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How To Greatly Increase Your App Sales!

Money, Money, Money

How To Greatly Increase Your App Sales!

We've just wrapped up our Fall App Campaign and we were BLOWN AWAY by the results of simply having a little ad inserted in podcast episodes advertising their apps!

Talk about awesome sales!

So how about it? Advertise for your app in your podcast and increase your sales

A new iOS or Android device is on everyone's wish lists and so is your app!

So, why run an app ad you ask?

It works!! Our top apps see significant increase in sales when they promote the app in their podcast with an App Ad. 'Tis the season to make some extra cash!

How is the app add inserted?

We have managed advertising campaigns for companies like Ford & Puma through our podcast ad insertion technology. This technology allows us to seamlessly stitch an ad into a show for a desired period of time without any additional production effort from producers or disruption to downloads.

Since we have this nifty little tool, we are now offering you the opportunity to provide your own custom ad, just like Ford or Puma, for the Happy Holidays App Ad Run. Woo hoo! Its time to promote your app!

It's a no-brainer :)

When and how do you submit your custom ad?

To have a custom ad included in the the Happy Holidays App Ad-Run you must submit it by Monday December 5th. Yes, that's less than a week away!

The add will then appear in your show as a pre or post roll from December 12th - January 9th.

Please submit your 20 to 30 second MP3 ad to PAUL no later than December 5th at

Still have questions?

Here are some FAQs we often get about running these campaigns:

I have no idea how to make an ad! Help, I need some examples!

Never fear this article has lots of great stuff including some audio ads from other producers. You can even easily customize the simple short copy below. It's that easy!

"DangerDog Fans. Check out the DangerDog App in the iTunes App Store. Exclusive content, Extras and its a great way to support our show. Search Danger Dog in the iTunes app store."

Don't know what to say? There are lots of great new features!

If you have an Android App your app is now Kindle Fire compatible! Read our blog post to learn more!

If you have an iOS app it is now iPad and Retina compatible plus the additional great new features found in this post.

Will the ad appear in the app?

No, our ad serving technology is so tricky that the ad will only appear in episodes not listened to or consumed through the app!

What if my podcast is video?

No worries there either! If you provide us with the MP3 file we will create a customized plate that will appear while the audio plays! When you mail in your audio though be sure to mention that your show is video.

Remember for more great promotion ideas check this out :)

We look forward to getting your custom ad and making you some money!

Money Image used under Creative Commons license and attributed to Daniel Borman

Glad tidings! New features for the iOS app are in!

In the last few months we have been working like CRAZY over here to get your app updated for the holiday season!

New Features For The iOS App

Tadaaa! check out these killer new features and let your audience know about the coolness ;)

Now iPad & Retina Compatible!

With your app now available for the iPad it actually shows up in the market twice, doubling your exposure in iTunes to new audiences :)

The Retina compatibility guarantees that your images look great both on the iPad and the iPhone.

Customize the Main Menu

Users can now customize the buttons in the main navigation of the app just like they do their phones. It is as easy as drag and drop :)

Share Text Posts

The app also now supports text only posts! If you have some special announcement or blog post you would like to share with your audience you can now publish it through the app.

To see if your app is at the correct version and how to do a post as a text post to your app, visit this knowledgebase article.

Swipe-through the episodes

Before this update users had to go back to the main menu to select a new episode. Now users can simply swipe from one episode to the next!

Know which episodes have been played

The app now also shows you which episodes you have played by graying them in the app.

Wait there’s more!

Some of the other features included in the app are share with a friend, the More button, and the ability to toggle between show and episode level extras.

  • Share with a friend allows your audience to share the app via their own twitter or facebook pages, not just the shows, a great audience growth tool.
  • The More button allowed us to add more buttons like settings and the ability to edit the app’s main menu. We hope to add more features here soon!
  • Your episode and show level extras are now stored under one Extras button and your audience can toggle between the two as well as view all extras within the app.

Don't have an App for your Show???

If your interested in an app for your show and don’t have one be sure to be at the $20+/mo account level, go into libsyn and click on the APPS button at the top and then the Podcast Box form.

Fill out the form that you find there and we will get your app submitted, so you are ready to rock for the holidays :)

11 Creative Blog Templates From Libsyn Producers!

It's pretty incredible what you can do with a little creativity :)

Check out these amazing templates that have been customized by libsyn users.

If YOU have a sweet customized, pimped out libsyn page, let us know in the comments! We are always looking for inspiration!

1. Today in iOS

2. Brini Maxwell

3. Sofa Dogs

4. The Dork Forest

5. Trampled Bat

6. The Rimington Trophy

7. Adobe Creative Suite

8 The Romeo Theater

9. WTF with Marc Maron

10. The Common Good

11. The Journey Of Faith

We’re looking to add our own new templates, so if YOU have a sweet customized, pimped out libsyn page, let us know in the comments! It will really help us towards improving our existing templates!

Kindle Fire and Wizzard Apps #FTW

Kindle Fire and Wizzard Apps #FTW

We just got our Kindle Fire in the office.

Our Apps look awesome!

Check out some of these screenshots with Cali Lewis Geekbeat.TV App:

Sweet no?

Don't know about the Kindle Fire or want to know a little more? How about having Cali herself tell you about it?

Below is the latest

Want more? Watch Cali unbox the Kindle Fire and check out a review :)

Are you thinking of getting one of these puppies?

PS: Our Android Apps in Amazon are compatible with the Kindle Fire, so if you want your Android app available for all those Kindle Fire presents, submit your app today!

Podcast Luminaries: Fastpitch Softball TV with Gary Leland

Gary Leland is no stranger to the world of podcasting and is a great example of longevity, consistency and achievement. If you ever want to delve into the world of fastpitch softball, The Fastball Softball TV is your first stop! Subscribe!

Fun, Fame or Profit? Why are you doing the show?

Fun & Profit. I have been involved with Fastpitch Softball for a long time. I have coached two Texas State Championship teams. I own a Fastpitch Softball Sporting good store, and website I am also the Texas State Director for USSSA Fastpitch, so podcasting about fastpitch softball was a great fit for my fastpitch softball enterprises.

What is your most memorable feedback from a listener?

The world of fastpitch softball is a very small world anytime I go to a tournament, or convention for fastpitch softball, fans of the show tell me how much they enjoy the show. That is always a nice thing to hear.

What has changed the most in your recording setup since you started?

Since I started with an audio podcast, and now I am mostly video I would have to say cameras, green screen, and video editing software.

Any notable names of listeners you have heard from over the years?

I have heard from or met almost every Olympian that ever played softball because of my podcasts.

Have you found that social media has expanded your listener base/reach? (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, etc)

Yes, but I think that is because I work at it. I do not think just adding your self to Facebook, or Google + means results unless you work at it.

What is your workflow: include hardware, software, text editing, and services as necessary

I film the main body of my shows at ether softball camps or softball clinics. Then I come back to the studio and record my intro and outro for each episode. The into really just explains what each episode is about.

Then I import everything into final cut on my iMac, and edit it there.

How has or has podcasting helped create opportunities for you?

I now know most D1 softball coach, and I said earlier most former Olympians that played softball, as well as many Pro Softball Players. These relationships are opening new opportunities all the time. I am now the Texas State USSSA Director, due to relationships I built from podcasting.

How important is podcasting to the success of other revenue generating opportunities you currently have?

I sell advertising on my episodes which brings in money, but advertising my own softball store bring in most of my podcasting revenue.

Did you start off podcasting and that lead into a business or did you see podcasting as a necessary support for an existing business?

I was in business already. I added podcasting to enhance my existing business.

What piece of advice would give others looking to generate revenue from podcasting whether directly or indirectly?

Do not get discouraged. Most people do not find advertisers overnight. It could take years.

If you want to contact Gary or Fastpitch Softball you can do so by emailing gary (at) or call his feedback line 209-Softbal. Follow Fastpitch on Twitter or Facebook.

Listen to the show for a coupon for $30 off softball bats 5 minutes into the show.


Polymer Clay, Dan Carlin, GamerTag Radio, Genealogy Gems Podcast, Never Not Funny, Steve Runner, Keith and the Girl

Congratulations to Libsyn Podcast Award Winners!

LuMaxArt Golden Guy Trophy Winner

There were a ton of libsyn podcasters that were nominated for Podcast Awards there were bound to be some winners, and here they are!!!

Best Produced Podcast

Inside the Magic


WTF with Marc Maron

iPhone app

Android app


Greetings From Nowhere

Android app



iPhone app


Majority Report


WDW Radio

iPhone app

Android app


Skeptics Guide To The Universe

Congratulations to all of you on behalf of the libsyn team :)

image credit via creative commons to

Check out these Libsyn Podcasters at Blog World

We used Storify to pull together a list of Libsyn producers that are speaking at Blog World Expo.

Podcast Luminaries: Duct Tape Marketing

John Jantsch and Duct Tape Marketing = massive success. As podcasters subscribing and listening to all 300+ episodes which begun in 2005, will do wonders for your brand :)

Fun, Fame or Profit? Why are you doing the show?

Honestly I started the show because I had done an AM radio show for about a year and saw how much access it gave me to the thought leaders in my industry - turns out it's now produced fun, fame and profit

What has changed the most in your recording setup since you started?

I kid you not I started recording phone coversations on a speaker phone with a mic capturing me and the guest - I don't do that anymore. Now I use a mixer condenser mic and software to edit each track individually.

How has or has podcasting helped create opportunities for you?

Podcasting has opened so many doors because of the people that I've had on the show and then become friends with. People like Guy Kawasaki, Seth Godin, Harvey MacKay, David Allen - have all endorsed my book and created opportunities for me because we met while I recorded twenty minutes or so of our conversation.

How important is podcasting to the success of other revenue generating opportunities you currently have?

For me it's a big piece, we've had significant revenue sponsorships for the podcast, but more than that it's a tool to integrate into my overall content and education puzzle. I write books and products, speak and consult and my blog and podcast are the proving ground for a lot of my ideas and a great deal of my exposure to the folks that end up buying our products and sharing our brand.

Want to learn more about Duct Tape Marketing? Go to for a wealth of information and products. You can also follow Duct Tape Marketing on Twitter and Facebook.


Polymer Clay, Dan Carlin, GamerTag Radio, Genealogy Gems Podcast, Never Not Funny, Steve Runner, Keith and the Girl

Libsyn is at BlogWorld LA! #bwela

Are you ready?

We certainly are :)

If you are going to BlogWorld LA come on by and visit Booth 421. We would love to see you!

And guess what? Come on by for a chance to win a free month!