish episodes or text posts- How about them apples? You can auto-post blog posts as well!
  • Automatically shortens URLs- Who doesn't want a URL? Totally cool.
  • Schedule your auto-posting- You can choose the time to let your audience know when you've released a new episode. SUeet!
  • Supports multiple twitter and facebook accounts (Pages not supported...yet)- You can be you and you can be your show or business. There's an efficient feature for you ;).

You can check out all the How To info over at this HelpDesk article.

So you don't have a Twitter account or Facebook account? How about checking two articles from our knowledge base to help you set them up plus tips to use them successfully :D

  1. Podcasting: Twitter
  2. Podcasting: Facebook

Let us know how it goes! We'd love to have your feedback in the comments!