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3 Reasons You Should Consider A Facebook Page for Your Podcast

One way to connect to your podcast is a facebook page.  Facebook has a separate way for businesses, organizations, shows and brands to promote their content on facebook.  Profiles are for people, pages are for everyone else.

3 reasons why you should have a Facebook page for your show:

  1. People are already there.  Everyone is on Facebook - okay maybe not everyone - but lots of people check facebook many times a day, they might not come look at your website everyday - but if they are already on Facebook - then you should meet them there.
  2. The personal endorsement.  Advertising is okay, but anyone who has ever spent a dollar on advertising will tell you that a personal reccomendation from a friend is always more valuable than an advertisement.  When some one "likes" your show on Facebook - that "like" then shows up in their friends stream.  When you "like" Libsyn (if you are on Facebook - we hope you will like out page) - that shows up in stream.  "Your_name liked Libsyn"
  3. Sharing is easy.  When you add something to your show's Facebook page - your fans are just a click away from sharing that information with their friends.  No links to copy and paste.  1 click sharing makes it easy for your fans to tell your friends about the latest episode or news about your show.  

How to set up a Facebook Page:

Don't have a Facebook Page yet?  No problem - Facebook pages are free an easy to set up.  Mashable has put together a great tutorial on setting up a Facebook page here.

Also check out this post from Mashable - 5 Easy Ways to Liven Up Your Facebook Stream for some more ideas on what you can share with your fans on Facebook

Already have a Facebook Page? Check out our Facebook for Podcaster Series here.