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Practical Ecommerce Reviews Libsyn

For the past five years the Practical Ecommerce blog has been covering all kind of websites and tools that might be of use to others in ecommerce.  They just posed a review of Libsyn and we are honored to be included on their list. 

Podcasts are a great way to educate and engage your existing customers in your brand.  And podcasts can be a great tool for getting more info about your products and services to potential customers.  Sharing knowledge about your products and industry can be a great way to establish your brand as an industry leader.

Check out the entire Practical Ecommerce review here.

We would love to hear more feedback on how we can make the Libsyn platform more useful for other ecommerce users too.

Also check out our App hosting plans - if you have a podcast for your brand you can easily create an iPhone/iPod app for your brand with a Libsyn App hosting plan.


How to Make Changes to Your App Once It's Live In The App Store

Did you know that once your App is live and available for sale in the App store there are many aspects of the presentation that can be changed in the Libsyn dashboard?  We wanted to clarify what you can and cannot do to customize the design and functionality of the Libsyn Podcast App that comes with our 20 dollar accounts.  

Dynamic Show Level Attributes - things you can change in the Libsyn dashboard

The following Show Level attributes can changed simply by going into the "Destinations" Section of libsyn3 and clicking on the "Podcast Companion App" in the sidebar.

  • Applicaton Background (the image seen in the app user interface)
  • Show Wallpaper  (promotional image users can save to their device)
  • Show PDF (A PDF to accompany potentially acting as a virtual "booklet")
  • Show Bonus Content (audio or video file representing the show i.e. Trailer, Overview, Promo, Etc)
  • Contact Info
    • Email Address
    • Website
    • Phone Number
    • Twitter Account
    • Facebook Fan Page Account

Dynamic Episode Level Attributes - these can also be changed in the Libsyn dashboard

These attributes can be changed dynamically whether publishing a new episode or editing older episodes.  These are modified within the "Publish" Section of libsyn3.

  • Episode Background (the image on the detail page of a specific episode) 
  • Episode Wallpaper (images specific to an episode i.e. holiday themed promotional images)
  • Episode PDF (A PDF virtual "booklet" specific to an episode)
  • Episode Bonus Content (extra audio of video specific to an episode i.e. bloopers, extended interviews, etc)
  • Episode Links -  For further instructions on using Links see How To Add Episode Links to your Podcast App.


App Attributes that Require Support

There are also some things that require intervention by libsyn support to alter.  This is because these items are "baked" into the app and require that the app team submit the changes to Apple.  

  • App Icon (the image for the App that appears on the users iOS device
  • Splash Screen (This is the first image that the user sees when the app is launching)
  • iTunes Description (The description of your App that is used in the iTunes Store)

Note: To change any of these three items the user must put in a request with libsyn support.  

We hope this clarifies how to best keep your App in sync with your show.  We think its an important part of keeping your App users engaged and loyal.  

Lindsay Patross


Rob Walch Interviewed on Technical Tidbits

Rob Walch, VP of Podcaster Relations for Libsyn and Wizzard, was interviewed by Debbie Mahler.  Debbie's show Technical Tidbits, helps listeners understand the difference between a technical "thingamabob and whatchamacallit." Check out the interview here.

Listen to internet radio with TechnicalTidbits on Blog Talk Radio

We're Going Camping, PodCamping

We are happy to once again be participating in this weeks PodCamp Pittsburgh.  We will be hanging out at the PodCamp activities all weekend long.  If you are in Pittsburgh - please stop by and say hello.

On Sunday at 1pm we will be hosting a session about monetization and podcasts - but lots of the info will be of interest to bloggers and content producers too.

Surefire Ways To Kill Your Ability To Monetize Your Podcast

Sunday, September 19, 2010 1-2pm 
@ The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

We will discuss various podcast pitfalls to watch for that can ruin your chances for making money with your podcast. This session will be geared to all levels of podcasting - from beginners to experts. While we will focus on podcast - this information is valuable to bloggers and other content producer too.

Facebook Event Here -

For more info on PodCamp Pittsburgh check out - 


Tech Pulse Action Alert - Panera Bread

Take this with a grain of salt.

Then acknowledge that this post is one opinion of said writer and therefore does not necessarily reflect the opinions, policies, of Liberated Syndication AKA libsyn under subsidiary or its parent company Wizzard Software.... Yada Yada, okay we good.  That'll be the rule for most of the posts I sign.  You can take comfort that there will be other contributors to this blog.  

I have these barometers I keep. Little measurements that I like to think indicate technology trends and within these unverified microcosms I sometimes draw sweeping conclusions.  

One of my barometers is Panera Bread.  If I checked in there on foursquare I'm pretty sure I would be mayor.  I'm a jerk, but not the only jerk that comes to some conclusions about customers in a place based on assumptions I make about the place and the prototypical consumer that I associate with that place.  

So one of my classes of barometers is "people places with wifi".  You can then drill down another level with "free wifi".  I think Panera is a complex place.  It is hard to pin down the atypical Panera customer.  I don't think you can, thats why its an interesting study.  So while I'm there to support their use of natural, hormone and genetically modified free chicken products I'm also there to see what kind of devices people use to do whatever they are doing with the free wifi.  Its located in Pittsburgh, in Shadyside not far from some universities, Pitt, CMU.  

So lately, last year or so its been dominated by netbooks.  And I really mean dominated, sometimes it could be like 100% cute little netbooks.  Classy looking students and professional types with sharp looking netbooks.  

Today I saw my first iPad in there.  It feels like a big deal.  I usually keep this stuff to myself, but I thought I'd share.  


Okay, now how bout you guys?  Do you have luddite friends, parents, or social circles that tip you off to the latest zeitgeists, memes, trends, happenings etc?  If you are reading this I assume you have to :)


- Dave M

Today Apple Releases some Very Nice Stuff! - $99 Apple TV: Podcasts Onboard

Apple had a doosey of a media event today, revamping much of its iPod lineup and even reinventing the Apple TV.  The Shuffle, Nano, and iPod Touch all got major upgrades as expected inline with predictions from our favorite rumor sources Macrumors, Techcrunch and Daring Fireball.  It was a very solid event streamed live for the first time in years, and the general consensus is that the updates were solid improvements across the board of the iPod line. 

For Podcasters, we think the one to watch for audience growth may be the Apple TV.  Long referred to as Apple's "Hobby" by Steve Jobs, that label was continued today as Steve's final reveal of the Apple TV was jokingly renamed "One More Thing Hobby".  The new Apple TV is a fourth of the size of the original and is aggressively priced at $99 dollars.  That is impulse territory.  Integration between iOS devices and the Apple TV has grown even tighter via what is now called "Airplay" allowing for content to be beamed from the iPad and iPhone to the Apple TV over wifi.  That may just be the sleeper hit for the device, bridging the divide between the personal and communal screens in a seamless manner.  $.99 TV episode rentals and Netflix integration are aimed at attracting a bigger user base for the device and we are happy to see podcasts get top billing along with Youtube and Flickr as seen in the Internet section of the interface below.  

Like the Google TV, the new Apple TV and its iOS siblings will only help to propel Podcasting further and further into mainstream usage.  


Good Day :)


-Dave M