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Do Not Use Apple Product Imagery In Your Podcast Artwork...Or Else

In this article we will address the following:

  • How to effectively get your podcast pulled from iTunes.
  • Why not to use Apple images in your artwork.
  • How to get your podcast re-instated if it's been pulled due to use of unauthorized Apple product imagery.

As of this weekend several podcasters have had their podcasts pulled from iTunes completely, with only a very general email message simply informing them of the fact.

As we inquired as to the reason for said podcasts being pulled down, we were informed clearly by Apple that it all boiled down to one thing:

The offending podcasts all had artwork that included unauthorized Apple product imagery.

If you ever wondered whether or not you should or could use Apple products or logos in your podcast artwork, the definitive answer is NO.

Please be advised that if you currently have Apple products, logos or imagery in your current podcast artwork NOW is the time to update. If you have had no troubles in the past, this will not be the case anymore (one of the podcasts removed had its artwork up there for almost 5 years).

If you wait until your show is pulled from iTunes you may not be able to get back your shows ratings and reviews. Change your Artwork now if you have any doubt about your artwork.

Apple is pro-actively seeking out use of unauthorized Apple imagery within podcast artwork and pulling the offending podcasts from iTunes.

Updating Your Podcast Artwork

If updating your artwork within the libsyn dashboard please make sure that you:

  • Change the file name- iTunes does not update the artwork unless the file name changes. For example if the file you used before was "artwork.jpg", change it to "artwork2.jpg". The name must be different.
  • Make sure the jpg or png is 600x600 px

To upload the new artwork in your libsyn account:

  • Click on the Gears icon next to your icon in your libsyn UI.

  • In the pop over box in the lower right you will see your current artwork.
  • Click on "upload" select your new artwork from your computer and then after it uploads click on "Save".

It should update in your RSS feed shortly and with in iTunes in the next 48 to 72 hours.

Re-instating Your Podcast In iTunes

If you have already had your podcast pulled from iTunes you MUST first update your podcast artwork and remove any possible offending Apple images in order to be re-submitted.

Then make sure that you do the following, please email support(at)libsyn(dot)com with the subject heading “Had my Podcast pulled from iTunes due to my Artwork."

Within this email please include ALL THREE OF THE FOLLOWING:

  1. A copy of the email from Apple saying your podcast was removed.
  2. A copy of your new artwork.
  3. The original URL to your iTunes store page. It should look something like this:

We must have all three for us to contact Apple on your behalf. If you don't know what your iTunes store page URL was - please search around until you find it.

Again once you get the three items above email them to support(at)libsyn(dot)com and we will do our best to get your show back at the same iTunes store URL.

IMAGE CREDIT via CC "Think Different" by funadium