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The Season of Giving: Give Back To The Podcasts Your Love!

Podcasting really changed my life.

Encountering the voices of incredible people sharing passionately about themselves and what they love, gave me the strength to do it myself :) Thus, I've made it a priority every year to give a little something back to my favorite podcasters.

Last year a had a teeny bit more time on my hands and I was able to send my favorite podcasters a special recording of an immune system meditation that I felt would be helpful, if anything to help folks fall asleep ;) This year since I'm kinda pressed for time, I've chosen my 10 favorite podcasts and am in the process of gifting them with what they love the most!

The Best Way To Support Your Favorite Podcasters

I've decided to do two a day: one in the morning, and one in the evening. My total investment of time, 10 min! If you would like to gift your favorite podcast/podcaster try offering these absolutely free gifts!

  • Leave an iTunes review for their podcast or their podcast app– There is some sort of magical algorithm in iTunes that gives podcasts better accessibility when there is action on their podcast page. If you don’t have time to review, simply rate it.
  • Say Thank-You– It’s amazing how far a little gratitude goes. Tweet it, FB it, comment on their blog or send an private email. The power of thank you does wonders for the soul :D
  • Share the love– Even though those of you reading this may already be in the know of how AWESOME podcasts are, there are still an incredible amount of people that don’t. Let them know about it. I send people to specific podcasts almost daily if you can believe that! You can do it any way that floats your boat: tell someone individually, write a blog post about it, or simply do a little share on a social network. Here’s post I wrote for one of my most favorite podcasters in the world :)

So that’s it.

It’s the season of giving. As a listener give back!

Do you have any other sweet ways you've shown the love for your favorite podcaster? Share it!

BONUS Gift: If they do happen to have a podcast app. Buy it! I bought my first podcast app when I didn’t even have an iPhone ;)

Holiday Hours Heads Up


Happy Holidays from libsyn and Wizzard Media!

Thank you all so much for your support and for making 2010 a great year for our team.  We look forward to the new year, and all the exciting possibilities it will bring our industry.  Around this time we see a major surge in traffic due to people looking for content on their new devices.  We think this year will be as strong a year as any for growth and adoption of podcasting.  

Support for our services will continue to be available throughout the Holidays, however from December 23 to January 2 our support team will be working on a reduced schedule.   All priority issues will be addressed first but please allow for longer response times on requests.  This allows our team to spend some much needed quality time with our respective fams.  Rest assured none of us ever stray too far away from the job, someone is always watching the gauges.  As usual any system issues will be posted on the Support Blog.

We hope you all have a safe and happy holiday.  Ring in the new year right.  Onward and upward in 2011!

- Dave C, Dave M and Everyone from the libsyn and Wizzard Team



Promote Your App and Take Advantage of the Holiday Rush

The rush is coming, it's the most wonderful time for podcasters.  Downloads are usually up across the board come January, and I think its safe to say this season app hungry devices will be under a lot of trees.  So if you have an app with us, here are some great ways to put a little fuel on that yule log.  

1.  Promote Your App as an iTunes present - in the iTunes store you have the ability to "gift" apps.  Tell your fans to give the gift that keeps on giving: your app!  It's an inexpensive but thoughtful gift for your iOS loving friends. 

2.  New On Android?  Let the world know!  - If you have recently released an app in the Android marketplace and haven't talked about it on your podcast, you are missing out.  The Android platform is growing like crazy, make sure your audience knows that your app isn't limited to Apple's world any more.  If you'd like to sign up for an Android App for your show, click here.

3.  Put Shares and Stars on your Wish List - You've been a good podcaster, remind your audience that if they like your app, the least they can do is leave a good star rating for you, and tell their friends about your app.  That's two little things that go a long way to help your sales.  And you deserve it!

4.  Clickable Makes it Easy - Make sure you have put a banner, or at the very least a link in an obvious place on your web pages, blog entries, tweets, etc., so it is very easy for your audience to find your app.  

5.  Add Value - Change your app background to a holiday theme, add a blooper real, or a special holiday podcast message from you in your episode extras.  It's a way to reward your app supporters, and entice new customers.  Here's a detailed tutorial on changing your app background.  For episode extra ideas for your iOS or Android app, click here.  

We hope that you find these hints a simple way to take advantage of the rush of opportunities coming your way.  Best wishes to you all, have a fantastic New Year!   

Last Minute Holiday Gifts For Your Favorite Podcaster

Gifts xmas

I decided to put this little post together not entirely from a selfless point of view. Full disclosure: I am a podcaster and I would LOVE to get any of these for Christmas :)

Which is why I'm sharing them with you, not only for my own selfish little reasons (perhaps some of my family members might stumble upon this post), but I assume that these little gifts might make another podcaster out there kinda jolly :D

  • Audio-Technica ATR 288W Remote Mic: I've been wanting a wireless mic for quite a long time. I heard about this one from a review on The Nosillacast. It seems like a pretty good wireless mic, plus it’s not exorbitantly expensive.
  • Content Rules by CC Chapman and Ann Handley: Authentic. Compelling. Remarkable. Interesting. (Gripping, even.) Valuable. That’s the kind of content this book inspires you to create. Now, who wouldn’t want that?
  • Dropbox Pro 50 Account: I'd be so stoked to get this! With Dropbox’s functionality and the incredible amount of services currently supporting Dropbox integration, this service would make any content producer jingle their bells! If you don’t know about Dropbox already, you should check it out. They have a pretty awesome free plan.
  • Gorillamobile: This little tripod can come in handy when you are suddenly inspired to create a video podcast! Your mobile phone will be well supported and you can attach this puppy to almost anything :)
  • Fitness Ball: Leo Laporte uses one of these, so why wouldn’t you ;) All kidding aside, this is one of the best ways to keep your back and abs relatively strong throughout your day seated in front of your computer. This ball is not the cure for a flabby belly, but it can provide basic support and engagement for your core muscles so that you can continue to produce to your heart’s desire

I hope that you enjoyed browsing through these!

Here’s to hoping Santa brings you all that you desire and much more! May your families and loved ones be healthy and happy, and may you continue to enjoy producing work that keeps you happy and inspires those around you!

Happy Holidays!


Tech Pulse Action Alert - Best Buy

I think the layout of a store speaks a great deal about a company's strategy.  It's definitely a barometer.  

Haven't been to Best Buy's stores in a good while.  I was there the other day to pick up the Michael Jackson Experience and wow have they changed the floor plan.  It's obvious, like Apple, they hire the best of the best to analyze and improve upon the layout and people flow of their monster stores.  Here are my take aways.    

- Gone are the cattle herding checkout lanes, once lined with shiny impulse buy items like batteries, candy, water, red bull and discounted video games.  Well they are not completely gone, but toned down to a civilized level.  I feel less like a cud chewer.

-  The new floor plan has that free-flowing rapture of the deep thing popularized in department stores, where you keep losing track of which way is up.  This intentional disorientation leads to those As the world falls Down feelings... You know what I mean Labyrinth fans.  

- Motion Control systems like the Xbox Kinect and Playstation Move both have big faux living room demo setups, but they are relegated to one of the far back walls.  This seems less than ideal for customer impact.  Perhaps Best Buy believes these will sell themselves based on consumer anticipation,  but it still seems odd when the Kinect is topping so many of the analyst's Christmas top seller lists.  Video Games aren't quite getting the VIP treatment this year it seems.  Although Wii pack-in systems were placed in a strange island near the entrance of the store almost acting as a visual barrier to make the reveal of the new store layout more grandiose.  

- Three new islands dramatically angled against the store walls yet parallel to each other are prominently featured in the center of the store.  These are the main attractions.  

- The first island is iPhone 4 dominated along with other Android devices 

- The second island is mostly Samsung Galaxy Tabs (all running Angry Birds) and a couple Google TV powered Sony Flatscreens 

- The Third island is not quite as focused, with some other Android tablets, and e readers.   

No iPads were found on these islands, however in very close proximity to the Tablet/Google TV island was an iPad kiosk. 

So what's this have to do with you guys, the Podcasters, the New Media Movers and Shakers?  Best Buy is betting that a big ol' consumer shift thing is reaching its tipping point this season and they are all in to make the most of it.  Best Buy is in the business of entertainment goods and services.  To them the new era of entertainment is all about the phones that barely get used as a phones, the tablet as the next big computer form factor,  and TVs that stream content from the internet.  Best Buy's CEO is conservative in his statements publicly, but I think the actions are speaking loudly here.  This is a mean product threesome that all get their power of attraction thanks to the wealth of content on the internet.  This puts podcasters dead center in the eye of the storm.  

...Also, they seem to be leaning on Angry Birds to move units and QR Codes on the walls for geek cred...

But it seems like we've got ourselves a sea change a happenin', at least at Best Buy in Pittsburgh.  So Surf's Up Podcasters!.

- Dave M



What's The Story Behind Your Podcast?

I was flipping through the blogs I like to follow about social media and noticed a bunch of posts about the idea of story - your story, the story behind your business or your blog.  A few careers ago I worked on political campaigns.  I was new to campaigns and was sent off to a campaign training in atlanta.  I arrived at a conference center and we spent the entire first day telling and refining our stories of how we got involved in the campaign.  A big part of campaigning is connecting with people around a cause or an issue.  The best way to connect - storytelling.

Telling your story can be a powerful way to engage your audience - wether it be a campaign, business or podcast.  In fact, this blog is way for us to share the Libsyn story - our story, podcasting news and news about our customers too.  Last month, Dave Chekan wrote a great post about how Libsyn was founded which you can read here.  

What is the story behind your podcast?  Do you have an about page for your show?  Share your story below or a link to your about page.

Looking for some help in writing your story - check out some of these blogs post:


Easy App Promotion Idea - Advertising Your App in Your Past Episodes

Sales of apps soar pre and post-holiday due the number of new devices and iTunes gift cards given as holiday gifts.  Now is the time to prepare your audiences and to promote your app.

Here is a super easy way to spread the word about your app - Using the same technology that Wizzard uses for major brand advertisers like Coca-Cola, you can run a campaign for your app in your entire catalog of shows!

With our ad stitching system we can attach a very short producer read promo in the pre-roll position of your content for a time frame decided by you. 

TWO Steps to Start Your Advertising Campaign:

1.  RECORD Your Ad for Your App

  • Keep it short and sweet - 10 seconds max.  See the sample ads below. 
  • Record your ad in the same format that you use to record your show.
  • If you produce video you can use your show artwork as a plate (visual still).

***FYI if you happen to record your ad in GarageBand, please make sure to remove the 5 sec of dead air! 

2. SEND US Your Ad

  • Email your ad to and we will take it from there!

Sample Ads

Spot 1 Individual iPhone App - "For exclusive content, extras and more get the <ShowName> App today in the iTunes App Store."

Spot 2  Individual iPhone App & Google Android App- "For exclusive content, extras and more get the <ShowName> App in the iTunes App Store or Android Google Market."

Spot 3 Individual iPhone, Google Android App and Amazon Android App- "For exclusive content, extras and more get the <ShowName> App today in the iTunes App Store, the Google Android Market and the Amazon Android Market"

Spot 4 Podcast Box and Android- "For exclusive content, extras and more get the <ShowName> App today in the Adroid Marketplace or the Podcast Box available in the iTunes App Store."

A ten second spot is an awesome way to remind your audience about your app. Having this ad in your voice maintains and cultivates engagement with your audience. Who best to sell your app than you? 

Check out these fantastic ads produced by podcasters promoting their own app for inspiration! Click and listen :) 

Brain Burps About Books Ad

GamerTag Radio Ad

Craftlit Ad

Looking for an Android App or iOS App of your own? 

The Android version of the Podcast Companion App is now available as well as the iOS Podcast Box app! Check out the tour of both apps HERE 

To get your Android or iOS Podcast Box app submitted you just need a $20+/mo libsyn account.

You can easily upgrade to this level or if you are a new producer simply sign up for a new account HERE.

Once that is done click on the APPS button when you log-in to your account and provide and submit the information needed to build your app. If you have questions you can email We'd love to hear from you!

Billing System Updates

We just wanted to give everyone a general heads up that we have implemented some automations in our billing system.  These are going live today and tomorrow, but we sent out an email informing customers earlier today.  More information is available on our support blog.   

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