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Motivating High Energy Fitness App And Classic Radio Play Podcast Get Some Love!

We love to see independent producers get much deserved publicity! Congratulations guys!

Motion Traxx In The Chicago Tribune

Featured in an article for the Chicago Tribune offering high tech suggestions to facilitate your fitness plans, the Motion Traxx Android App is highlighted for runners and bikers as a "non-stop high-energy soundtrack for your workout that keeps you motivated when moving."

I don't know about you, but anything that keeps me motivated to continue my workouts is absolutely welcome in my book!

You can get the Motion Traxx Android App HERE and the iPhone App HERE. Both are $2.99.

Not up for an App? You can subscribe to the Motion Traxx Podcast HERE

Decoder Ring Theater On BBC News Online

The Decoder Ring Theater was just recently featured on Click: The BBC's Flagship Technology Programme. Do you know about the Decoder Ring? Here's a teeny bit about them:

Welcome to Decoder Ring Theatre - home of all-new audio adventures in the tradition of the classic programs of Radio's Golden Age. Here you will find full-length, full-cast tales of mystery and adventure to fire your imagination, with new releases on the 1st and 15th of every month, year-round

And according to the Click video (2:36 min in to be exact) that featured them they are:

  • "Something to entertain you while you're driving."
  • "Audio adventures for those who hancker for the golden age of classic radio plays."
  • "20 to 30 minutes an episode they make the perfect companion"

Sweet huh? Looking for some entertainment the old fashioned way? How about subscribing to The Decoder Ring?

We love to see this sort of stuff! Please remember to let us know if your podcast is featured somewhere, we would love to highlight your successes :)


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Podcast Consultants Showcase Libsyn's New Premium Web Based Subscription Service

Wizzard Media Launches Web Based Premium Podcast Subscription Service

Have you seen the press releases? Just in case you hadn't, here's a little summary via Podcasting News:

Wizzard Media partnered with online subscription expert MediaPass to offer this new service to its publishers. Integrating MediaPass extends podcasters’ smartphone-based monetization models to the web. The potential benefit to the subscription revenue model is that it builds on itself over time through renewals, unlike advertising-only models.

“While a lot of current podcast content will continue to be free for audiences, this new feature allows our publishers to boost revenues through customized subscription models, targeting the optimal mix of free and paid content,” says Laurie Sims, President, Wizzard Media. “Implementing this new service is as easy as AdSense and takes less than 15 minutes, delivering to our publishers the benefits of a sophisticated paywall without the immense startup costs.”

So, libsyn is offering a whole new fancy pants service for podcasters! The cool part about this service is that it's not only for podcasters but bloggers as well. The functionality is pretty versatile. I can't wait to see all the creative ways in which it can be applied by all sorts of online content creators!

Better than breaking things down for you guys here in a written blogpost, why not offer what a couple of awesome podcast consultants have published about our new release? You get a chance to hear about our service PLUS you get to know some pretty awesome podcasting professionals whose service you may use at some point ;)

Both of the interviews below are with our VP of Podcaster Relations Rob Walch.

Here they are! Enjoy.

Rob interviewed by Dave Jackson from School of Podcasting on Episode 251


Subscribe to School of Podcasting via iTunes HERE

Rob interviewed by Ray aka @PodcastHelper from The Podcasters Studio on Episode 45


Subscribe to The Podcasters Studio via iTunes HERE

Rob interviewed by Cliff Ravenscraft the Podcast Answer Man on Episode 202


Subscribe to Podcast Answer Man via iTunes HERE

The Premium Pages Are Live!

Wanna see what they look like to non-members?

The ability to publish premium content is brand spanking new, so those of you existing libsyn users will not see this in your dashboard...YET!

But if you are interested in getting going with this or have any more questions, please contact Rob at Rob (at) Wizzard.TV

Podcast Clean Up: Have You Edited Your ID3 Tags Today?

Today in iOS ID3 Tags for libsyn how-to edit blog post

Do you know what your ID3 tags are?

First let's just get a quick definition: ID3, according to means "IDentify an MP3." Although this definition refers particularly to MP3s (due to it's origin) it doesn't pertain specifically to MP3s, in fact there are other audio formats whose ID3 tags can be edited such as MP2, MP4/AAC, Ogg Vorbis and more.

ID3 tags are extra information/data contained within your audio beyond the actual audio. The general basic information that you see in the majority of your audio files that we all have seen, particularly in your music library or even simply in your computer files is: the name, author, album, genre and artwork. This makes finding particular songs within your music library a bit easier. It also helps whatever music software you are using sort your audio files in ways that are logical and easy to search.

Why are ID3 Tags Important To Podcasters?

  • Easy contact information- I've found myself wanting to give feedback or contact a podcaster at the most inopportune times. Having their information email address and website embedded into their ID3 tags has really helped to create relationships. Yes, usually podcasters mention their info within the episode and this info is available on the site as well, but especially to new listeners the place they will go for your info will be their MP3 player or perhaps their podcatcher software.
  • Recognition and consistency- When you edit your ID3 tags, once you publish it to your RSS feed and it's released into podcatchers, podcast directories and your website, all the information on the MP3 file goes with, so if someone downloads it, they get all the data leading right back to you and your 'brand,' ie. what it is, who made it, where it came from.
  • Your podcast goes where it's meant to go- In most MP3 players' software audio files are sorted by their ID3 tags: music files go with music, audio books with audio books and podcasts with podcasts. In any MP3 player, iPod or iOS device this makes browsing and organizing audio files a breeze.
  • You are always there- No matter where your audio file ends up your signature will always be within that file. When folks look at your ID3 tags they will see what you have chosen for them to know about you: your name, podcast name, business, email, phone number, website, etc. That is really powerful.
  • It looks pretty- I don't know about you but when I have files inside my iTunes library that are missing artwork or descriptions it bothers me. It's challenging to look at my podcasts and quickly glance to see what podcast it is when there is nothing visual that can help me.

The artwork and properly filled meta data doesn't only make things look aesthetically pleasing, but it also reflects professionalism. Being able to read the description of an episode , and all the other information that can be added to the file cements within the listener your commitment and expertise regarding your chosen subject.

How To Edit Your ID3 Tags

Most folks use iTunes to edit their ID3 tags. It's pretty easy to do it within that software. Here is a tutorial on the Podcast411 site that walks you through how to go about it.

NOTE: When folks subscribe to your podcast via iTunes, iTunes will overwrite some of your ID3 tags. An example would be your title, iTunes actually replaces what you entered in the ID3 tags with the title from the RSS feed for that episode.

Don't like iTunes, don't want iTunes? No problem. Here is some software that is all about helping you edit your ID3 tags:

The following list are both free and paid apps.

I do hope that you found this information helpful, especially if you hadn't delved into editing your ID3 tags.

For those of you that have been aware of the power of ID3 tags, what are your best practices? Do you use specific software? What's your favorite?

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

-Elsie Escobar

Connect. Support. Japan.

Our hearts go out to Japan and all those affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

Podcasters in Japan! Reach Out!

Here at libsyn we host a substantial amount of podcasts that are both in and from Japan. We would love to hear from you. If you happen to produce and episode or a series of episodes that highlights information, experience and even entertainment from and for the people of Japan, please leave links below in the comments!

The Earthquake in Japan from the perspective of Japan Talk-The Official Podcast for Japundit.

Take a few minutes (less than 15) to listen to Japan Talk's Episode #196, all about the earthquake. It's a great episode giving an unique perspective. Edward gives a play by play of his experience plus talks about the background of some of some videos that he shot during and right after the earthquake.

These videos are the ones that he referred to in the podcast. If you want more videos from Japundit, please subscribe to his YouTube Channel HERE.

We at libsyn want the people of Japan to know that our heart's are with them during this catastrophic time. Our prayers and love are with you.

If you haven't had an opportunity to donate to the relief effort here are three easy ways you can do so:

Save The Children Federation- Text JAPAN or TSUNAMI to 20222. *Save the Children warns that as many as 100,000 children may have been displaced because of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.•

iTunes Donation- Follow the link and donate at various amounts

Zynga- If you happen to be a fan of Zynga, you can donate from within a few of their games. Charity-minded players can donate by buying specific virtual goods, like a sweet potato crop in CityVille, a Kobe cow in FrontierVille, radishes in FarmVille and a royal flush for Zynga Poker, reports TUAW.

If you want podcasting entertainment as well as helping out Japan, check out the Anime podcasting marathon live on UStream from 6pm EST today March 19 to 6pm EST March 20. You can find more information regarding this event HERE.

How To Move Your Existing Podcast Website From To A Self Hosted Wordpress Site

When I started podcasting in 2006 I had no idea that I would still be doing it 5 years later, nor that I would gain so much knowledge about media production, marketing, software, hardware and social media.

Now days when I work with newbie podcasters especially if they have any aspirations of one day growing their own online businesses I strongly suggest that they own their own domain and host their own website before they begin, simply because I didn't do this FOR YEARS.

I hosted my podcast site on I loved it. I saw nothing wrong with it. I didn't get into this to make money. In fact I viewed paying for a website as wasted money, especially if I could get it for free!

Well, as my podcast took off, I realized that I had very little control over what I could do to my website to grow my audience, add more functionality and implement other forms of possible revenue generation. I was so embedded in the world and truly ignorant and scared of how to get out of it, that it literally FROZE me from taking action for almost three years.

When I finally took the plunge IT WAS SO EASY!

In lieu of you taking as long as I did to transfer to your own hosted wordpress site from, following are some of the tutorials that I used to transfer my blog. I'm also adding the newest service from which is going to help out so many people!

Transferring from To Your Hosted Site- Wordpress Style!

Are you an existing user? Well, has just offered a new service for users (that means YOU) that helps them through the entire process of changing from their blog to their own hosted site! According to the blog post this is what they will help you do:

  • Install the WordPress software at the recommended host of your choice.
  • Transfer over your entire site.
  • Install and configure Jetpack and a few other plugins to provide features that you have been using on
  • Configure and test permissions so that you’ll be able to have one-click installs and upgrades.
  • Switch your domain(s) over.
  • Provide full support for you on your new WordPress installation for a two week period.

Is that not amazing? This service is yours for $99. Yes, you can do this for free, but for some of us that had no idea how to even begin the process, avoiding the research, time, stress and worry $99 is worth it.

Tutorials For Transferring Your Blog To Your Own Site For Free

This is the tutorial that I used to transfer my blog over to a self hosted site:

  • Blogwell: to Even though the blog post itself is not very long at all, there's great stuff in the over 100 comments this post has received plus they have a downloadable PDF of the whole process! Very cool. I read and re-read that PDF until I made sure I got all the info that I needed embedded in my brain!

These two posts I used to supplement the information that I learned from Blogwell:

Although I had already moved my blog over to a self hosted site, about month ago Mashable published this post with a corresponding 8 minute video. Very very very well done. You should definitely bookmark this one.

There you have it!

You have no excuse now to do the deed! You can either delve into it on your own or you can pay to have it done for you :) Once it's done, it's gonna feel so good!

For those of you that have done this transition, what tutorials did you use? Did you hire someone to do it for you? Leave your experience in the comments! We'd love to hear from you.

-Elsie Escobar

Business and Film Podcasts Getting Some Well Deserved Publicity

Wanted to showcase some libsyn podcasts that have recently been featured in some high profile blogs! Congratulations!

Mashable's article 3 Success Stories From Creative Small Businesses highlighted two awesome libsyn podcasts:

More Hip Than Hippie

Ready, Set, Knit

USA Today's PopCandy featured a ton of libsyn podcasters in it's article Pop Podcast Primer: My Top 10 Film Podcasts, which actually resembles very much one of our latest blog posts ;)

Hollywood Babble On



Creative Screenwriting

The Tobolowsky Files

Movies You Should See

I love to see this sort of stuff! Please remember to let us know if your podcast is featured somewhere, we would love to highlight your successes :)


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What Does The New Facebook Page Overhaul Mean To Podcasters? Plus Podcaster on Fox News

Did you guys know that Facebook Pages are going to be getting a major overhaul?

There are a TON of new features that will help us podcasters connect and deepen our relationships with our audience, including:

  • Video (among others- live streaming)
  • In depth analytics
  • Simple design to elegant in depth customized designs
  • New iframe tabs hosted on your website

Mighty podcaster and founder of Podcamp Christopher S. Penn was interviewed on Fox News a few days ago talking about these changes.

Go Chris!

Check out the video below.

Here is a link to more info on these pages on the Blue Sky Factory blog.

Chris also spoke more about the subject on his latest episode of Marketing Over Coffee. Check it out if you haven't already. Click HERE for the shownotes and linkage. If you care about this stuff, listening to at least the first 6 minutes is very much worth it. 

The Marketing Over Coffee guys are REALLY great, y'all should consider subscribing or getting their iPhone App. Good stuff...really good stuff!

Hurrah for podcasters in mainstream media! Love it!

What do you think of the changes to the Facebook Pages ? Do you think they'll help you connect with your audience in a better way? Or will this just make it way too complicated?

Let us know in the comments!