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Celebrate Halloween Listening To Podcasts!

Not going out treat or treating? Or going trick or treating but would like a little break?

Here are some Halloween Episodes from libsyn podcasters that shared them with us via Twitter and our Facebook Page.

Make a little playlist and enjoy!

  1. The Groove- download mp3
  2. Take The Red Pill- download mp3
  3. ISPodcast- download mp3
  4. Mike Lee and Terry Martin Podcast- download mp3
  5. The Moonlit Road- download mp3
  6. Reality Check Podcast- download mp3
  7. The Thumbcast- download mp3
  8. Artic Circle Radio- download mp3
  9. Lethal Injection Podcast- download mp3
  10. Inside The Magic- download mp3

Happy Halloween!!

How about you? Wanna share your Halloween episode? Do it in the comments below :)

Podcast Luminaries: Grammar Girl

If you have ever wanted to refine your grammar, or simply expand your knowledge Grammar Girl is the one for the job. Mignon Fogarty has been podcasting since 2006 and has had some tremendous success via the podcasting world. Subscribe to her show to listen to a high quality podcast, succinct, clear and to the point, while being full of personality.

What is your most memorable feedback from a listener?

A long time ago, I got an e-mail from a military guy who was talking about Grammar Girl with his buddies in a late-night diner when they were overheard by "a bunch of gay thespians" (his words) who were also Grammar Girl fans. He said the two groups, which never would have interacted under normal circumstances, talked and laughed for quite a while about how much they all loved the Grammar Girl podcast.

Any notable names of listeners you have heard from over the years?

Penn Jillette is a fan and invited me to the Penn & Teller show in Las Vegas to listen and let him know if he was making any grammar mistakes. I was so entranced by the show, that I forgot all about the grammar and had to attend a second time so I could give him feedback! There weren't any errors, although we had an interesting conversation about "disappear" as a transitive verb, as in "I will disappear this woman." I had never heard it used that way, but it turns out to be a legitimate use.

Have you found that social media has expanded your listener base/reach? (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, etc)

I've built big followings on Twitter and Facebook, and it started with the podcast, but they have taken on a life of their own, and now many of those followers aren't podcast listeners. I actually have to remind myself every once in a while to mention the podcast and encourage people to subscribe. I just dabble on YouTube and Google+ right now.

How has or has podcasting helped create opportunities for you?

Podcasting has changed my life. Because of the podcast I was invited to be on the Oprah Winfrey Show to talk about grammar, I got a major publishing deal with Macmillan, and my first book was a New York Times best-seller (which I'm convinced is because of the enthusiasm of my podcast fans). I'm Grammar Girl full time, and although podcasting is only part of my income now, it's the thing that made it all possible.

Mignon now has 6 books under her belt with her newest one coming up in November "101 Words To Sound Smart." You can learn all about them HERE.

If you want to keep up with Mignon you can follow her on Twitter or Facebook!


Polymer Clay, Dan Carlin, GamerTag Radio, Genealogy Gems Podcast, Never Not Funny, Steve Runner, Keith and The Girl

Vote For Libsyn Nominated Podcasts in the Podcast Awards!

We've been busy voting for these fabulous podcasts! Have you had an opportunity to vote?

Voting for the Podcast Awards closes tomorrow evening October 27, so you only have 2 more opportunities to let your voice be heard! Winners will be announced at BlogWorld LA

Through our libsyn twitter account we asked for those libsyn podcasts that were nominated to let us know so that we could vote for them. The following are the incredible group of podcasters that responded to our call to action. 

Let's support the group and cast your vote HERE!

  1. The Fringe Podcast-  Entertainment
  2. UC Radio- Podsafe Music
  3. The Audacity to Podcast- Technology
  4. Christian Meets World- Religion Inspiration
  5. Gamertag Radio- Gaming
  6. Bend over and Take it- GLBT
  7. Joe Rogan Experience-  Best Video
  8. Kid Friday- People's Choice, Education
  9. Inside the magic- Best Produced, Travel
  10. Amateur Travel- Travel
  11. File Under Horrible (FUHcast)- Comedy
  12. The Advanced Selling Podcast- Business

60+ libsyn podcasts nominated for the podcast awards :)

Those 10 podcasts above are not the only libsyn podcasts that are nominated. There are also 49 other nominated libsyn podcasts! Wow! Take a look at them below :)

  1. Smart Passive Income- people's choice, business
  2. Cocktails and Cream Puffs- people's choice
  3. Manager Tools- people's choice, business
  4. The Majority Report- people's choice
  5. The Mike Tech Show- best produced, technology
  6. Underwood and Flinch- best produced
  7. The Adam Carolla- show best video
  8. The Young Turks- best video
  9. Planet Money- business
  10. Comedy Bang Bang- comedy
  11. WTF with Marc Maron- comedy
  12. Slate's Culture Gabfest - culture/arts
  13. Yarn Craft culture/arts
  14. Brain Burps About Books- education
  15. Hardcore History- education
  16. Hunger Games Podcast- entertainment
  17. Nutrition Diva- food
  18. The Sporkfu-l food
  19. A Casual Stroll To Mordor- gaming
  20. Family From The Heart- general
  21. Greetings From Nowhere- general 
  22. Gay Sunday Brunch- GLBT 
  23. Homoground- GLBT
  24. Pod is my Copilot- GLBT
  25. Balanced Living Weekly- health 
  26. Ben Greenfield- health
  27. Get Fit Guy- health
  28. Quackcast- health
  29. Erotic Awakening- mature
  30. Friday Night Fun- mature
  31. Keith and the Girl- mature
  32. Sex is Fun- mature
  33. Smodcast- mature
  34. Doug Loves Movies- movies
  35. Film Spotting- movies
  36. Spill Movies- movies
  37. Best of the Left- politics
  38. Free Talk Live- politics
  39. The Majority Report- politics
  40. Almost Daily Devotional- religion
  41. Astronomy cast- science
  42. Big Picture Science- science
  43. Mysterious Universe- science
  44. Americarnage_ sports
  45. Podnutz- technology
  46. The Bowery Boys- travel
  47. The Season Pass- travel
  48. WDW News Today- travel
  49. WEDWAY Radio- travel

If you host your podcast with libsyn and are nominated for the podcast awards and are NOT on the list, let us know in the comments. We may have missed some!

Congratulations to all!

Podcast Luminaries: Keith and The Girl

SERIOUSLY? You haven't listened to Keith and the Girl??? What in the world are you waiting for. Subscribe. They've been at it since March 2005. With Keith and Chemda you are guaranteed to laugh, cringe, question, scream and any other emotion known to man. You certainly won't be bored. And by golly, you won't be bored with this interview ;)

Fun, Fame or Profit? Why are you doing the show?

We started Keith and The Girl to promote, in some way, stand-up comedy/writing and singing that we were doing on the side. We soon got into it so much so that we wanted it to be the main thing we were pursuing. That soon meant it had to be our only job as we were dedicating so much time to it. The money was necessary. Merchandise here, an ad there... So... put us down for fun, fame and money. We're in for all three.

What is your most memorable feedback from a listener?

Unfortunately the negative email. We're artists in the end, and of course artists focus more on the negative. I seem to start reading the emails that begin with: "Hey, dipshits!" Ones I actually enjoy? We really like hearing we helped/changed a person's life - made them more confident, what have you. The people that get tattoos of our logo because of how we affected them never gets old.

What has changed the most in your recording setup since you started?

Bigger and better equipment that we don't really understand. Do you know what a compressor does? I don't. We have one though. I think it's working.

Any notable names of listeners you have heard from over the years?

Your mother. (I'm just kidding. I don't know if she listens or not. I do know that she's a whore though. (I'm sorry again. All our listeners are notable is the thing. (Except for the ones that start their emails with 'Hey, dipshits!')))

Favorite feature?

The ease of putting up shows. Without question. I don't know how to make an RSS feed. I think one of the esses stands for Simple? Please. Nothing simple about all these 1s and 0s. LibSyn takes care of it all though. I guess they have a 2 keeping an eye on everything.

Have you found that social media has expanded your listener base/reach? (twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, etc)

Hmm... It must be, right? I'm gonna say yes.

What is your workflow: include hardware, software, text editing, and services as necessary

I met someone at my high school reunion. They said, "Must be nice to have a show and only work one hour a day..." I didn't correct them. I said, "It's great, you should try it." They said, "I so should. Must be nice..." They never will.

It's a job, and it's work, and we work it about 12 hours a day. The workflow is serious, and that's why it ends up so rewarding.

Do download numbers matter matter to you? or is audience engagement key?

Those are my choices? I guess the right answer is engagement, right?

Of course download numbers matter. That's the whole point. But I'm going to say 'audience engagement'. That really seems like the right one to pick.

What advise would you give a new podcaster so that they keep going!

Don't, actually. We were here first!

If you can't get enough of Keith and the Girl you can:


Polymer Clay, Dan Carlin, GamerTag Radio, Genealogy Gems Podcast, Never Not Funny, Steve Runner

Killer BMX Video Podcast: Kink BMX

Have you all had the opportunity to check out BMX Video Podcast? It's seriously cool.

The podcast takes you along with the Kink Bike family and highlights world class riders and riding that will knock your socks off. The quality of the video is superb. It makes exotic locations look even more beautiful and the every day street/park look like the place to be.

One of the world champion riders highlighted and part of the Kink BMX team is Pittsburgh's own Chris Doyle. Chris is perhaps one of the nicest and all around great guys in the BMX circuit.

"His killer combination of style and tendency to go big have kept us all captivated for over ten years. He rewrote the book on consistency at dirt contests during his rise to BMX fame. He dominated the DK Dirt Circuit series in the late nineties with way overclicked 360 turndowns and suicide double trucks."

He was a BMX NORA cup winner for dirt riding in 2010 and most recently qualified 2nd at at the last stop of Dew Tour this year. Needless to say, we think he's awesome!

Their latest episode has them riding in the South of France. It's so cool to see that country through the eyes of BMXers :) Check it out below.

Kink trails trip in Southern France from Kink Bike Co. on Vimeo.

Kink Bike Company is the coolest!

Zack Phillips founder of Kink Bike Company was just 16 when he realized that stronger parts were needed. He had the desire to fill that need and his awesome company was born. Kink is the first rider-owned and operated BMX bike company to concentrate on parts and accessories.

Now it's so much more than that! It's really pulses with all things BMX and continues to be a leading action sports bicycle company. Knowing his fans and customers are tech savy and have mobile devices, he wanted to provide the podcast as another way to stay connected to the community.

That's some serious coolness.

If you are a fan of BMX or just wondered what BMX is, you MUST subscribe to Kink BMX!

Follow Kink on Twitter

Like Kink on Facebook

Chris Doyle Photo Credit: Pete Demos/Shazamm/ESPN

Your Favorite Podcasting Microphones

Man do podcasters love their microphones! And it seems that there are a lot of podcasters interested in knowing more about what microphone to use as well as what others use.

We asked on twitter: What's your favorite podcasting microphone?

It certainly was a lively conversation on Twitter!

I'm amazed by all the high end microphones our producers are using! I think we're going to have to do some diggin' for a future post to provide y'all with some 'economic' choices. :)

Podcasting Microphones By Podcasters

For those of you that missed the conversation, here are the microphones suggested by podcasters for podcasting:

theRamenNoodle Daniel J. Lewis @libsyn You'll hear this one a lot: the Heil PR40. #podcasting

jonreadscomics Jon M. Wilson @libsyn The simple bottom-of-the-line Logitech analog headset. Clear reception, no buzz, works like a champ.

karinhoegh Karin Hoegh @libsyn I agree with @theramenNoodle Heil PR40 #podcasting

goodbadgeeky Nick Nitro @libsyn marshal XML condensor mica

ctrlaltdeliver Jim Meeker @karinhoegh @libsyn @theramenNoodle Heil PR40 is not in this teacher's budget, but is in hopes and dreams #podcasting

mediacastguy MediacastGuy @libsyn Heil PR40

invervegas KDP @libsyn Fav mic for podcasting: Behringer C1

Legopolis Steven Schapansky @libsyn Blue Snowball FTW!

bcdunkel Brian Dunkel @libsyn Anyone suggesting any good budget microphones? #impoor

TheMediocreShow TheMediocreShow @libsyn EV RE20 the finest vocal transducer known to man. Am I right @RickEmerson

RickEmerson Rick Emerson @TheMediocreShow @libsyn You…are correct, sir.

richardgperry Richard Perry @libsyn Shure SM7B

bonnyface Julie Kuehl @libsyn @bcdunkel Logitech headsets don't get enough credit. They'll do for a tight budget.

YoGeek ♥ Elsie Escobar 4 an onthego podcasting Mama: built in ZoomH2 mic & audio-technica PRO88W RT @libsyn: What's ur favorite podcasting microphone? #podcasting

reformedcast Scott Oakland @libsyn I use the Heil PR40 and absolutely believe it is the best mic available!

mediacastguy MediacastGuy @libsyn The best VALUE microphone for #podcasting is the Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB. Less than $50 US from Amazon.

jtswhipped jtswhipped @libsyn @legopolis @bcdunkel @themediocreshow @rickemerson @richardgperry @bonnyface @reformedcast shure mics. The only way.

TokyoPodcast Anthony Joh @libsyn I love my RODE Podcaster USB mic becos I only need my laptop + mic to record my show. It's a portable studio I can take anywhere

TheMediocreShow TheMediocreShow @jtswhipped @libsyn i have a shure sm7b as well, the RE20 still sounds better for male voices.

Do you see any microphones that are missing from the list? What do you use?

Elsie Escobar

Podcasting Luminaries: Skepticality

Perhaps one of the coolest and nicest couple of podcasters around, Derek and Swoopy have been producing Skepticality since May 2005! The show is bound to have you engaged with their lovely snarky angle ;) Expect interviews with scientists and debunking myths, popular thinking, and pseudoscience. What are you waiting for? SUBSCRIBE!

Fun, Fame or Profit? Why are you doing the show?

We started the show because when we started no one was addressing the Skeptical outlook, at all, in podcasting. Of course this has all changed since. There are now over 100 or more podcasts which specifically focus on skeptical issues.

Any notable names of listeners you have heard from over the years?

The coolest thing is some of the folks who have contacted us who have been listening to the show since the beginning. The best example is Neil DeGrasse Tyson, the current host of the PBS show NOVA ScienceNOW and the current director of the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History, he sent us an e-mail quite soon after iTunes included podcasting. Either him, or Adam Savage, one of the Mythbusters.

Have you found that social media has expanded your listener base/reach?

Most definately. We have a presence on most social networks to keep, and potentially new listeners informed about new events which we are involved with, or items of interest which folks who enjoy our content might want to know about.

How has or has podcasting helped create opportunities for you?

The best example of how our podcasting has created opportunity for us would have to be when we were asked to become the Official Podcast of Skeptic Magazine. That honor has been a great partnership and gives us some very cool opportunities to out and be more engaged with the public.

Derek and Swoopy are directors for DragonCon, worlds largest culture convention, and run the full Skeptic Track there! Make sure you come see them next Labor Day!*

If you want to contact Skepticality you can do so via their email: host (at) skepticality (dot) com, or their feedback line: 1-866-800-212. You can also follow them on twitter @skepticality or their Facebook Page.

A fabulous way to consume their content and support the show is to get their awesome iPhone or Android App!


Wanted: Beta Testers For New Libsyn Features!

Libsyn is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the Libsyn Beta Program. Libsyn is looking for people to help test it's next new features. Libsyn Beta program users will get to test drive the latest and greatest from the Libsyn development team and see what's to come in future versions of Libsyn.

If you're interested in helping us test and providing feedback consider submitting a beta tester request. Our beta program will be opened up to only a select number of producers who request invites so hurry and get your requests in now.

If you are interested in being on the cutting edge of all things Libsyn login to your libsyn account and head over to our beta request page:

***REMEMBER*** You must be logged in to access the page!!!!

Welcome To The Conversation!

A few weeks ago, our blog post read “So much good stuff to share, so little time”.

It is true!

We have been highlighting Podcasting Luminaries, Reviews, Favorites, App announcements and other news from our customers and the industry. We are thrilled by the response and continued excitement around podcasting.

Exciting Recent Announcements

In the last several weeks we have announced several big name podcasts to highlight just a few of the brands that have come on-board: EA Sports Madden NFL and the USDA on libsynPro.

Today, two new comedy apps from Aisha Tyler and Greg Proops are available, marking the 2,000 App milestone.

Congratulations to our producers and the team for hitting the 2,000 App milestone!

With all of the on-going effort related to the pending deal with FAB in China and the fast changing online media market, our team (Wizzard Media and libsyn), along with our producers are continuing to expand the network and grow audience.

Thank you to our valued customers and our hard-working team!

Looking For Your Input

Our goal of serving our producers and their audience is our priority.

Over 13,000 shows rely on libsyn and we are committed to providing podcast publishers with the best distribution and monetization services. We continue to work hard to improve our service, reliability, performance and customer support.

We have been busy with improvements, but we’re not done.

Since libsyn was launched in 2004 our focus has been on our producers and remains so today. We want to make libsyn better. We’re more excited than ever and are adding more ways to interact with our producers and trying a few new things too.

Over the next several weeks, we'll be beginning a new program for producers and rolling out new features. While some projects will be starting off with a limited number of producers, we will also be previewing upcoming features and want your feedback. Let us know what you think.

Look for On-Publish support for Facebook and Twitter – more to come!

In the meantime, you can find the latest here:

And of course

Don’t forgot to join us at BlogWorld LA. We hope you’ll join the conversation.

Post by Laurie Ann Sims, President, Wizzard Media

What's Your Favorite Podcast? A Twitter Conversation

Yesterday morning on twitter we asked "What's your favorite podcast?"

It was so great to see so many of you sharing your favorites, we thought why not share some of them with those that might have missed the conversation?

If your favorite was not mentioned, add them to the comments with a link to their site!

Twitter Podcast Faves

And by an overwhelming mention:

Thank you @applefreak, @thesepretzels and @uffel for participating as well!

Make sure you follow us on Twitter to participate next time!

Wanna podcast? Join the libsyn team, here's your first step. Want your own App for your show? Get started here

Podcasting Luminaries: Never Not Funny

Never Not Funny has been going strong since 2006! That's 5 1/2 years, an impressive length of time for podcasting. Jimmy Pardo, his producer Matt Belknap plus fantastic guests will have you engaged, entertained and laughing. Who's not up for that? Subscribe to the podcast HERE.

What is your most memorable feedback from a listener?

Early on (like in the first year of the show) we heard from a woman who was in the Peace Corps stationed in the Republic of Georgia. It took her something like 19 hours to download one episode of our show because the Internet connection was so bad there, but she would do it just to have something to listen to on long bus rides through the country.

Then, just recently, we were doing a live show in Denver and this woman came up and introduced herself to us -- it was the Peace Corps lady! She thanked us again for the hours entertainment and gave us gifts from her time abroad.

What has changed the most in your recording setup since you started?

We started in Jimmy's dining room with a $50 mixer, microphones that were 3 for $20 and my wife's old iBook. Now we have our own studio with much nicer equipment. The biggest change, though, is that we now do a four camera shoot that our video producer Eliot live-edits, so people can choose to either listen to or watch the show.

Any notable names of listeners you have heard from over the years?

It was pretty crazy to learn that [Jon Hamm][] listened to us in his trailer on the set of Mad Men. We've since had him on the show a bunch of times -- including our first all-night livestream charity event Pardcast-a-thon 2009 -- and he turns out to be as funny as he is handsome! (I guess people know that about him by now, what with his work on 30 Rock and SNL.)

What advise would you give a new podcaster so that they keep going!

Find a format that suits your talents and your schedule, so that you can be consistently good over the weeks, months and years.

The first part of that is obvious -- you want to put your best foot forward, but the second part is just as critical: if your show is labor-intensive to produce, it will be difficult to put it out regularly, and that will make it hard to grow and reach people.

Want a gateway episode for the "unititiated"? Check out Episode 811f: Conan O'Brien (fantastic episode).

There is also a full 100 minute episode with actor Ty Burrell (Modern Family). Check out Episode 914f!

If you'd like some Primo content go on to their website. Have questions for them? Here is their audience feedback email: pardcast (at) gmail (dot) com.

Wanna podcast? Join the libsyn team, here's your first step. Want your own App for your show? Get started here


Podcasting Thanks You, Steve Jobs

Ten years ago Steve Jobs pioneered the podcasting industry by putting them into our pockets on an amazing little device. His genius has dramatically changed the world we live in. We are thankful for his innovation which has shaped our industry and we are inspired by what he did with his life.

Thank you Steve.

“Insanely Great!” - Steve Jobs 1955-2011

What Are Your Expectations for the iPhone 5? A Podcaster Shares His Predictions

There are plenty of prediction posts all over the blogosphere about what's coming with the iPhone 5, and we couldn't be left behind!

Our own podcast luminary Rob Walch has written a pretty thorough post all about the possibilities of what's to come on Tuesday October 4th from the Apple event and the iPhone 5.

The 6 new features of the iPhone 5?

1. Upgraded camera to an 8 Mega Pixel camera module. In iOS 5 - Apple has added a few features that are focused on the camera - such as using the volume button as a shutter control and adding quick access to the camera from the lock screen - so an upgraded camera for the iPhone 5 that will be running iOS 5 seems to be a lock.

2. Upgrade of the CPU to the A5 - which is the same processor in the iPad 2. This follows last years process when the iPad 1 had the A4 Processor first and then when the iPhone 4 came out it also had the A4. Apple will also likely bump up internal ram from 512 MB to 1 GB - but likely will not even mention this. Other than the CPU - Apple does not like to talk much about the internals of the iPhones.

3. For Business Travelers - especially on Verizon - the biggest upgrade will be in making it a true world phone. With a chipset that allows for both CDMA and GSM use from the same phone. This chip set is already in the Verizon iPhone 4 - but the Verizon iPhone 4 is not optimized to use both GSM and CDMA. The iPhone 5 - will be designed from the ground up to be a true world phone.

Click HERE for the full article, where you'll get the last 3 feature predictions, plus answers to these questions:

  • For business users, is this going to be a no-brainer upgrade? Why or why not?
  • What can a business user do to prep for the new model in terms of support in the workplace, expected costs, etc.?
  • How has the Android OS encroached on the iPhone in terms of business features?
  • Can Apple possibly keep the momentum going with each new iPhone in terms of capturing market share, etc.? How will they do that?

As podcasters, what would you like to see on the iPhone 5?

Let us know in the comments!

Are you interested in having your show available for your audience on the new iPhone and fully compatible with iOS5? Why don't you get started HERE!